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Saturday 7 September 2019


Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2019 to everyone! It's the time of the year again for family and friends to gather and rejoice to celebrate the Mooncake Festival this September 2019. 

For many, the mooncake itself is more than just a type of cake or food. The symbolism, significance, and making of this traditional cake is a cultural element that is deeply rooted in the hearts of all Chinese.

Many shops have created their own special masterpiece - the mooncake with a special twist to it. These mooncakes come in many forms and flavours to heighten your tasting experience! Read on for more...


Auntie Lilly has found some of the most interesting and unique mooncake offerings for you to check out. All could be your favourite mooncakes made with a creative twist, to have you feeling over the moon  - and reaching for seconds.
Guinness Mooncake by The Beer Factory
Guinness Mooncake
RM 45 - 1 pc & RM 80 For 2 Pcs

Taking inspiration from their love of Guinness. The Beer Factory's newly curated delicacy delights stout lovers with the essence of Mid Autumn Festival, through a velvety black snow skin mooncake in a Guinness infused chocolate lotus paste. 

Petai Mooncake By Home Baker Madam Chung
Petai Mooncakes
RM 15

If you are crazy with petai, then this could be one of the most interesting mooncakes to try for this festive season. A home baker from Ipoh, Madam Jennifer Chung decided to whip up some of these out-of-ordinary Petai mooncakes for this Mid Autumn Festival 2019.

Image Credit www.malaymail.com

For RM 15 per piece, you get to savour the special spicy Petai Mooncakes made with a filling of chopped petai cooked with dried shrimp sambal, spices and potatoes. If you wanna try her Petai mooncakes,  contact  Madam Chung at 011-33834667.

Salted Egg Volcano Mooncake by Hong Kong Bay
Salted Egg Volcano Mooncake
Image Credit: Hong Kong Bay FB

Hong Kong Bay has come up with Salted Egg Volcano Mooncake for the salted egg lovers. This dangerously addictive salted egg flavoured mooncake is delicately filled with molten soft and flowy egg yolk custard to their delicate crumbly exterior, promising an unforgettable experience and satisfaction in every bite!

Boba Mooncake by Casahana
Boba Mooncake 

Image Credit: Casahana FB

Bubble BOBA tea lovers will be delighted with Casahana's latest offering of their creative twist to the traditional mooncake with the bubble tea-flavoured mooncakeBrown Sugar Tea Au Lait. Riding on the crazy wave of boba on everything, these Boba mooncakes have chewy boba pearls as filling to please all boba lovers in Malaysia!    

Espresso Mooncake by Starbucks Malaysia
 Espresso Mooncakes

Are you in for some coffee mooncake from Starbucks Malaysia? Starbucks has evolved into a wide variety and combination of flavours that encompass bold, new taste and textures of mooncakes for the coffee lovers in town.

Image Credit StarbucksMalaysia

Choose from their selections of 4 mooncake flavours – Coffee Mixed Nuts, Espresso Chestnuts, Tiramisu, Green Tea Key Lime. 

Musang King Mooncake by DurianBB
 Musang King Mooncake

Image Credits DurianBB

Fancy some Musang King Durian mooncakes this year? Search no more, now DurianBB is offering some of the durian-licious mooncakes in town with not one but two exciting flavours ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake and Musang King Crystal Mooncake! 

Musang King Snowy Mooncake

Musang King Crystal Mooncake

Each DurianBB mooncake is handcrafted with integrity and to perfection. Available in 4-piece and 8-piece sets and each box comes with a reusable 'Limited Edition DurianBB' Chiller Bag. Get them all now, go to Website to order online thru ONLINE PURCHASE

Hello Kitty Mooncake By Family Mart
Hello Kitty Mooncake
Image Credit: FamilyMart MY Facebook

Cute and seriously too pretty to be eaten are these latest Hello Kitty mooncakes from Family Mart! Available in limited edition, there are 4 flavours to choose from ~ 

🌕 Durian Lotus With Musang King Lava
🌕 Bamboo Charcoal White Lotus With Salted Egg Lava
🌕 Pandan White Lotus Single Yolk
🌕 White Lotus Double Yolks

Available at all stores* now except Mid Valley L3 and IOI City Mall.

Well, that's just about some of the unique mooncakes you can indulge in this year - Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with the some of the most special and unique - one of its kind in Malaysia mooncakes for a dose of indulgence to delight your senses and excite your 'curiosity'!

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