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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

CARLSBERG Just Keeps Getting Better With Refreshed Identity & Practical Betterments

CARLSBERG Just Keeps Getting Better!
With Refreshed Identity & Practical Betterments
Probably The Best Beer In The World gets a refreshed identity and practical betterments reflecting more than 170 years of heritage and its constant Pursuit of Better  
CARLSBERG Just Keeps Getting Better 

Last Friday, I was invited to Marimbar at Petaling Jaya for Carlsberg's official launch to unveil its refreshed Danish-inspired brand identity, balancing simplicity with contemporary design, applied across its products, packaging, communications, visibilities and amenities to deliver a better experience for all beer lovers. 


Ted Akiskalos, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, commented, “At Carlsberg, we care about how our beer is made and enjoyed, a constant ‘pursuit of better’ inspired by our founder J.C. Jacobsen throughout our history of more than 170 years. From our yeast and barley to our packaging and glassware, we believe it must always be possible to do things better, and this new look and feel for Carlsberg represent our ongoing commitment to doing so.” 

Ted Akiskalos, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia

Carlsberg’s “pursuit of better” has been encapsulated in the brand’s iconic history of 172 years since its establishment in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand counts numerous ground-breaking milestones in its efforts to elevate the art of brewing, starting most notably with the establishment of the Carlsberg Laboratory in 1875 focusing on perfecting malting, brewing and fermentation. 

The Carlsberg Laboratory’s scientific research led to the development of the world’s first pure yeast strain – Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis – by Carlsberg Laboratory scientist Emil Christian Hansen in 1883, a discovery which changed the face of modern brewing, as well as the pH scale by S.P.L. Sorensen in 1909 which is still used today. The laboratory continues to further the fields of chemical and genetic research that contribute toward its quality ingredients and improved brewing processes in its operations throughout the world. 

“This year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our establishment in Malaysia and are proud to brew Carlsberg to the same international standards in our Shah Alam brewery. While the brand looks modern and new today, our beer is still brewed with the same natural ingredients and the same attention to quality that gives Carlsberg that same great taste. Carlsberg just keeps getting better with its new look, but same great brew!” added Akiskalos. 

These new improvements are inspired by its Danish heritage and its constant pursuit of better over more than 170 years. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of Carlsberg in Malaysia and we are proud to brew Carlsberg to the same international standards, natural ingredients and attention to quality. Carlsberg just keeps getting better with its New Look, But Same Great Brew!

Check out how little but important improvements via our Fresh Cap on our bottles, a new premium stem glass with a clever nucleation stamp for longer-lasting foam, and our Easy-to-Open 6-can packs simply elevate your beer enjoyment experience with Carlsberg. Plus, our “betterments” extend to sustainable packaging initiatives towards a greener world.

The brand’s new look and feel are most visible on its packaging, coupled with three practical improvements that see a new Fresh Cap on Carlsberg bottles, the same great brew served in premium-looking stem glasses, and cans that come in Easy-to-Open packs. These “betterments” are a result of Carlsberg’s efforts and belief in constant improvement and refinement in progressive pursuit of better beer. Probably The Best Beer In The World just keeps getting better! 

Carlsberg’s new Fresh Cap employs a cleverly designed scavenger liner that removes oxygen from the headspace in the bottle, so you get fresher taste up to five-times longer in Carlsberg’s bottled beer. 

On the other hand, Carlsberg’s new glass features a bowl-shaped design and tapered head for a smoother pour, coupled with a stemmed chalice design and embossed details that make for a premium feel. What sets Carlsberg’s new stem glass apart from the rest is the laser-etched, hop leaf-shaped nucleation stamp at the bottom of the glass. 

The nucleation stamp creates many little pits and peaks where bubbles can form, generating more tiny bubbles that rise to the top. Because the bubbles continually replenish the foam (head), the beer maintains its head for significantly longer, which in turn helps retain the aroma of the beer, thus delivering a better beer experience. 

For consumers who purchase Carlsberg cans, you can now open a 6-can pack of Carlsberg in next to no time with the Easy-to-Open perforated shrink wrap, allowing you to enjoy Probably The Best Beer In The World with ease and convenience without the need for a sharp object or worrying about sore fingers to pry open the pack. 

Besides being able to enjoy a better beer experience, consumers will be delighted to know that they will also be minimising the environmental impact while enjoying Carlsberg products with new sustainable packaging initiatives introduced. 

Carlsberg is going greener with its switch to Cradle to Cradle Certified™ silver ink that is produced using renewable energy across its bottle labels. The ink helps improve the recyclability of packaging. 

Carlsberg Malaysia is also the first Carlsberg market in the world to pioneer the use of a new wax emulsion coating on its refillable glass bottles which helps to double its lifetime. The coating reduces scuffing which extends the bottles’ longevity, allowing them to look new and scratch-free for longer, reducing the need for bottles to be taken out of circulation for recycling. 

Trying My Hand In Tapping Some Danish Beer!

To learn more about Carlsberg’s new look and feel, betterments and promotions, visit the brand’s Facebook page at CarlsbergMY or check out www.probablythebest.com.my

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