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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

NESCAFE GOLD Experiential Container Cafe At Lot 10 Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur In Bukit Bintang

NESCAFE GOLD Experiential Container Cafe 
Lot 10 Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur In Bukit Bintang 
NESCAFE GOLD Experiential Container Cafe 
Lot 10 Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur In Bukit Bintang

CALLING ALL COFFEE LOVERS!☕️ NESCAFÉ Malaysia has recently relaunched its signature range of NESCAFE GOLD; with a more refined proposition that highlights the essential premium appeal in its product.

Nescafe Malaysia

As the world's leading and preferred coffee brand for more than 80 years in Malaysia, NESCAFE is excited to showcase the brand's Signature Range ~ NESCAFE GOLD, the special selection of mountain-grown Arabia beans, to the prefect roasting process which locks the best coffee aroma and flavour. 
Complementing the relaunch is the introduction of the NESCAFE GOLD experiential container cafe allowing guests to have unique coffee experiences while understanding more om NESCAFE GOLD's expertise in coffee craftsmanship.

Being an avid coffee-lover of the NESCAFE CLASSIC for more than 3 decades, since my younger days, I was pretty excited to find out more about this NESCAFE GOLD experiential container cafe.  

I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the goodness of NESCAFE GOLD experiential container last week. The exclusive NESCAFE GOLD experiential container cafe was held at Premier Terrace, Lot 10 Shopping Centre in Bukit Bintang from 29th July till 11th August 2019.

Coffee-lovers joined in the fun and get to take part in the specially curated experiential coffee journey at the exclusive container cafe discovering the ultimate NESCAFE GOLD sensory experience while learning more the Nescafé meticulous process that goes into creating a smooth and aromatic cup of Nescafé Gold.

NESCAFE GOLD's craftmanship expertise in coffee highlights the thorough process of selecting Mountian-grown Arabica beans and the ultimate roasting technique that brings out the signature golden aroma and taste delivering the perfect cup of pure satisfaction.  

Experience the GOLD STANDARD NESCAFE GOLD Container Activation 

At the exclusive NESCAFE GOLD experiential container cafe, guests had the chance to indulge in a cup of NESCAFE GOLD ~ specially prepared via the new NESCAFE GOLD Barista Machine showcasing the convenient way of making and enjoying cafe-style coffee at the comfort of the home, fuss-free.

On top of that, guests get to try their hand at customizing their personalized cup of NESCAFE GOLD at the customized coffee corner with a fine array of toppings! 

Location Map For Lot 10 Shopping Centre

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