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Friday 22 December 2017

Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant ~ Japanese SUSHI From RM1.80

Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant
 Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant ~ Japanese SUSHI From RM1.80

Attention All SUSHI LOVERS! Japanese food lovers who are always on a look-out for delicious and affordable sushi cuisine need not look far now. Now, hardcore sushi lovers can satisfy their cravings for this delightful sushi starting from RM1.80 only at Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant. 

I was at Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant, their 4th outlet in Puchong recently to sample and check out their latest menu with a wide selection of Sushi, Sashimi, Ramen, Udon, Gohan and Bento Set. Located at Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, Puchong's famous food street, they are fast becoming one of the popular haunts among office workers and Puchong folks.

With amazing affordable sushi priced from RM1.80 onwards, you can enjoy and savour freshly made sushi to your heart's content without burning a hole in your pocket. Be spoilt for choice and take your pick from the hassle-free rotating conveyer belt churning more than 50 variety of sushi with price starting from RM 1.80 per plate to RM2.80 and RM3.80 per plate accordingly.

Kaiten Sushi On Conveyer Belt 

Everything here is pretty affordable and value-for-money with the delightful Kaiten sushi items. Dining here gives you the pleasure and time to sit back and chill for a leisurely dining where it's easier to the plate as it passes by. Just select your sushi dish on the belt with each plate colour representing a different price. RM1.80 for the Blue plate, RM2.80 for the Orange plate and the most expensive items is only RM3.80 for the Black plate. 
 Sushi Robo

Oh yes, do look out for the very cute and efficient sushi-making machine. Most of their sushi is made from 'Sushi Robo' - sushi machines that can equal the art of making sushi by sushi chefs. It was fun to watch this reliable and extremely consistent sushi machine that keeps churning out same size sushi in seconds.

Watch How The Sushi Robo Works

RM1.80 Sushi/Plate
For only RM1.80 per plate of sushi, you can try their Tuna Mayo, Kani Zen, Black Ebiko, Ebiko, Spicy Floss, Cheese Maki, Crab Melt Mayo, Inari, Sakura Maki, Ebiko Maki, Forest Maki, Kanitama, Tamago Zen and many more. Diners will be spoilt for choice with exactly 27 types of RM1.80 sushi to choose from. 

 Cheap Eats RM1.80 Per Plate

RM2.80 Sushi/Plate
Next up, you can continue your sushi treats of RM2.80 per plate, picking up from more than 20 types of interesting sushis. Expect the fresh and tasty selection of raw fish sushi such as salmon sushi - Salmon Z, Salmon Hana Mayo, Salmon Mango, Salmon Hana Ebiko and Salmon Hana Tuna. 

Prawn lovers can also try their Ebi, Ebi Tempura, Ebi Cheese or Ebi Z too while Inari fans can eat the Inari Ebiko, Inari Kanimayo, Inari Tuna, Inari Kurage, Inari Tuna and Inari Z. 

RM3.80 Sushi/Plate
Moving on, you can also try their more lavish selection of the RM3.80 per plate sushi. The black plates offer up to 10 more premium choices of Unagi Z Maki, Ebi Z Maki, Chuka Hotate, Smoked Duck, Salmon Cheese, Hanasaki Kani Mayo, Hanasaki Tuna Mayo, Unagi Z Cheese,  Hotate Z and Shishamo Z Maki.

Apart from the great-tasting Kaiten sushi, Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant also serves up a long list of mouth-watering Japanese delicacies such traditional favourite of Ramen, Udon, Chicken Teriyaki, Sashimi, Tamago and Tempura Moriawase just to mention a few. 

We sampled a few of the food items listed in the ala-carte menu to satisfy our cravings for more Japanese treats. Not sure what's hot on the menu, we just randomly picked a few from the appetisers, Sashimi platter, grilled, deep-fried items with some noodles and rice Bento set.

Japanese Appetizer 
Chuka Idako 
RM 5.80

Agedashi Tofu 
RM 5.80

Another two hot-selling appetisers that are priced accordingly for only RM 5.80 and it's all of the same prices on the menu for the appetiser. Indulge in Agedashi Tofu, Chuka Idako, Chuka Wakame, Chuka Kurage and Chuka Hotate.  

 Sashimi With Salmon Toro
RM24.80 for 5 pcs

I find the prices for Sashimi reasonable and pocket-friendly as compared to many medium-range Japanese Restaurant. Sashimi lovers can choose from 3 to 5 pieces of Sashimi Sets from 6 menu items such as Salmon, Shiro Maguro, Tako and Salmon Toro. Prices start from as low as RM 8.80 (3pcs) to RM 24.80 for 5 pcs depending on which kind of Sashimi you picked.

 Saba Teriyaki Shioyaki 
RM 11.80

My favourite grilled food item has to be the Saba Teriyaki Shioyaki. Well prepared and grilled with the little charred that I like most. It was not too dry nor too over-cooked. Loved that the moist flesh was flaky with crispy charred skin.

I can have the whole fish to myself that night. Pricewise, it's very reasonable for a big portion of the fish for RM 11.80 only. Shouldn't miss this out when dining in Sushi Zens. I will definitely order this again when I come back to Sushi Zens.

  Grilled Salmon Head 
RM 10.80

My hubby enjoyed eating this Salmon Head for the juicy fat bites attached to the head. If you like chewing and nibbling on fish head, this could be a good choice. 

Grill Cuttle Fish 
RM 17.80

Fried Food Items
Tori Katsu
RM 10.80

Deep Fried Salmon Skin
Yasai Zen Tempura

RM 5.80

Maki Selections
Soft Shell Crab Maki
RM 13.80

My daughter's favourite, Soft Shell Crab Maki - Another offering to consider if you like the crispy deep-fried items in your Maki. Savour the Maki with a generous lettuce and Tobiko (Flying fish roe) all rolled together to make this yummy dish.

Salmon Avocado
RM 10.80

Try Salmon Avocado - if you are a fan of salmon with avocado, then this is the one for you. Fresh salmon wrapped and rolled with sushi rice topped with more salmon slices, avocado, mayo and tobiko for the extra bite.

Don Bento Set
Chicken Teriyaki Set
RM 17.80

If you have room for a hearty meal set, do check out their PROMOTION LUNCH SETS, available from 12pm to 3pm. We tried the Don Bento Set consisting of Gohan (rice), mains, Miso soup, Tofu and Chawanmushi with price ranging from RM 13.80 to RM 19.80.

12pm to 3pm ONLY

 Mains - Teriyaki Chicken



Miso Soup


Both the Miso Soup and Tofu were good enough for me except for the Chawanmushi. It was not as soft and smooth as it should be. Someone in the kitchen must have over-steamed it thus making the steamed egg uneven on the surface and lumpy on the inside.

Ramen Selections
Tori Katsu Ramen
RM 16.80

My son's favourite noodles - Ramen, so this is a must eat dish each time he dines at any Japanese restaurant. He can never have enough of the Tori Katsu (Breaded fried chicken chop), so he ordered a bowl of Tori Katsu Ramen, that comes with the chicken chop, Ajitsuke Tomago ( Japanese soft-boiled egg), bean sprouts and ramen topped with chopped scallions and red chillies.

There are six variations of Ramen dish to decide upon, served with your 3 choice of soup which is Sapporo Soup, Kuro Shoyu and the Kimchi Soup to go with your Ramen.  

My family and I had a pleasant dining experience with their wide range of Japanese cuisines that come with affordable prices. This place is perfect for family dining with young and old alike - having everyone sitting down together to enjoy a decent Japanese meal for a truly reasonable price. 

Sushi ZenS Japanese Restaurant

Sushi ZenS Puchong
 No 26-G, Persiaran Puteri 1 Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Contact: 03-5889 5942

Sushi ZenS Subang Jaya
44, Jalan SS14/2 Sek14,
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel 03-5878 6371

Sushi ZenS Kota Kemuning
No:36 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla R 31/R
Kota Kemuning 
40460 Shah Alam 
Tel 03-5879 6853

Sushi ZenS Bukit Tinggi, Klang
No: 23 Lorong Batu Nilam 21C
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2
41200 Klang
Tel 03-3884 8026

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