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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

All About PORK at TICKLISH RIBS & 'WICHES @ The Gardens Mall Mid Valley

The Gardens Mall Mid Valley
Pure Indulgence Of Porky Treats 
TICKLISH RIBS & 'WICHES At Garden Mall Mid Valley

Attention All Pork Lovers! If you enjoyed pork cuisine cooked in any styles, then you are in for a treat for the pork-licious menu by Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches has to offer in their menu. I was at their newly opened 2nd outlet at The Garden Mall, Mid Valley recently to check out a few of their best dishes cooked in the most traditional Asian recipes but served in new ways.  

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches' owners have injected playfulness and vibrant hues in the interior and pulling off a winning combination with their food and quirky decor. Diners can choose to seat themselves comfortably in the pig cages or perhaps in the pig sty.  

Fun Theme Decor - All Things Porky

The pig cartoons - mural on the wall is fun and entertaining - a clever idea to keep diners busy while waiting for their meals. I was taken by the 'Pig With Knife' feature and gladly posed for a good fun shot. Dining area in the restaurant is well spaced with cosy corners in the 'pigs cages' for those who prefer a little privacy. 

Those dining in big groups with family or friends can opt for the benches with high stools that seats 6 to 8 pax on the table. 

Check Out The 'Electric Chair'

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches menu is easy to read with comfort food and local favourites catering especially to pork lovers. Diners can indulge in these guilty pleasures of Asian comfort food - inspired by traditional home-cooked recipes prepared just the way our moms made it with premium meats, fresh ingredients and made from scratch sauces.

Some of their mouth-watering dishes are top sellers on the menu:
  • ASIAN Signature BBQ Ribs with 30 herbs & spice
  • HAINANESE Braised Belly Pork & Pork Lard Rice
  • HOKKIEN Black Sauce Pork In A Sandwich
  • CANTONESE Salted Egg Fried Noodles & Pork Chops
  • HAKKA Roasted Pork & Sweet Onion Dip 

During my first visit to Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches, I sampled some of the dishes and would like to feature them in the order of my recommended TOP FAVOURITES Must Try in the pork-licious menu. Read on and follow Auntie Lilly for a strictly 'PORK ONLY' Gastronomic Adventures With Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches!        

Lazy Bones Curry Pork Lard Rice
RM 30

My top pick from their menu is the Lazy Bones Curry Pork Lard Rice, which comes with boneless curry local pork ribs meat cooked to perfection with a host of fresh herbs and spices all made from scratch.

Amazingly delicious Lazy Bones Curry Pork that goes very well with the pork lard rice and a dash of sambal, an explosion of flavours - it's pure BABI NIRVANA for me! 🐷🐷🐷

Oh yes, the housemade sambal was damn good on its own and I was seriously thinking if they do considering selling them in bottles for me to take some home!   

Happily Hamsup Ribs
(4 Pcs With Sides)
Rm 36

Moving on next, another winner in its own right - Happily Hamsup Ribs. Oink-oink, to all the pork ribs lovers out there especially to those who are crazy over the salted eggs goodness. The Salted Egg Pork Ribs marinated to full-flavour with a crispy and juicy bite of the local premium pork ribs, drenched in rich and salty eggs goodness with a zing of the curry leaf and chili padi. 

Just as how the menu stated in Cantonese "KAU HAM, KAU SUP"! Goodness me! LOL..... 

 Happily Hamsup Ribs
Top Pick & Good-To-The-Bones Dish

Flaming Giant Ribs
RM 55

Next, on my top list, there's the  Flaming Giant Ribs. The highlight of the dish brought to full flavour when the waiter flame it right before your eyes.  

Forget about your diet plans when eating these two pieces of Flaming Giant Ribs. Meat lovers would enjoy the signature BBQ Giant Ribs - Comes with a performance where it's flamed with a shot of premium whiskey before serving, which makes this dish you should prep your camera for!

Video On Flame On Of The Flaming Giant Ribs

With 30 varieties of herbs and spices preparing the sauce, you would not go wrong in ordering the ribs which melt right off the bone. Enhanced with their secret sauce, this would definitely hit the right spot!

Cracken Roast Pork

Apart from the 3 distinctively mouth-watering dish, diners can check out the rest of the tempting porkaholic's dishes such as Cracken Roast Pork - succulent roast pork which comes on limited quantity, on a first-come-first-served basis.  

Cracken Roast Pork
100gm - RM 15
200gm - RM 28
1/2 Block - RM 68
1 Block - RM 108

Lazy Bones Noodles
RM 26

This full-of-Wok-Hei - Boneless local rib meat stir-fried in the flaming wok to full-flavour delivering a savoury and spicy zing giving the taste buds a WAKE UP CALL!

Ugly Olio
RM 18

A new addition to the noodles menu,  Ugly Olio is a pasta dish stir-fried with Hakka Roast Pork with a light dash of extra-virgin pork oil and sun-dried chillies.

Pull Your Leg Sandwich
RM 18

This is an ALL-TIME FAVOURITE in the sandwiches section. The Pull Your Leg Sandwich consists of pulled pork simmered in an Indo-Chinese blend of sauces then generously stuffed into a Cubanos-style bread!

 Pandi Pandai Sandwich
RM 24

This 'clever' sandwich called Pandi Pandai, is a new addition to their sandwiches menu. A combination of Indian, Hainanese and Western flavours, tasty curry minced pork sauce are poured over a Pork Patty then topped with cheesy cheddar mozzarella melt on toast.

Lemongrass On Lime  
RM 14

Babi & Nyonya
RM 6 

End your satisfying porky meal with dessert of Babi & Nyonya - Black glutinous rice served with creamy coconut milk on shaved ice infused with sweet fragrant Gula Melaka. Classic Nyonya Dessert with a Twist! 

Lot T-216-B
3rd floor The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours 10am to 10pm Daily
Tel 012 - 567 2216 

No 5 Ground Floor
Jalan 21/11A
Sea Park
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel  016 - 3366 144
Opening Hours 12noon to 10pm daily

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