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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Alison Soup House 
CNY Set Menu 2018

Perhaps there's nothing grand about soup, steamed chicken, noodles and rice. But on days when the palate yearns for comfort, we turn to them. Thanks to a wonderful invitation recently, I was at Alison Soup House at TTDI Taman Tun Dr Ismail to sample and review their latest Chinese New Year Set Menu for the coming festive season.  

A Dose Of Comfort Food 

This may explain why Dang Gui Herbal Soup, Salmon Fish Soup, Hainanese Chicken and multi-grain rice are among the first items that come to mind when one dines at Alison Soup House in TTDI, the little restaurant that's famous for their comforting and hearty homecooked soup recipe. They focus only on using purely premium and fresh ingredients where meat used is grain fed, antibiotics FREE, no artificial feed addictive and all soups are MSG free with no artificial seasonings.  

Alison Soup House 
Nyonya Seafood Yee Sang 

So in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations, Alison Soup House has crafted a simple yet delicious and nutritious menu focusing on the use of traditional and fresh ingredients while emphasising the light and fresh flavours - that is the approach taken by Chef Derson, co-owner of Alison Soup House.

CNY Set Menu 2018
RM 68 (Set For 2)
RM 138  (Set For 4)
RM 198  (Set For 6)

Get a dose of comfort food, eat to your heart's content and still healthy with the new Chinese New Year promotion menu at Alison Soup House. Chef Derson takes great care in coming up with a great-tasting festive menu that is set to appeal to diverse palates. He wanted to present dishes that would be good for the palate and the body as most people enjoy sumptuous meals during the lunar new year.

Their festive menu is just perfect for those looking for simple and home-style cooking dishes made just like how mom cooks it. There's a well-balanced set menu with Yee Sang, rice, soup, meat, vegetable and desserts that are perfect for the small family of two, four or six.

Pre-order at least 2 days in advance for 10% off and BULK ORDER of above 6 pax, enjoys 15% off too!  

My family of four were delighted and happy to be the first few to sample and taste their festive menu that day. As Yee Sang is synonymous with Chinese New Year, Alison Soup House has upped the ante with the extraordinary creation of Nyonya Seafood Yee Sang.  

Freshest Nyonya Seafood Yee Sang In Town

In keeping up with their value of serving only wholesome food, the Nyonya Yee Sang is healthily and creatively presented with 11 all fresh ingredients of fruits - pineapple, pomelo together with vegetables - beetroot, lettuce iceberg, carrot, radish, lime leaves, mix nuts & flakes enhanced by the 5 spice powder, sesame seeds, black pepper and tangy tinge of Alison's signature sweet & sour sauce made specially in-house. 

Abalone For The Yee Sang

Pomelo, Beetroot, Radish, Carrot, Coriander Leaves & Lime Leaves
Clockwise From Top Left

Mixed Nuts & Housemade Yee Sang Sauce

Assorted Fresh Ingredients In The Nyonya Yee Sang

House-made concoctions of flavouring - 5 spice powder, sesame seeds, black pepper goes into the Yee Sang followed by the mix nuts and flakes ( Pecan, Brazil nuts, Almonds). 

 Pouring Of The Mixed Nuts, Multi Grain Flakes & Signature Yee Sang Sauce

Follow these Step-By-Step Instructions To Toss The Yee Sang, A Dish That Represents Good Health, Prosperity & Everything Good In Life

 Freshest Alison Nyonya Yee Sang For 6 pax

The  Alison Nyonya Yee Sang is available for dining in, catering or take away. Pre-booked orders will have the option of choosing either Salmon or Abalone for the Yee Sang only but walk-ins will be served with the seasonal option instead.

As soon as we had enjoyed the Nyonya Yee Sang, the kitchen brought out the 3 mains, 2 soups and 4 bowls of multi-grain rice for CNY Set Meal for 4 pax.   

 Starters Of Pickled Guava & Zucchini

Dang Gui Herbal Chicken Soup

Dang Gui Herbal Chicken Soup is featured as part of their CNY Set Menu as it's Alison Soup House's ALL TIME BEST SELLER among their diners. It's also known as the 'Queen' of Chinese soup, this delicious and herbal rich soup is prepared with Dong Gui herbs that are highly popular for its pungent sweet taste and amazing health benefits. Great for skin health, regulates menstruation, relieve a cough and swelling. 

The main ingredients for the perfect  Dang Gui Herbal Chicken Soup consist of Dang Gui, red dates and goji berries. Preparation for the soup takes at least 4 to 5 hours of continuous boiling on low heat. To keep the flavours optimum, the big pot of ingredients are boiled in water and reduced to the desired optimum level, releasing a rich taste of the perfectly boiled soup.

 Prosperity Salmon Fish Soup
Next, we have the  Prosperity Salmon Fish Soup. Served steaming hot, the soup has various ingredients of carrot, tomato, leek, onion, egg tofu and a generous portion of chunky pieces of chilled salmon.  

The salmon bones were pre-fried first before being boiled with water to get the flavour out with the rest of the ingredients for at least 5 hours until it acquires its signature robust fishy taste. 

The Salmon Fish Soup that has been tended to for more than 4 hours over the fire is thick and milky, lusciuosly rich in salmon flavours. Salmon is good for health and it's a good time to introduce it in the Chinese New Year festive menu. 

More Mains Of  Meat & Vegetable

 Hainanese Chicken (Free Range)

Next was the Free Range Hainanese Chicken, a simple chicken thigh dish steamed and served with topped with premium soya sauce with sliced zucchini and housemade garlic chilli sauce on the side.  

 Juicy & Tender  Free Range Hainanese Chicken

 Melaka Pork Satay (4 Sticks)

Melaka Pork Satay ~ Another hot favourite in the house. This is not the regular satay we used to eat but it's made out of long and thin slices of pork belly rolled up and marinated with satay paste before being skewered and grilled to a crispy outside leaving a juicy and tender meat on the inside. 

Taste wonderful with the chef's mom recipe of the in-house peanut sauce made with 11 different types of spices and herbs. 

 Garlic Stir Fried Vegetable 

Garlic Stir-Fried Vegetable ~ Bok Choy stir-fry with garlic and goji berries was the perfect veggie dish to go with the rest of the mains. 

 Multi-Grain Rice (4 Bowls)

Dining here is all about how to eat good and healthy food - enjoying real food (unprocessed & pure natural food). So instead of white rice, they serve up multi-grain rice, house mixed with premium organic whole grains of Black Rice, Brown Rice and Pearl Barley. The multi-grain rice is cooked under high-pressure cooker in small batches for the best result, delivering hearty and chewy texture in each grain of rice.

Check out the impressive health benefits of eating multi-grain rice for good heart, high in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and dietary fiber. 
  • Black Rice - Rice with the highest antioxidant content & lowest in calories.
  • Brown Rice - Controls Blood Sugar
  • Pearl Barley - Improves Digestion

Red Dates With Snow Fungus

Finally rounding up the meal was another nutritious sweet desserts of Red Dates With Snow Fungus. Although I'm not a fan of desserts, I enjoyed the crunchy texture of the snow fungus with goji berries. 

Throughout the dinner, we were served homemade herbal tea which is exclusively blended for the CNY menu. 

Nice meal at Alison Soup House and we got acquainted with Spikey, the friendly and cute little poodle that's the official resident dog at this little soup house! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Spikey is a good mannered furkids & loves people too! Dun worry, Spikey barks sometimes when excited to patrons but he doesn't bite! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

Alison Soup House is a pet-friendly shop so pet-owners can bring their furkids to dine and enjoy a good bowl of nourishing hot soup with your furkids in sight. 

 FurKids Zone

Pet House Rules

Nyonya Yee Sang is available from 2pax RM18, 4 Pax RM 38 and 6 Pax RM 68. Do pre-order at least 2 days in advance to enjoy 10% Off. Bulk order of above 6 pax gets 15% off.

Make your plans now for a happy and healthy Chinese New Year celebration with your loved ones at Alison Soup House welcoming abundance, good luck and happiness for the brand new year.

 "Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Auntie Lilly of FollowMeToEatLa wishes all readers ~ Prosperous with A Year of Good Fortune & Abundance Wealth On This Coming Joyful Earth Dog Year!

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    1. True enough, it's a very wholesome choice that any moms would approve. So similar to my cooking at home ie soup + rice


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