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Monday, 5 August 2019

AITOR RESTAURANT Tapas & Bar In Barcelona Spain

AITOR RESTAURANT Tapas & Bar In Barcelona Spain
Welcome to Barcelona, Spain! Welcome to the land of Tapas, Pintxo, Chorizo, Sangria, Jamon or dry-cured ham in Spain. When visiting Barcelona, one of the highlights is the food. Not only Catalonia is a beautiful region but also boasts some of the best gourmet delicacies in Spain.

This is one of the first food posts for my maiden trip to Barcelona in Spain. AITOR RESTAURANT Tapas & Bar was our first 'pit-stop' for some Spanish cuisine, right after we landed in Barcelona from London tour. Read on for more ...

Sardenya, 324
08025 Barcelona, Spain
Phone +34 934 46 20 03

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Short Video At Aitor Restaurant  

AITOR RESTAURANT Tapas & Bar was strategically located at Sardenya, a walking distance from Basílica de la Sagrada Família. 

The Magnificient Basílica de la Sagrada Família By Night

Everyone was starving right after the Antoni Gaudi, Strawberry Tours' walking tour to the streets of Barcelona to experience the unusual Architecture of the world's famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. Read My Story On Antoni Gaudi's Strawberry Tours > HERE 

Bet everyone knows that Spain is a dream destination for foodies, but not everyone realises just how varied the cuisine is from region to region. So for this Spain trip of mine, we had planned to try out all sorts of local must-eat foods to delve into, many of which date back to hundreds if not thousands of years in Barcelona – the capital city of the Catalan community! 

AITOR RESTAURANT Tapas & Bar was not in our list of restaurants to visit but rather an accidental find we chanced upon while looking for a meal for dinner after our walking tour in Barcelona. Nevertheless, here's goes some of the dishes we had that night. 

Nothing is more quintessentially Spanish than going for tapas. Upon entering Aitor, you'll be greeted with a long line of 'Pintxo' or 'Pincho' placed on a counter along the bar counter.

An amazingly lavish spread of pintxos once you step into any bar and you would be salivating at the end of the line wondering what to try first with the large selections of small snacks.

These pintxos are served around authentic and local products like grilled lamb, cured meats, salt cod, sheep's and goat's cheese, piquillo peppers, artichokes, and fresh anchovies, to name a few, is rightfully world-famous.    

If you must be wondering what's Pintxo? They are also called Pinchos because many of them have a Pincho (Spanish for spike) and comes from the word 'Pinchar' which means is 'to pierce'.

You see, they are related to tapas and the main difference is that 'Pintxo' or 'Pincho'  are usually 'spiked' with a skewer or cocktail stick, often to a piece of bread to hold the ingredients together.

One of the 'novelties' of pintxos is that you don't order, you take. I noticed diners would usually sit along the bar counter having a bit of fun to order some beer and just start nibbling at what you see on the bar.

They then normally just tell them at the end how many you've had and the barman will charge you accordinglyHahaha... It's not the most hygienic practice in the world, but that's how it's done in Spain. 

But nevertheless, you can choose to sit and dine comfortably at a proper dining table and order your pintxos from the menu too, just like how we did it.

No meal is complete when dining in Spain without the Paella, a famous traditional Spanish rice dish and how can we not try their Spanish pork ribs?  

Pork Ribs & Seafood Paella

Pork Ribs & Seafood Paella feature a rich and flavourful rice dish with a generous portion of seafood and really delicious fork-tender pork ribs. 

Their white squid is extra thick and meaty which was a great complement to the dish too. Portion wise is good for sharing at around 2 to 3 pax.  

Grilled Iberico Pork 

Next, we ordered more pork to satisfy our cravings for these mouth-watering Spanish pork. We opt for Grilled Iberico Pork that was served with grilled potatoes. This is a perfect combination for my son who loves pork and potatoes altogether.  

Overall, Aitor Restaurant proves to be a good place for a great selection of affordable Pintxo (with price starting from €1.60) and pretty amazing Paella too. Service was good and I noticed they are popular with the locals too. 


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