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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

LUCKY LOKE SS3 Best Chinese Tai Chow Restaurant In Petaling Jaya


RESTAURANT LUCKY LOKE in SS3, Petaling Jaya was introduced to me by one of my PJ friends, also a foodie Makan kakies that usually go 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' during our regular gathering to meet up with good friends over some good food and a good laugh!

(Inside Restoran Kean Fatt Coffeeshop)
2, Lorong SS3/59E
Taman Jaya
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel 019-3388 909 / 017-6668 321 (Mr Loke) 
Opening Hours
5:30pm to 11:30pm
(Closed On Alternate Wednesdays)

To look for RESTAURANT LUCKY LOKE, just look out for the corner coffee shop that bears the name 'Restoran Kean Fatt' or Kean Fatt Coffeeshop. This Tai Chow has its open-kitchen in full-force with their 'Wok-On-Fire' chefs in full action churning out mouth-watering dishes in minutes.  

LUCKY LOKE is a popular haunt, Tai Chow eatery for the locals in the vicinity of SS3 in PJ for its affordable, delicious and unpretentious Chinese cuisine.

There's a large selection of live seafood on display such as Siakap, Red Snapper, Tilapia and Mud crabs among other kept live in the tanks for patrons to choose for dinner.

Lucky Loke's most famous signature dish that's unique and renowned for many of its regulars dining here is their 'Thai-Style Signature Fried Fish'. I would suggest you come here in a big group of at least 5 pax, so you can order more to try out all of their signatures which I would recommend here in my food blog.

You can never miss the big yellow overhead banner hanging at the restaurant, listing some of their must-order dishes such as 3-Cup Chicken, Curry Prawns, Salted Egg Yolk Mantis Prawns, Stir-Fried Cabbage with Yam, Clams In Superior Broth, Pork Belly with Brinjals & Salted Fish, Pumpkin Tofu and last but not least the Thai-Style Signature Fried Fish.

Service was quick in Lucky Loke and before I can take a second sip of my Chinese tea, all of the five dishes arrived in a jiffy - in less than 10 mins. Damn fast lei!

Thai-Style Signature Fried Fish
RM 53 (850 grams)

Thai-Style Signature Fried Fish is indeed one of the most memorable dishes I had at Lucky Loke. My good makan friend was raving about it - recommending that we must come to eat here just for this special garlic-chillies fish dish.  

RM 60/kg (Red Snapper & Siakap)
RM 40/kg (Tilapia)

We ordered the Red Snapper (红鳄龟) or known in Cantonese as 'Hoong Chou Yee' for this dish. Featuring a perfectly deep-fried fish resting on a flavoursome zesty sauce with savoury, sourish sweet drizzled over the crispy fish.

The flesh is fresh and sweet while the fins and tails are fried till crispy crunch that you can eat it as it is. We loved the generous toppings of the chopped garlic, green chilli padi and coriander leaves which provided the pungent and aromatic overall flavour to the dish. 

The Red Snapper we had was a medium-size fish weighing 850 gram and it was not much to share among 7 of us. Well, I would suggest ordering the meatier and fleshy tilapia for a good portion to eat for bigger groups. 

Pork Belly with Brinjals & Salted Fish
RM 22

Pork Belly with Brinjals & Salted Fish ~ Definitely a winner for all pork-lovers for its flavoursome juicy and tender pork belly slices cooked together with fragrant salted fish and brinjals.

Pork belly slices were lightly fried together with salted fish and brinjal in a rich-tasting black sauce served in a clay pot. This is a clever combination of the chef using brinjal to soak up the rich sauce, thus making it an appetizing dish to eat with bowls and bowls of warm white rice.

3-Cup Chicken
RM 22

I was told that their 3-Cup Chicken was one of their signature dishes that appeal to many patrons dining here. It features pieces of chicken thigh deep-fried till crispy before braising it in 3 kinds of ingredients namely the soy sauce, cooking wine and sesame oil. 

The flavours really pair well together with savoury, yet sweet at the same time. The only set-back was the chicken meat was not tender nor juicy enough and too overly-fried making it a bit too dry and tough to bite.

 Pumpkin Tofu
RM 20

A good and simple tofu dish - just perfect for young children. Deep-fried soft egg tofu and pumpkin cooked into a thick and savoury gravy with prawns and Enoki mushroom.

My son who's a tofu lover just can't stop himself from spooning out every single gravy for the yummy dish. Good choice for a nutritious dish to eat with your family.      

Garlic Fried Mak Choy
RM 15

Total Bill For 7 Pax
RM 144

Our bill came to RM 144 for 5 dishes with 8 bowls of rice. Everyone enjoyed the dinner especially the Thai-Style Signature Fried Fish and Pork Belly with Brinjals & Salted Fish, both were a winner in its own right. 

We will definitely come back to Lucky Loke to try more seafood dishes such as the Clams in Superior Broth as they were sold out that night. Oh yes, the next time, going to order a much bigger and meatier fish such as the tilapia, so everyone at the table gets to fully enjoy the star dish of the night with more rice.


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  1. Used to eat here a lot when I stayed at the single storey house behind these shop lots!

  2. Hojiak leh!!! One of my fav daichow places leh!


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