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Monday, 2 September 2019

SPICE GARDEN Serves Authentic Indian & Middle-Eastern Cuisine At The LINC KL Tun Razak

Spice Your Palate & Discover The Taste Of  Indian & Middle-Eastern Cuisine 
SPICE GARDEN Serves Authentic Indian & Middle-Eastern Cuisine 

The piquant flavours of famed Indian spices are brought to life at SPICE GARDEN Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Under the guidance of Chef Bharat Batra, you can relish in authentic Indian cuisines that will tantalize your taste buds and spice up your life. Read on for more yummy Indian cuisine...

 With Spice Garden - Chef Bharat Batra

WEBSITE spicegardenasia.net
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/SpiceGardenMalaysia

Spice Garden is a well-known semi-fine dining restaurant, serving authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine that is popular with residents and expatriates living in and around the Klang Valley, as well as tourists. 

Established in 2003 with its first restaurant more than 16 years ago in Genting Highlands, Spice Garden has survived the test of time and stiff competition over the years. Currently, they have four outlets in Malaysia with two located in Kuala Lumpur and one each in Genting Highlands and Alor Setar.

Spice Garden boasts of a wide variety of tantalizing dishes, crafted using time-tested traditional recipes that blends fresh spices and herbs from India and cooked to perfection, mostly through a “tandoor” which is a barrel-shaped open-top clay oven that is fired by charcoals. 

“We cook our dishes using centuries-old recipes and techniques that are indispensable to the preparation of truly authentic Indian cuisines,” said the restaurant’s chef Bharat Batra, who is also a director at Focus 88 Sdn. Bhd., the company that owns and operates Spice Garden restaurants.

Chef Bharat also emphasize that the Spice Garden uses only original spices and herbs without artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives for all of their freshly cooked dishes and not reheated which can cause it to become oily. 

Spice Garden offers a wide selection of authentic Indian that will teleport you to a distant place in India. The cooks at Spice Garden are sent to India for a year just to master the knowledge, skills and techniques needed for the preparation of authentic, Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisines.

Bharat, who claims to be a master of spices, explained that the restaurant can tailor its dishes to meet specific customers’ needs such as preventing them from feeling sleepy after meals or to provide more energy.

Outdoor Seating With A View Of The City 

“We cook our meals in a balanced manner that is suitable for everyone, young or old,” he said. “Plus, our pork-free cuisine can be made to order such as if the customers prefer their meals nut-free, gluten-free and not spicy, or, even if they would like to avoid feeling sleepy after their meals or need more energy.”

Complimentary Starter of Papadom & House-Made Mint Sauce

We started the meal with appetisers of crunchy papadam with house-made mint sauce. Oh my, I just loved their mint-sauce and it goes well with any dishes at Spice Garden.
Mutton Khazana Biryani
RM 80 - Two Pax

The restaurant's signature main dish is Khazana Mutton Biryani, a masterpiece created by Chef Bharat Batra, himself. This signature biryani dish features a unique one-of-its-kind biryani serves encased in whole wheat bread, slow-cooked in charcoal tandoor.

The Khazana Mutton Biryani is a tantalising combination of Basmati-flavoured rice cooked with tender mutton, aromatic spices and egg in a whole wheat bread to seal in the flavour and juices, thus it also helps to retain the natural moist of the meat, making its texture juicy and more succulent prior to serving.

The unique way of cooking biryani this way allows for the charcoal heat to be evenly distributed, allowing the flavour and aroma of the herbs and spices to thoroughly infuse both on the rice and meat altogether. 

Video Showing How Chef's Carve The Khazana Mutton Biryani 

It arrives at our table looking like a big bun with the burnt crust. To dig-in, you first have to slice open the bread starting from the top in a circular motion and cut your way out from the sides to spill open the 'treasure' within.

Apart from the mutton biryani, there are also venison, chicken, Red Snapper, prawns, salmon and mixed vegetable variations for you to choose from. Pricing varies with different kinds of meat and these are a list of the prices for 2 and 4 pax serving portions.

                               2 pax     4 pax
  • Venison            120         230
  • Mutton              80          150
  • Chicken             70          130
  • Crab                  90          170
  • Prawn               90          170
  • Salmon              90          170
  • Red Snapper      80         150
  • Mix Vegetable    48           90

Fish Kolivada
RM 35 Per Serving 

Fish Kolivada ~ This is a personal favourite and I bet this one dish that makes just about anybody's mouth water. The boneless cutlet sea bass is cooked with a perfect balance of spices and herbs, topped with a creamy tomato gravy that adds a nice and rich flavour and colour to the dish.

My favourite in fact for the savoury dish has a creamy and rich-tasting gravy coating the tender and flaky sea bass meat. This famous '65' dish Indian recipe has made its way into the hearts of several thousand across the world and in mine too. Definitely coming for more for this dish alone!

   Tandoori Chicken
RM 60 (Full)

Another popular must-try is the Tandoori Chicken, made with the tender whole thigh of chicken marinated perfectly in herbs and spices, ginger, garlic and yoghurt before they are cooked in the charcoal tandoor.

Be sure to squeeze some lime over it before you indulge. The chicken was well-marinated and the spices could be tasted even in the meat, not just on its outer layer.

Venison Seekh Kebabs
RM 58 Per Serving  

If you are after something exotic, then Venison Seekh Kebabs, instead of the Mutton Kebab. This would be an excellent choice if you're looking for a healthful meal that's very lean, low in fat and cholesterol and yet very high in protein.

The careful preparation of venison with the right kind of spices and herbs makes it less gamey and offers lots of flavours, leaving a lasting impression as this is my first tasting venison kebabs. They are great as starters or as a filling for a wrap eaten with your naan.  

Assorted Curries To Excite Your Senses

Chicken Almond Gravy 
RM 32

For more meat curry selections, Chef's recommendations are Chicken Tikka, Coastal Chronical Red Snapper and Venison Rogan Josh. Spice Garden offers four kinds of curry - Makhani, Tikka Masala, Masala, Coastal Chronical and Palak

Sea Bass Fish Curry
RM 42

Their menu also includes a guide to matching the right kind of meat, seafood and vegetables to your favourite curry as this can make a significant difference both in taste and flavour of each curry.   

Venison Masala
RM 58

Palak Paneer
RM 30

For vegetarian dishes, there's the Paneer Palak which features house-made paneer (cottage cheese). Delightfully smooth, the soft cheese cubes glide effortlessly down the throat aided by the creamy pureed spinach that forms a rich moat around the cheese.

Spice Garden's Rotis & Naans 
House Chosen Assorted Bread Basket
RM 42

Indian food tends to taste even better with the assorted curries and gravies are mopped up with bread or rice, and Spice Garden has a lot to offer in that department. 

Plus, the best way to sample all the dishes is with a slice of fluffy naan. There several types of naan available and they are all made on the spot. Priced between RM 6 - RM 16 per serving, take your pick from white flour to whole wheat and multi-grains rotis, parathas or naans.    

Gulab Jamun
RM 8

We wrapped the meal up with Gulab Jamun, a dessert known for its sweetness and can sometimes be overly sweet for our Malaysian palate. 

At Spice Garden, they can be customised in flavours and personalised in preference to suit your liking. Thus, the chef can have them specially made less sweet - diabetic friendly in fact to suit your taste and flavour. So enjoy without fear of adding on calories on your desserts at Spice Garden.

Set Meal Lunch Special 
From RM 12++ Onwards

Those who are interested to get a taste of authentic Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisines that includes the restaurant’s signature dishes such as Chicken Malai Tikka, Mutton Tikka Tawa, Fish Amritsari, Chilli Prawn, Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer may visit any of their outlets below: 


Lot H/G6.00, Genting Grand Hotel, 
Genting Highlands Resort, 
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: +603-6101 1118 Ext:7709 / 57615 

No 2, Jalan Delima, 
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2142 2220 / 2223 

SPICE GARDEN Restaurant 
The LINC Development Sdn Bhd, 
1-3 1-3-AF, First Floor, 
No-360, Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur 

Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa Langkawi, 
Lot 1698 Jalan Pantai Tengah Mukim Kedawang, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman   
Tel: +6 04 9532338/+6012-9850744

Location Map To Spice Garden The LINC KL

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