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Friday, 12 January 2018


“May you be blessed this Chinese New Year with health, wealth and longevity. Wish you four seasons of peace and a flourishing year. Gong Xi Fa Chai!”
Recently, I was here at the Halal Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant at Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam to sample their latest Chinese New Year Menu for 2018 ushering in the Year of the Dog. The Chinese New Year, the Year of the dog, will officially begin on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.
 Thumbs Up To The Halal Spread Of Chinese New Year Menu 2018 

This year’s celebration will fall on February 16, lasting for seven days of joyous festivities, even though the festival technically lasts longer and ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month. The festive celebration should be continuous and Chinese New Year is all about family bonding and celebrating the moment of togetherness. 

Chef Patrick Ng Presents Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant Chinese New Year Menu 2018  

 Halal Lo Hei Poon Choy

Rejoicing the festive, as Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam is introducing Halal Lo Hei Poon Choy. Lo Hei Poon Choy is such a must-do in any festive meal during this time. Lo Hei Poon Choy is a traditional Chinese dish once common through China and served in a large wooden, porcelain or a metal basin due to the communal style of consumption. There will be two packages of Poon Choy which are Package A priced at RM988nett and Package B priced at RM1288nett.

 Chef Patrick Ng Posing With His HALAL Classical Lo Hei Poon Choy 

With CNY around the corner, Chef Patrick has specially prepared 6-course Chinese New Year tasting menu inclusive of the  Halal Auspicious Yee Sang and Halal Lou Hei Poon Choy specially for us during the media session.

 Yee Sang With Salmon

Sashimi Grade Salmon For The Yee Sang

Classical Lo Hei Poon Choy

The halal Treasure Pot Special consists a myriad with a total 11 food items and comes in layers of fresh seafood and meats in fascinating orders of the following:
  • 1/2 Kampung Chicken 
  • 1/2 Roast Duck
  • 10 Pcs Tiger Prawn With Pepper & Salt
  • 10 Pcs Chicken Meat Ball
  • Dry Oyster
  • Fresh Chestnut
  • Baked Fish Maw
  • Pacific Clam
  • Chicken Claw With Dry Chilli
  • Stew Black Mushroom
  • Stew Chinese Cabbage     

Chef Patrick have arranged the Chicken Meat Ball, Dry Oyster, Fresh Chestnut, Baked Fish Maw, Pacific Clam, Chicken Claw With Dry Chilli, Stew Black Mushroom, Stew Chinese Cabbage at the bottom of the clay pot before more lavish and premium components like the Kampung Chicken, Roast Duck and Tiger Prawn With Pepper & Salt are densely assembled on the top. Steamed broccoli peeks out the top for colour while clusters of auspicious black moss or 'Fatt Choy' is arranged topping the broccoli filled to the brim.

 1/2 Kampung Chicken

 1/2 Roast Duck 

 10 Pcs Tiger Prawn With Pepper & Salt

Steamed Broccoli & Black Moss (Fatt Choy)

 Shredded Seafood Soup With Golden Mushroom & Dried Scallops 

There's also Shredded Seafood Soup With Golden Mushroom & Dried Scallops with a pleasant combination of the briny taste of seafood and the sweet savoury of the golden mushroom.

  Eight Treasure, Dried Oyster With Fragrant Rice In Lotus Leaf

No Chinese gathering would be complete without a rice dish. Rice is a must-have in any festive menu. So moving on, we have Eight Treasure, Dried Oyster With Fragrant Rice In Lotus Leaf. The steamed rice was fragrant wrapped in lotus leaf and precooked with dried oyster, clams and yam before it was steamed prior to serving.

 Stir Fried Hong Kong Seasonal Vegetable With Whole Garlic

Next came Stir Fried Hong Kong Seasonal Vegetable With Whole Garlic - a simple and healthy green to balance out the rest of the rich-tasting festive cuisine.  

Mixed Fruits Platter

We ended our tasting with a refreshing Mixed Fruits Platter of watermelons, pineapples, dragonfruits and honeydew.

 Special Take Away Prosperity Pot 'Poon Choy'
RM 680Nett

Apart from the dine-in promotion, there will be a Special Take Away Prosperity Pot 'Poon Choy' for customers to take home and enjoy their family reunion dinner during this festive season. Priced at RM 680Nett, this Prosperity Pot comes with a sleek looking stainless steel pot which in turn can be handy for future use in the kitchen or as a steamboat pot.  

The Takeaway Poon Choy Inclusive Of A Stainless Steel Pot

The cuisines do not end here as there will be Halal Auspicious Yee Sang, Golden Prosperity CNY Set Menu 1, 2 and 3, and Special Take Away Prosperity Pot “Poon Choy”. All of these Chinese New Year promotions are exclusively prepared by Chinese cuisine specialized chef, Chef Patrick.

Available from 5th January 2018 until 4th March 2018, all of this exquisite cuisine will be served daily for lunch at 11.30am till 2.30pm and dinner at 6.30pm till 10.30pm at Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant, Level 1.

Takeaway Menu For Yee Sang
As Low As RM 43Nett To RM 382Nett 

Auspicious Yee Sang is a must have appetizer during Chinese New Year. Toss along for another year of great fortune and health richness with our four lavish selections range from Yee Sang with Sliced Abalone and Salmon Fish, Yee Sang with Salmon Fish, Yee Sang with Tuna Fish and Vegetable Yee Sang. Pricing started from as low as RM 43Nett to RM 382Nett, this Yee Sang menu is suitable for a minimum of 2 persons per order.

 Classical Prosperity Treasure Pot Package A Menu
RM 988Nett
Deluxe Prosperity Treasure Pot Package B
RM 1288Nett 

Two Chinese New Year Treasure Pot Package A & B are available for diners to choose from that come with Yee Sang, Poon Choy, a vegetable dish and fruit platter. 

 Auspicious Good Luck Set Menu RM 988 Nett

Joyful Reunion Set Menu RM 1388 Nett

Auspicious Good Health Set Menu RM 1888 Nett

Pre Chinese New Year Celebration Menu
RM 2288 Nett

Further serving with varieties, Golden Prosperity CNY Set Menu is wonderful for family and company gathering or simply with friends or business associates. Begin with price as low as RM 988nett (Menu 1), RM 1388nett (Menu 2) and RM 1888nett (Menu 3). The set menus are available for 10 persons per table by early reservation. 

Guests are encouraged to make a reservation in advance by booking through Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant at 03-5511 8811 ext. 2616 or Telemarketing department ext. 2724. All prices are subjected only to 6% of GST. Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant is well-equipped with Halal certified, endorsed by JAKIM.

Info about Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant is the Chinese restaurant located at floor 1, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam that offers you an array of Chinese cuisines. The restaurant acquires an official endorsement of the HALAL certificate from JAKIM on 1st November 2009 thus the restaurant served 100% Halal Chinese cuisines in the First Southeast Asian Five Star Hotel Accredited with Halal Friendly title.

Info about Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam
Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam (GBWHSA), a five-star hotel located in Selangor, Malaysia has been granted the highest Halal Friendly Hotel rating of 7 by Crescentrating. It is the first hotel to get the highest rating in Malaysia and the region.

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Auntie Lilly of FollowMeToEatLa wishes all readers ~ Prosperous with A Year of Good Fortune & Abundance Wealth On This Coming Joyful Earth Dog Year!

 Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Persiaran Perbandaran, Seksyen 14 
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel 03-5511 8811 ext. 2616/2724
Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday (7 days a week)
11.30 am – 2.30 pm (Lunch)
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm (Dinner)

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