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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Samgeori Butcher's At YG REPUBLIQUE Malaysia @ TREC KL

Samgeori Butcher's 
 Samgeori Butcher's At YG REPUBLIQUE Malaysia TREC KL

KOREAN BBQ restaurants are a dime a dozen but Samgeori Butcher's of YG REPUBLIQUE Malaysia at TREC KL sets itself apart with serving only Spanish Black Iberico pork, the finest premium pork cuts on the menu. 


YG Republique, the famous Korean Restaurant opens its doors in Malaysia in early August 2017. In case you are not familiar with YG Republique, the establishment is owned by YG Entertainment, one of South Korea's most prominent entertainment and talent agency which houses one of the biggest K-pop bands, Big Bang and Black Pink!  

YG Republique, a multi-faceted restaurant comprises of two sections: Samgeori Butcher's  삼거리 푸 a Korean barbeque grill restaurant serving Iberico pork, and K-Pub, Malaysia's first dedicated K-pop-themed bar, where you can enjoy a variety of Korean whisky, wines,  craft beers, soju cocktails and mocktails together with some appetizing K-Snack of Korean fried chicken, spicy rice cakes, pancakes among others.      

If you are a K-pop fan, you might spot the wall of fame filled with signatures of famous Korean artists - BIG BANG’s Seungri, Radio DJ and TV Personality - Jung Joon Young and FT Island Leader and guitarist Choi Jong-Hoon.

There are 4 different types of premium Iberico pork cuts namely the Iberico - Belly, Shoulder, Neck and Abanico (a marble cut that melts in your mouth).  All of these premium pork cuts are cured in Cypress Pine prior serving to add flavour and texture. If you don't fancy pork, then pick their high-quality special beef cuts that incorporates the 3 Cross Aging - Wet Aging - Dry + Cypress Aging and flavoured with turmeric gray salt.


We ordered the BUTCHER'S SAMPLER Set priced at RM 170 which is good for 2 pax. It comes with 150gm of Iberico Pork Neck, 150gm Iberico Pork Shoulder and 120gm Iberico Pork Belly, a sample of all three premium pork cuts totalling to 420gm of meat. The set also comes with a choice of Kimchi Jigae, Soybean paste soup or Hot Pepper soup. 

The Butcher's Sampler raw meat comes to the table wrapped in nostalgic newsprint butcher paper which makes the dining experience unique and special. The chef unwrapped the package to reveal the 420gm of premium pork cuts. 

150gm Iberico Pork Neck
150gm Iberico Pork Shoulder 
120gm Iberico Pork Belly

 150gm Iberico Pork Neck

150gm Iberico Pork Shoulder 

120gm Iberico Pork Belly

Smoke-Less Grill

For those who enjoy barbeque but not the smoke, Samgeori Butcher's of YG Republique is the place to be as its smokeless roasters ensure a smokeless pleasant dining experience. The place is smoke-free in more ways than one. Fume from barbeque is quickly sucked in by extractors that are built into the table, unlike those that dangle over your head typically found in Korean BBQ restaurants.  

Grilling Of Iberico Pork Shoulder

Dining here is easy and relaxing as the staff will gladly grill them for the guests. Also, I believe the staffs are well-trained to cook the premium meat to perfection with charred edges, without being overcooked. Resulting in an awesome texture, complex even though simple!

The lovely Iberico pork was heavenly, tender and juicy on the inside and nicely cooked on the outside. I would suggest you do away with the dipping sauce for the first bite to truly enjoy this particular meat on its own. A good idea to chew the food a little longer so that it gets contact with more of your taste buds. 

Heavenly Melt-In-Mouth Iberico Pork Neck 

Iberico Pork Belly

Grilling Of Iberico Pork Belly

The pork belly was cooked quickly over very high heat so that it is seared on the outside and rare on the inside. The smoky, succulent grilled pork steak was flamed licked to perfection and grilled enough to be flavourful without tasting the carbon!

Korean Side Dishes

Once seated in any Korean restaurant, we were served with at least 7 to 8 small serving of Banchan, sides dishes around the hot grill. That night we had the must-have of Kimchi, burdock, pickled vegetables, mixed salad and more. These little bites really go well with the grilled meat or as a pre-dining starter to prepare our palate for the main dish.   

Refreshing Salad   

 Unique Korean Leek Salad

This is an unusual salad I have not tasted before in any Korean restaurant. The Korean leek salad is made up of julienne leeks seasoned in vinegar and soy dressing, topped with a raw egg.   

 All Set comes with a special housemade garlic and mustard dipping sauce. 

Samgeori Kimchi Stew 
RM 30

Samgeori Kimchi Stew comes with the Butcher's Sampler Set. I enjoyed the rich flavour of the spicy anchovy soup with Aged Kimchi used in the stew. The sharpness of the soup was pleasing - piquant with sourish spicy taste spiked with some local ingredients of bird's eye chillies!

Butcher's Pork Fried Rice
RM 25 For 1 pax 
RM 50 For 2 pax 

Butcher's Pork Fried Rice - Fried rice with a cut of pork, Aged Kimchi and spicy Chipotle sauce for the extra flavour and served topped with sunny side up. 

 Korean Pancake (Pajeon)

This is a must-try Korean Pancake or Pajeon. They made real delicious pajeon here as it was of the perfect taste and texture - thin enough with a crispy outside and soft on the inside. In fact, this is my first time I find myself going for seconds for this pajeon.

 Happy Hour Reminder YG Fans!
From 6pm onwards & all night long! 
Order One Tower Of Beer & Get FREE Korean Pancake From K-PUB!

 Special Lunch Promotion 
Monday To Friday
12pm To 2:30pm

Do check out YG Republique's 'ROUND THE CLOCK' promotion of RM 15 Set Lunch, 20% Discount for after 10pm dining to 20% off  Drinks for Samgeori diners, FREE Cocktails for gals on Wednesday Ladies Nite and much more.

H-G-01, H-G-02
438 Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours
12pm - 3pm (Lunch) 
6pm - 2am (Dinner)
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