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Friday 30 August 2019

TASTE & MEMORIES 回味 In SS2 Petaling Jaya

TASTE & MEMORIES 回味 In SS2 Petaling Jaya
Showcase Of Classic Home Cooked Delights
Auntie Lilly At TASTE & MEMORIES 回味 In SS2 Petaling Jaya

TASTE of Home with Lovely MEMORIES of my favourite dishes from home has brought me to TASTE & MEMORIES 回味 Chinese Restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Read more ...

59, Jalan SS2/64
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 017 - 855 3233
Daily 11am to 10pm

Dining at 回味 Taste & Memories reminds me so much of my mom and aunt's cooking, thus this makes Auntie Lilly missing my family's cooking and feeling nostalgic especially when I get to taste all these home-styled dishes, simple but absolutely delicious to the last spoonful. 

Taste & Memories 回味 has lots to offer showcasing classic home-style favourites that many of us grew up eating at the family home, be it your favourite meals or during festive feasts, eating the home-style cooking dishes from Taste & Memories 回味 indeed brought memories flooding back. 

Pleasure To Meet Chef Teck

Helming the kitchen at Taste & Memories 回味 is Chef Teck, a humble chef with more than 3 decades of culinary experience in Chinese cuisines specialising in churning up classic good old-fashioned dishes to delight your senses. Chef Teck shares that most of the dishes showcased in the menu come from the food he loves from his childhood.
Simple With No-Frills Setting

Taste & Memories 回味 first opened in Taman Desa a few years ago catering to the locals' folks living around the community in Kuala Lumpur. In June recently, they set up their 2nd outlet in SS2 restaurant, and have garnered regulars in this part of the bustling Petaling Jaya.

With its Oriental theme interior, they offer fresh, quality and moreish Chinese dishes in its simple, no-frills yet homely looking eatery in a comfortable and spacious setting. 

Taste & Memories 回味 houses a 3-storey shophouse with a seating capacity of 60 to 70 diners on the ground floor while the 1st-floor offer several private rooms catering 20 pax for their biggest room and 10 pax for the smaller room. Reservation is highly recommended for the booking of these private rooms.       

Private Room On 1st Floor 

I was told that they are working on refurbishing the 2nd floor to cater to larger crowds for special celebratory dining events such a grand birthday dinner and full-moons among others. 

Taste & Memories 回味 is fast becoming a popular haunt for the young and old, for their comforting and hearty homecooked dishes. They focus only on using purely premium and fresh ingredients for all their recipes that are MSG-free with no artificial seasoning.

Expect a palatable adventure featuring homely dishes, definitely soul-warming, including classics that stand the test of time such as Poached Village Chicken (Pak Cham Choi Yin Kai), Pork Lard Rice, Vinegar Pork Trotters, Preserved Vegetables (Mui Choy) with Pork Lard and Choy Sum and Steamed Minced Pork With Preserved Vegetables (Tong Choy).

Quick Video Of The Dishes Served For The Night
My family especially my young son was delighted to be treated to some of Taste & Memories 回味 dishes that night. It was like a classic gastronomical journey for me as I savour some of the best signatures offered by Chef Teck as he sits through with us during the dining session explaining to us each of his creations.

A quick glance at the menu shows that it's dominated by drool-worthy Cantonese culinary treats serving pork and pork lard (Chee Yau Char) in their dishes. To make things a notch higher, all its sauces, gravies and even the Yellow Chinese Rice Wine are freshly made in-house and definitely not store-bought sauces.

Here are some of my personal favourites and signature dishes in the house ...

Poached Village Chicken  RM 68.90 (Half Bird)
Poached Village Chicken
RM 68.90 (Half Bird)

Poached Village Chicken  RM 68.90 (Half Bird)
Star of the night has to be this must-try Chicken dish of Poached Village Chicken that comes together with the heavenly delicious and one-of-its-kind Guinea Fowl Chicken Soup

Poached Village Chicken  RM 68.90 (Half Bird)
Poached Village Chicken  RM 68.90 (Half Bird)
Housemade Minced Ginger Dipping Sauce

This tender and juicy free-range chicken dish feature a simple classic Cantonese dish of 'Pak Cham Kai' where the chicken is poached to perfection and served with housemade minced ginger dipping sauce on the side. 

 Guinea Fowl Chicken Soup  RM 12.90 (2 pax)
 Guinea Fowl Chicken Soup
RM 12.90 (2 pax)

An all-time BEST-SELLER among Taste & Memories's diners is this superb soup called the Guinea Fowl Chicken Soup. Chef Tett has specially sourced for this guinea fowl or known as 'Pearl Chicken' (Chan Chi Kai) from a farm in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan.

Mind you these breed of fowl don't come cheap but Chef Tett does not sting on the ingredients and prepared the highly nutritious and thick soup using free-range chicken and guinea fowl boiled over long hours to extract its goodness.   

 Guinea Fowl Chicken Soup  RM 12.90 (2 pax)
Preparation for the soup takes at least 5 to 6 hours of continuous boiling on low heat according to the chef. To keep the flavour optimum, the big pot of soup is boiled and reduced to the desired optimum level, releasing a rich taste of the perfectly boiled soup.

The end results is a full-of-flavour and gelatinous mouthfeel chicken soup that's lusciously rich in chicken flavours! Highly recommended to try dish here.

Pork Lard Rice
RM 12.90

Pork Lard Rice, anyone? This is another HOT FAVOURITE in the house. All-in-one clay pot rice dish sits deliciously on our dining table with its aromatic scent as soon as it is served to us. Simple wholesome goodness all-in-one pot of just two ingredients!

Served Piping Hot In A Clay Pot

If you listen close enough, you can hear the crackling of the steaming hot pork lard still cooking in the clay pot. Savouring spoonfuls of the simple rice dish brings back wonderful memories of my mom's cooking. 

This is one of those dishes that many people in this generation have not tasted before. My mom used to prepare this dish on those days that she needed to cook an easy and simple meal and yet it's an absolutely delicious dish for the whole family to eat for dinner. Also, it's the most economical meal to serve a large family at that time. 

Piping hot rice cooked in a clay pot and flavoured with housemade sauce topped with the crunchy pork cracklings of pork lard bits (Chee Yau Char). Best eaten while it's still warm.

Pork lard is actually a secret ingredient to many Chinese traditional dishes. That explains why meals from your mom or grandma always taste better. So, to enhance the taste of a dish, crispy pork lard is sometimes sprinkled on top. 

It not only serves the purpose of garnishing but also adds delicious bites of crispiness to the dish. Crispy pork lard is the key ingredient to many Chinese dishes in Taste & Memories 回味 dishes too!

Vinegar Pork Trotters
RM 25.90

Another noteworthy dish for pork lovers has to be their Vinegar Pork Trotters. Chef Tett's version of 'Chee Kiok Chou' is a wonderful rendition of the almost perfect Cantonese-style Vinegar Pork that I have tasted so far.

Check Out The Glistening Black Vinegar Sauce  

With the perfect combination of sweet and sour black vinegar, chef churns out this robust and addictive dish that goes so well with multiple bowls of warm white rice. Oh yes, for me I just loved the sauce and it was so good that I can drink it on its own!      

Dried Shrimp Minced Pork With Stinky Bean
RM 28.90

More pork dishes coming up! Have you tried Dried Shrimp Minced Pork With Stinky Bean before? 

I just love anything that's cooked with petai. So for me, this is another dish you ought to try if you like 'Har Mai Ma Lai Chan' Chinese-style sambal dish. 

A family heritage recipe from chef's mom, this is a great dish to eat on its own with just a sunny side up and warm white rice. So simple and yet so deliciously addictive!   

Cincalok Steamed Fish
Seasonal Price

Next up is an excellent spicy, sweet and sour steamed fish dish. Fish lovers will be delighted with the Cincalok Steamed Fish

Our 1kg fresh and meaty Black Pomfret was steamed before being topped with flavourful savoury spicy and sour-style sauce together with assorted of vegetables that include brinjal, ladies fingers and long beans. Diners can opt for either Red Snapper, Kurau, Black or White Pomfret.  

The clever use of the traditional condiment, Cincalok truly enhanced the flavour of the sauce and it heightened the overall tasting experience for the dish.

Unique and authentic, the freshness is top-notch and is especially prominent in the plenty portions of the black pomfret. Then again, the spicy gravy was a splendid, wonderful accompaniment with rice again!

Yellow Rice Wine Chicken
RM 39.90

One of its kind and totally something differentYellow Rice Wine Chicken is Taste and Memories' speciality dish which you can't find anywhere else. This is the chef's age-old traditional recipe that was passed on to him from his family.

Cooked in chef's housemade Yellow Rice Wine, the minced ginger and garlic are fry till fragrant to bring out the flavours to be cook with the free-range chicken to further boost the flavour. The soup itself is rich and distinct in flavour, such a healthy and nourishing dish the whole family can enjoy.

Preserved Vegetables (Mui Choy) with Pork Lard and Choy Sum
RM 15.90

Moving on, there's the Preserved Vegetables (Mui Choy) with Pork Lard and Choy Sum dish to check out. Both vegetables complimented each other in taste and texture while the crispy pork lard bits enhance the flavour adding delicious bites of crispness to the otherwise bland dish. 

Otak Otak Steamed Beancurd
RM 18.90 

Paying homage to Otak-Otak fans, one simply must order this house signature dish of Otak Otak Steamed Beancurd.

Otak-otak is a classic Nyonya dish, brightly flavoured with aromatic herbs and spices and infused with the sweet fragrance of rich coconut milk. Chef creatively pairs his housemade Otak-Otak with the soft beancurd drizzle with light soya sauce.

Steamed Minced Pork With Preserved Vegetables (Tong Choy)
RM 20.90

Steamed Minced Pork With Preserved Vegetables (Tong Choy) ~ Nothing fanciful about this home-styled minced pork dish but if you're longing for a taste of home just how your mom cooks it, this is one of those pork dishes you ought to try.

They made it just the way I like it with more lean meat than fat, so it's tender and firm to bite with flavourful taste to it. 

Special Noodles - Crispy 'Kuey Teow' With Seafood 
RM 35.90 For 2 Pax

If you are a curious eater, then maybe you might want to try this special fried noodles dish, the Special Noodles - Crispy 'Kuey Teow' With Seafood. The usual noodles of 'Kuey Teow' has been deep-fried to a fragrant and crispy texture before being topped with an egg gravy with a generous portion of seafood such as squid and prawns.

We left feeling full and utterly satisfied over the hearty and mouth-watering comfort food for dinner. The authentic flavour is the secret to attracting diners who crave for good old-fashioned, wholesome and simple family treats just like from your mom's kitchen.

Taste of home is what I found at Taste & Memories 回味, so if you have cravings for some of your mom's cooking, then head over to their any of their two outlets at SS2 or Taman Desa for some memorable dining experience with your loved ones! 🥰


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