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Thursday 8 August 2019

CHUANXI BAZI 川西坝子-大马店 Hotpot Malaysia At Sunway Velocity Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Chuanxi Bazi, China’s Number One Hotpot Brand Has Arrived in Kuala Lumpur
CHUANXI BAZI Hotpot Malaysia At Sunway Velocity Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Chuanxi Bazi, China’s Number One Hotpot Brand Has Arrived in Kuala Lumpur!  Joining in the bandwagon for the ever-growing craze for Chinese hotpot, Chuanxi Bazi has brought the authentic taste of home in Chengdu, Sichuan Province to Malaysians keen on savouring fresh local produce in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

Auntie Lilly was delighted to be invited to the official opening of CHUANXI BAZI HOTPOT, their first flagship restaurant located at Sunway Velocity in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. All hot pot lovers can savour one of China's famous premium contemporary Chenghu Hot-Pot right here at Sunway Velocity in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur! Read More ...

 CHUANXI BAZI  川西坝子-大马店 Hotpot Malaysia
2nd floor Sunway Visio Tower (V03A)
LingkaranSV, Sunway Velocity
Jalan Cheras 
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours Daily
11 am to 11 pm 
Tel 03-9202 3028

Auspicious Grand Official Opening Of CHUANXI BAZI Hotpot In Malaysia 

Founded by Masterchef Mr Hu Jianqing in 2002, CHUANXI BAZI is now the No. 1 HotPot Restaurant in China and also recognized as the official "Chinese Hot Pot" Brand by the China Cuisine Association in China.

Malaysian now can indulge in top-quality authentic Sichuan Hotpot essence with premium and fresh selection in traditional Sichuan-style and presentation of hotpot broth. Be treated to the Chef's recommendations dishes such as:

  •  Signature Crunchy Beef Tripe
  •  Two Flavour Shrimp Paste
  •  Pork Slice
  •  Signature Tender Beef
  •  Signature Duck Liver
  •  Chopstick Pork
  •  Shrimp, Pork & Beef Paste

Candid Shot Of Me 

We were treated to a special selection of Chef's recommendations to savour in our two variations of Chuanxi Bazi's hotpot broth of Spicy Soup In Vegetable Oil and Tomato Soup too.  

Crispy Fried Pork
RM 16

The first to arrive was their signature snacks of Crispy Fried Pork. Good small bites to try if you like fried food with a spicy kick of the Szechuan peppercorns. 

Sinfully delicious and quite addictive too, if you bite into the peppercorn, be ready to experience the numbness in the mouth. Eat it while still hot from the kitchen as once it cools down, the crispiness is no longer there. 

Two-Flavour Hotpot (Combi)
Spicy Soup In Vegetable Oil & Tomato Soup
RM 38

Plethora Of Ingredients Goes Into The Hotpot Broth

Bubbling Hot Aromatic Soups

Signature Crunchy Beef Tripe
RM 32

Pork Ball With Quail Egg
RM 22
Shrimp & Pork Paste
RM 38 & RM 28

Pork Belly
RM 18

Tofu Skin
RM 8

Quail Eggs
RM 12

Nian Gao
RM 8

DIY Your Own Concoction Of Dipping Sauce At The Sauce Counter

Sauce Counter

From left to right: Chan Mei Yan, Managing Director of Sweet Ebony Sdn Bhd (Proprietor of CXBZ  Malaysia), Yong Chin Siong, Datuk Danny Tan (Managing Director of Panda Food Culture Center  Sdn Bhd), YB Tan Kok Wai (Special Envoy to People’s Republic of China), Hu Jianqing (Chairman,  Founder and Masterchef) & James Oye

Chuanxi Bazi officiates their first flagship restaurant in the hustle and bustle of Sunway Velocity, Kuala Lumpur. Situated within arm’s reach of the mall and famed precinct of Cheras, the Chinese restaurant is nevertheless a timely addition to the wide array of crowd favourites and culinary hotspots accessible to both locals and foreigners alike.

 Love The Ambiance With Impressive Oriental Theme

Quick Video Of The Interior  

The new store located in Sunway Visio Tower stands at an impressive 3600 sq ft with three private rooms and the capacity to accommodate up to a hundred and fifty hungry guests.

Private Room

The restaurant has undergone a long history, where it was once a humble eatery in Chengdu with a modest setup measuring up to 3000 sq ft wide. Now, with nearly three hundred stores across China, Chuanxi Bazi is recognised as the official “Chinese Hot Pot” brand by the China Cuisine Association (CCA). 

Mini Fans Provided For Diners To Cool Down  

In the prestigious company of Yang Berhormat Tan Kok Wai [Special Envoy of Malaysia to the People's Republic of China, MP of Cheras constituency and National Chairman of the Democratic Action Party], Datuk Danny Tan [Senior management of the Malaysian Inbound Chinese Association and Sunway Integrated Properties Sdn Bhd] and last but not least, the renowned Masterchef himself - Mr. Hu Jianqing, the homegrown brand’s very first attempt to explore outside of China was initiated by a welcoming speech from the respective VIPs in attendance.

Master Chef & Founder, Mr Hu JianQing

Master Chef and founder, Mr Hu JianQing has relayed that embarking on a culinary journey was always a dream of his. “I was a boy from the mountains, having been born at the foot of Huaying. Earlier on, I understood the importance of hard work and a real passion for the path one chooses. It was my decision to enter the industry with my qualification as a chef hidden from others.

There I put my dedication for the culinary arts through braving the difficulties of handling hot coal with the occasional risk of burning my bare hands, chopping all kinds of ingredients, as well as making sure that they were cleaned efficiently”.

“With the opening of our first store in Kuala Lumpur, It is our deepest hope to be able to serve the Malaysian public and earn their love for the food we serve as well. As such, I would like to welcome everyone's attendance today. Thank you. Chuanxi Bazi is a Hotpot cuisine originating from Chengdu, China with over 20 years of experience, numerous accolades and managing multiple restaurants.”, as quoted by Mr Hu on his welcoming speech. 

His uphill journey in the industry has taught him many unforgettable values in the kitchen, “My team is like family to me, and I wish to extend this warm gesture to all patrons of Chuanxi Bazi by providing only the freshest of ingredients as well as quality service. I would like to welcome our dear Malaysians to experience the essence of original Sichuan hotpot and our fellow Chinese who reside here a true taste of home”.  

Datuk Danny Tan (Managing Director of Panda Food Culture Center Sdn Bhd)

Adding to the opening remarks, Datuk Danny Tan has said, “It is our utmost pleasure to see Chuanxi Bazi from China, who has been one of the main participants of at least four of our inter-governmental roadshows under the Belt-Road Initiative championed by the Sichuan Trade Promotion Association and the Panda Food Culture Centre to finally establish itself with a local partner, here in Malaysia, launching its first overseas flagship restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.”

Mr Tan Kok Wai, Special Envoy of Malaysia to the People's Republic of China, MP of Cheras constituency and National Chairman of the Democratic Action Party 

Last but foremost, YB Tan KokWai has expressed his insights on the Malaysian-ChineseYearof Cultural Tourism in 2020. “The key to the success of Chuanxi Bazi is simply their business principles and commitment to the highest standard of catering and service, which I think is paramount for every business to excel, that is to provide the highest level of satisfaction for customers at the most reasonable price.

Hence, as the Malaysian consumers grow to learn more about and enjoy the myriad of Chinese cuisine, coupled with an ever-growing Chinese (from China) population settling down or visiting Malaysia, the relationship between China and Malaysia can only prosper and deepen further. In light of the coming Malaysian-ChineseYearof Cultural Tourism in 2020, Chuanxi Bazi's launch Malaysia today is indeed a timely and exciting event.” 

Latest Promotion
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Recognising that it is now an international trend to savour the most authentic Sichuan Hotpot Cuisine, many here can now enjoy the yin and yang that is the restaurant’s signature Sichuan Spicy “Ma La” Broth and savoury Mushroom Broth, complete with an extensive variety of premium meats, seafood and a selection of vegetables. The menu, as authentic as the list of dishes explores a variety familiar yet new to the Malaysian taste buds. 

Chuanxi Bazi is currently listed on the Shanghai Equity Exchange, with food standards complying to the ISO 22000 and ISO9001 food safety management system certifications. As of the moment, the restaurant in Malaysia sources its broths and sauces from Chuanxi Bazi’s eco-farm in China. 

In the near future, it aspires to enter the neighbouring Singaporean market, one step further in expanding their reach into the Western Hemisphere of Italy and New York City.

For more information, customers are welcome to visit the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/chuanxibazimy

Location Of CHUANXI BAZI Hotpot Malaysia 
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