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Monday 25 December 2017

Long Sheng Food Shop At Bandar Bukit Raja In Klang

A Hidden Gem In Bandar Bukit Raja Serving Up Tasty Traditional Family Recipes 
Long Sheng Food Shop At Bandar Bukit Raja In Klang 

Bandar Bukit Raja in Klang may be a long drive from where I live, but there's a new establishment around that area which is worth the journey. Long Sheng Food Shop is nicely tucked in the busy township of Bandar Bukit Raja and they've recently opened only about 7 months ago.

Photo Of Eric's Mother In Their 1st Noodles Stall At Rembau Street, Klang 

There is a history of this restaurant as the owner's (Eric) father used to operate a noodle stall in Rembau Street, Klang (now known as Jalan Tengku Kelana - Little India Street) since 1956. During that time, Eric was all hands-on and learnt the trade of making noodles from scratch. Therefore, just a couple of months back, he decided to start his own restaurant. 

Posing Side-By-Side With Father & Son    

His eldest son, William runs the show now with Eric supervising when needed. He also spoke with pride sharing with us on how his son master the trade whipping authentic family recipes taught and handed down to him from him and his wife.  

Long Sheng Food Shop, a hidden gem offers a unique variety of noodles and rice dishes from classic Signature Beef noodles, Char Siew Wanton noodles, Curry Chicken noodles to the unique one-of-its-kind Pork Feet Black Vinegar Mee Sua, Braised Pork Belly Black Fungus Rice just to mention a few. The restaurant is a no-frills, simple place to enjoy your meal. 

Beef Wanton Mee 
RM 12

 Generous Portions Of Beef Brisket, Beef Tendon & Beef Tripe

 Home-Cooked Goodness

One of the bestsellers here is the Beef Wanton Mee. Served with beef brisket, beef tendon and beef tripe, this is an absolutely delectable bowl of noodles! To prepare the rich and flavorful broth is an arduous task too. It requires about 7 hours of boiling with the spices such as cinnamon and star anise to produce such a delicious broth.

House Made Special Springy wanton noodles

The Wanton Mee is homemade as well, and I like how bouncy it is, just the right texture of how this type of noodles should be. Eric's parents have perfected the recipe and skills to make one of the best traditional wanton noodles for more than 5 decades.

 Highly Recommended Must Try Dish
Prawn Dumpling Soup 
RM 8 For 5 Dumplings

Each bowl of prawn dumpling soup comes with 5 giant dumplings, which is packed with minced pork,  chestnut, crabmeat, prawns and special ingredient of 'Chor Hau Yee' halibut powder to enhanced the overall flavour of the fillings. With such an extensive amount of ingredients as the filling, every bite you take of this dumpling is satisfying and absolutely delectable. 

To be honest, this is the first time I've tried such a compact and generous filling of dumpling. It is definitely worth every cent you're paying for this dish. Highly recommended must-order dish when dining here!

 Braised Pork Belly Black Fungus Rice 
RM 8

Braised Pork Belly Black Fungus Rice is one of my favourite dishes while dining in Long Sheng Food Shop. The Braised Pork Belly Black Fungus is a traditional Hakka dish my mum used to cook when I was a kid. Enjoying true home-cooked pork belly with black fungus is nostalgic. 

They pride themselves on using premium fermented beancurd which is the main ingredient to making the almost perfect 'Nam Yee Pork' dish with a distinct flavour. This dish deserves a thumbs up from me for its taste and portion. The meat is tender and this dish was appetising, I could even have it on its own with white rice. 

Pork Feet Black Vinegar Mee Sua 
RM 8

The pork feet black vinegar dish is commonly served with rice, but here, you can opt to have it with Mee Sua or Wanton Mee too. In fact, having it with Mee Sua is a good option, as the noodles will completely be soaked in the sauce which gives it more flavour with every slurp. 

This dish is cooked with the Cantonese style and is more sweet based, rather than sour. This is also a must-have for ladies during their confinement period, so be sure to drop by and try this out!

 Curry Chicken Wanton Mee 
RM 8

Char Siew Wanton Mee 
RM 6.50

Lo Hon Guo & Red Dates Fungus Sea Coconut 
RM 2 Each

All the recipes are passed down from Eric's father, who specialises in Cantonese cooking and is a Chef back in those days. For those who enjoy noodles and rice, I'd highly recommend this restaurant because the food I have here was nutritious and scrumptious. I would definitely head back to the TOP 4 Highly Recommended Dishes....

  • Classic Signature Beef Noodles
  • Unique one-of-its-kind Pork Feet Black Vinegar Mee Sua
  • Braised Pork Belly Black Fungus Rice or Noodles
  • Prawn Dumplings

 Food Menu 

Add-On Menu

 Drinks Menu

Interior Simple With No-Frills Concept

Do take note that they are closed on the 1st and 15th day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar unless it falls on a weekend or public holiday. Otherwise, it is open daily from Monday to Sunday (8.30 AM to 4 PM).

No 4 Jalan Rodat 2/KU5
Bandar Bukit Raja
41050 Klang
Tel 019 - 350 3266 (Eric Ng)
Tel 010 - 366 7181 (William Ng)
Opening Hours
Daily - Monday to Sunday 
(8.30 AM to 4 PM)

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