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Monday, 22 January 2018

SUNFEET International Rehab Centre Giving You The Extra Good Care For Your Feet

SUNFEET International Rehab Centre 
Giving You The Extra Good Care For Your Feet 
SUNFEET International Rehab Centre Giving You The Extra Good Care For Your Feet 

Recently, I was at SUNFEET International Rehab Centre for a foot screening by Dato Dr Edmund Lee, an Orthotics Specialist to see if I have a foot problem. You see, a month ago I have been experiencing on-and-off ankle and knee pain to which my chiropractor, Dr Clarrisha Hong (which is also my daughter) recommended me to consult a podiatric for further treatment.

 SUNFEET International Rehab Centre At Sec 19 Petaling Jaya

According to Dato Dr Edmund Lee, the residence orthotic specialist at SUNFEET International Rehab Centre,  many people living in today's challenging environment with busy and hectic working life, may tend to neglect personal care towards his or her body, especially to their poor old feet.    

Dato Dr Edmund Lee Says "If Your Feet Are Happy, You Are Happy" 

One must pay special attention to any part of one's body including the feet, one core element of our body that navigates and manoeuvre. Having a flat foot, cerebral palsy, knee pain, scoliosis and even a diabetic foot, these will definitely require special medical attention by a fully trained professional team.

Dato Dr Edmund Lee, SUNFEET International Rehab Centre

According to Dato Dr Edmund Lee, SUNFEET is founded by Mr Lee Joo Wee to fulfil the wish of the late Mr Lee Yin, to establish an orthotics and prosthetics rehabilitation centre to help more patients with musculoskeletal conditions and physical impairment. Mr Lee Yin, the father of Mr Lee Joo Wee, was the founder and director of Lee Prosthetic and Orthotic Center which has a reputable history of establishment since 1978.  

Dato Dr Edmund Lee PhD, founder of MyORTHO, a brand of footcare specialist in 2010. He realizes the need for him to work hand-in-hand with his father, Mr Lee Joo Wee to accomplish his grandfather's dream, hence made a decision to focus entirely on building the family business, Sunfeet.

Their vision is to be the leading orthotics and prosthetics rehabilitation centre in Malaysia with a mission to provide advancing genuine orthotics and prosthetics, sharing knowledge and rebuilding lives.

Getting My Foot Check - Biomechanical Foot Evaluation

It was an eye-opening experience during my first visit to Sunfeet. I had my high-tech biomechanical foot evaluation and found out that I have a normal foot on my right and low arch on my left foot from the foot analysis report. This could be the reasons for my ankle and knee pain I experienced from time-to-time recently. 

During the assessment, I was diagnosed with the pronated foot type (inward rolling of the foot during the gait cycle). Not good news for me as overpronation can cause injuries in the foot, ankle, knee and can further affect the pelvis and spine, as well as shoulder balance. 

I'm a pronated foot type that needs special stability shoes and motion control shoes for firm medial support and are best suited for overpronated foot type.

Carmen Hong, My Daughter Getting Her Feet Checked 

Daughter's turn getting her biomechanical foot evaluation and found out that she has the flat foot. She was rather unhappy to find about her flat foot condition but nevertheless were happy to know that there's a solution ready for her to get it treated at Sunfeet International by wearing shoes with the orthotic insoles.

Dato Dr Edmund explaining the imbalance on her feet alignment.

At Sunfeet International Rehab Centre, one cannot neglect that the feet are given holistic care by its specialist and professional team on board including in the area of occupational therapy, sports rehabilitation, prosthetics, podiatry, orthotics, pedorthics and physiotherapy.

The 5 Kinds Of Foot Types 

Daughter, Carmen Hong and I were browsing through the wide selections of shoes made available at Sunfeet to suit the special needs of specific foot type and conditions for individuals. 

A Sweet Pink Sneakers Caught Our Eyes

 This looks like a good pair of daily walking shoes for Auntie like me!

27 & 28 January 2018

With its first centre in Petaling Jaya, Sunfeet International is inviting the public for an exciting open day on 27 and 28 January 2018 and from 10am until 6pm with activities including a public talk by Dato Dr Edmund Lee, the residence orthotic specialist.

There will also be a children's colouring contest while a special promotion is available with 15% discount on selected products. The first 50 customers will also receive RM500 worth of vouchers from Sunfeet International. Mark your calendar and round up your family member to come and meet warm and friendly, Dato Dr Edmund Lee, the Foot & Knee and Spine Health Expert this weekend.

Chinese New Year Special Gift Box

Oh yes, in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, Sunfeet International is also offering an exclusive promotion with the Happy and Healthy Feet for Your Loved One's promotion valid until 28 February. This promotion is in a gift box set and ideal as a giveaway for loved ones. 

This is a perfect gift for your loved ones especially for your parents or grandparents in presenting them with orthotic insoles bringing pain relief to back pain, knee pain, ankle pain and heel/arch pain.

Sunfeet International is a Malaysian homegrown that focuses on orthotic services and prescription and orthotic and prosthetic products to satisfy the needs of the ever-growing orthotics and prosthetics care in the country. Sunfeet International is open 7 days a week from 10am -7pm. For inquiries and consultation, contact Sunfeet International at 013-528 3939 & 013-912 2939. 

 Location Map

Sunfeet International Rehab Centre 
Block C 18 Jalan 19/1
Seksyen 19
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel 013-528 3939/ 013-912 2939 
Business Hour 10am to 7pm Daily

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  1. Do you know what foot type you have? Normal, Pronated, High Arch, Flat or Severe Flat? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
    Do you suffer from nagging pain in back, knee, ankle & heel/arch from time-to-time & can't find the cause? 😫😫😫
    Well, I found the cause of my ankle & knee pains after getting my feet checked by Dato Dr Edmund Lee, an Orthotics Specialist at Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre.

  2. It was an eye-opening experience for me on my 1st visit to Sunfeet. Had my biomechanical foot evaluation & found out that I have a normal foot on my right and low arch on my left foot from the foot analysis report. This could be the reasons for my ankle & knee pain I experienced from time-to-time.
    Diagnosed with a pronated foot type that needs special stability shoes & motion control shoes for a firm medial support best suited for my conditions.
    Get your FREE feet check on Sunfeet International OPEN DAY on 27th Jan & 28th Jan 2018 at Super Pharmacy PJ & meet Dato Dr Edmund Lee, Foot & Knee and Spinal Health Expert for a FREE foot screening and assessment.
    Don't neglect your feet health & get them fix at SunFeet International Rehab Centre now! Call 013-528 3939 or 013-912 2939 for more information.
    Read More About My Experience On Latest Blog Now!

  3. Do they have other outlets Auntie Lily?

    1. Hi Ginn Chou, I afraid not. Dr Edmund has only 1 outlet of Sunfeet at Section 19 in Petaling Jaya.

  4. Thanks for this article. Nice post add in this blog. Keep it up...
    understanding bipolar disorder

  5. Do you treat heel spur? Can bone spur be dissolved


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