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Thursday, 5 September 2019



Greetings from Barcelona, Spain! Day Two ~ Breakfast in Barcelona at O'RINCON DA TERRA. This is part of foodie blog updates on all of the places  I feast, ate and dine during my 7-days maiden tour to Barcelona in Spain. Read on for more ...

Carrer dels Comtes de Bell-lloc, 51
08014 Barcelona
Tel +34 934 90 00 55

My family and I had our breakfast here after staying for a night at nearby Airbnb and this restaurant is a walking distance from where we stay and very close to the Sants Estació,  Barcelona Sants Railway Station.

With a fully-packed tour schedule for the rest of the day, we decided to have a big and hearty breakfast at the local restaurant instead of a cafe to fill our hungry tummies. You see, cafes in Barcelona usually serves diners a simple croissant and coffee for breakfast menu.

As we have planned to join Strawberry Tours for the Tapas & Historical Centre Tour in town later that day, my daughter, Carmen suggested we had brunch, skipping lunch to save our stomach for tapas treats later in the evening!  

Ok coming back to O'RINCON DA TERRA, Carmen found this restaurant thru great reviews given on Tripadvisor and it was indeed a great place to dine for delicious and wholesome food, cooked fresh right from the kitchen.

The menu offers a good assortment of traditional Galician cuisine for tapas. O'RINCON DA TERRA has a no-frills decor with an elongated bar counter, featuring a long line of their food items for tapas.  

There's a patio interior dining area with tables outside on the left side of the restaurant, seatings are limited for small group dining up only 4 to 5 tables. We enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine dining at the beautiful interior terrace, sipping our 'cafe' while digging into our delicious breakfast!
Breakfast Menu ~ Combined Plates

Coffee & Croissant
 € 2.10

There was 5 of us and each picked our personal favourites from their breakfast menu. Prices were really affordable starting from  € 5.50 (Egg, salad & bacon) to  € 12.50 (Cuttlefish & Potatoes). 

Baguettes On The House With Order Of The Breakfast Sets 

If you are looking for a simple and pocket-friendly meal, go for the € 5.50 (Egg, Salad & Bacon) or  € 5.55 (Sausage, Fried Potatoes & Salad) sets,  otherwise, if you're an adventurous eater, then I would suggest you try out their seafood sets of  Escalopa (Scallops) with Fried Potatoes & Salad € 7.95, Squids & Fried Potatoes € 6.95 or Cuttlefish with Fried Potatoes € 12.50.  
Breakfast Choices of The Day
1/4 Roasted Chicken With Fried Potatoes & Salad 
 € 6.50 

Roasted Chicken With Fried Potatoes & Salad or Pollo Set (Chicken in Spanish) was simply amazing. The portion was generous with great value-for-money at only  € 6.50. This Pollo or Spanish chicken dish features a full-of-flavour, well-marinated and fork-tender meat that just fell of the bone.  

Everyone's Favourite On The Table

I think they slow-cook or stewed the chicken to infuse the herbs and spices before grilling it over the oven prior to serving. This is a MUST-TRY if you are a chicken lover - it's juicy and not dry, with juice coming out once we slice off the thick and tender meat off the bone. Everyone was digging into my hubby's choice of breakfast and you bet this is definitely everyone favourites plus the top choice of the day!

Sausage, Fried Potatoes & Salad
 € 5.55 

 Sausage, Fried Potatoes & Salad was my son's choice pick for his breakfast. He has been craving for some homemade sausages since flying in from London. 

Then again, the portion size was huge - for this housemade pork sausage of more than 1/2 foot long. The meat was firm, meaty and flavoursome and goes well with the chunky pieces of fried potatoes and salad on the side. 

 Pork Loin With Fried Egg & Fried Potatoes
 € 7.80 

My meat-eater daughter, Carmen opt for the Pork Loin With Fried Egg & Fried Potatoes, saying that we must at least try the Spanish pork while in Spain as they are famous for their black Iberico pig. 

Pork Loin With Fried Egg & Fried Potatoes consists of two thick and chunky piece of pork loin, grilled with charred bits, mildly seasoned with salt and black pepper just to maintain the natural flavours of the juicy meat. Served with fried potatoes and egg with a runny yolk on the side. 

Their salad consists of three ingredients of fresh tomatoes, onions and lettuce, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Tangy and refreshingly delicious and goes well with all the combined plates served that morning.

Overall, O'RINCON DA TERRA is great place for someone looking for cheap and pocket-friendly dining with wholesome and tasty Galician meals which I heard that is some of the best in Spain. Oh yes, this place is easy to find and accessible as it's just only a five-minute walk from the metro.

Posing With The Owner - A Warm & Friendly Lady Indeed



  1. Terima kasih tentang artikel nya , semoga bermanfaat, kunjungi my blog zumaqq

  2. Wah banyaknya menu menarik yang dihidangkan kat sini. Seronoknya dapat pergi jalan-jalan dengan family sambil cuba menu di negara orang kan :)

  3. Wow!!!!!!!! This restaurant looks awesome. The food look so delicious. I miss visiting Spain. The last time I visit there was in 2006. You bring back all the beautiful memories.

  4. wahh! makanan spanish sedapnya. saya belum pernah lagi makan makanan macam ni. kalau tengok dari gambar nampak sedap. nanti kalau saya ke spain bolehlah rasa makanan2 ni. thanks sharing ya.

  5. OMG temptation of taste of dishes. the food look so yummeh and make me hugry

  6. wah macam-macam hidangan ada...dekat spain ya..seronok dpat pergi sana..dapat tengok makanan mereka semua..hope one day dapat pergi spain

  7. wah makanan spanish so sedap. saya belum pernah pergi spain, i hope one day i have the opportunity to go there.

  8. This is one beautiful place & yummy food!
    Looks so yummy!
    But I always alone with a 2 years old daughter, so our portion is not that big but thanks for sharing. Shall visit one day!

  9. Wow. The portion is satisfaction. Hehhee the fried potatoes looks so yummy.

  10. Seronoknya auntie Lily jalan-jalan sambil makan-makan di Barcelona! Nampak pilihan makanan untuk tapas tu banyak juga. Buat saya lapar lah time2 hujan ni.

    1. Yes, reading food blogs & writing them makes us hungry all the time.

  11. Yummy I've never been to Spain yet but the food looks really good if I'm there I'll definitely pop by

    1. Great place to visit - the city Barcelona is rich in cultural & history behind the art & its building is really amazing. Go free & easy & remember to join the FREE Strawberry Tours - Walking Group too!

  12. Wow it’s so great to have a trip and enjoy eating in places like this and especially in Spain. And with family.. Love your experience and review.

  13. Wah dah sampai Barcelona. Suka sangat kalau travel dapat makanan yang sedap. Nanti Qiss suggest untuk kawan2 yang bercuti ke sana. Nice to know some good restaurant there.

  14. Thank god it's near the Metro. So easy to go there for my next year trip (hopefully nothing got in between). Want to suggest my sister this one too since she's always travel back and forth euro. Want to ask her to bring me here too!

  15. Jauh berbenor makannya Aunty tak dapat lah kita nak try cuba sana hehehe tapi tengok semua nampak sedap dan menyelerakan lah hehehe kita makan yang roti tu jer lah ok... Bila nak pergi bercuti ker sana yer hurmmm..

  16. I love eating pastries... thus, the baguette and croissant really menggamit hatiku aunty... looked so yummylicious worrr... teringin pulak rasanya nak pergi ke Spain ni... hehehehe... nak aim for Matta Fair 2020 la kalau gini... ;)


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