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Wednesday 30 September 2020


Welcome to Hong Kong With Auntie Lilly! More sharing of my food tripping experience in Hong Kong as my foodie daughter, Carmen and I shall bring you on a gastronomical journey seeking out some of the best food in Hong Kong. Read more for full story ...

One Dim Sum 一點心
G/F 209A-209B Tung Choi Street
Kenwood Mansion
Prince Edward
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2789 2280
Opening Hours: 10am – 12am (Mon – Fri) & 9am – 12am (Sat-Sun)

Sept 16 2019 - Day 2 In Hong Kong ~ Seeking out one of the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong at One Dim Sum 一點心 for our breakfast in Prince Edward. This is today's 1st Pitstop for Carmen's favourite dim sum to eat every time she visits in Hong Kong for work or holiday!

We came here by bus and it quite easy to locate One Dim Sum in Prince Edward. So if you're taking the MTR, just get off at Prince Edward Station (The Red Line). From Exit A, turn right and walk from Playing Field Road towards Tung Choi Street. Turn left at Tung Choi Street ~ You will not miss the bright dark red canopy always with a long queue in front of the shop just around the corner.  

We arrived in Hong Kong during the protest period but no worries, Hong Kong is safe for people to visit and travel around like how we are going about to eating, sightseeing, travelling by buses, trams or subway too!

Image Credits www.openrice.com

One Dim Sum 一點心at Prince Edward in Mongkok is famous and best known for their authentic traditional recipes of serving Cantonese dim sum for many years in Hong Kong. This ex-Michelin Star dim sum restaurant in 2011 and 2012 serves one of the cheapest dim sum in town with lots of great selection to pick from.

Waiting In Queue 

One Dim Sum does not take reservations, so be ready to queue when dining here during the peak hours. Always packed with diners but service is fast and efficient.  

One Dim Sum is my daughter Carmen's favourite haunts for authentic and affordable dim sum in Hong Kong.  At One Dim Sum, you get to eat all the dim sum you want without burning a hole in your pocket. Thus, leave you with a happy and satisfied feeling ... pocket-friendly and tummy filled. 

With prices starting from HKD 18 onwards, you can indulge in an extensive set of dim sum options from steamed, fried and a various new combination of a modern and traditional delicious menu. There are more than 40 items to choose from the menu which includes dim sum either steamed, fried or baked, Steamed Rice Rolls, Steamed Rice, Congee and dessert. 

We had a great time sampling several versions of famous staples like Siu Mai, BBQ Pork Buns and Beancurd Rolls, together with some of their own innovative dishes such as Teochew Dumplings, Chives Dumplings and Mango Rolls.  

What we loved about Hong Kong-style Dim Sum is that there are really good, not only big in size and it's packed with flavour, using fresh and premium ingredients with chicken, prawns and squid with natural flavouring from herbs and spices to enhance the taste and texture of the dim sum resulting in a pleasant bite of firm stuffing with pure meat.  

Prawn Dumpling (Har Gau)
HKD 30 (4 pcs)

We started with the Steam items which was my favourite steamed dumplings selection. My top pick was the Prawn Dumpling (Har Gau). One can be utterly happy with just having a basket or two of this all to oneself. 

The fresh prawn was succulent and firm, wrapped in translucent dumpling skin being the right size because anything bigger cannot be regarded as 'dainty' and anything smaller would be stingy.

Beancurd Rolls (Fu Pay Guen)
HKD 21 (2 pcs)

Top in my list to order was, of course, also their Beancurd Rolls In Fish Broth (Fu Pay Guen) and Siu Mai. Both dainty dim sum was really good with the Beancurd Rolls (Fu Pay Guen) that was steaming hot-filled with flavoursome fish soup within whilst the Siu Mai came with the juicy minced pork and prawns wrapped in the wonton skin. 

Pork Dumplings (Siu Mai)
HKD 29 (4 pcs)

Chives Dumplings (Choi Miu Gau)
HKD 24 (3 pcs)

Here's another winner in the making. The Chives Dumplings (Choi Miu Gau) does not disappoint as came in as a meaty portion of chunky prawns with chives encased in dumpling skin and goes well with the dipping sauces.

I just loved the rich flavour that adds up to this simple creation of steamed dumplings but enhanced with the healthy minced chives that have heightened the tasting experience. You'll be delighted with the firm prawns and tender steamed pork filling accented by the profound flavour of the chives.

Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns (Char Siew Pau)
HKD 18 (2 pcs)

These are really nice to eat and additive kind of dim sum which you can't stop eating. Everything was so good and you may think that you just want to eat these dim sum endlessly plate after plate as it can be quite an addictive dish to eat. Comfort food like these always does this to us!

Happy Eats With Baskets Of Dim Sum 

Wish we could taste more, but my foodie daughter heading to Mui Kee Porridge in Mongkok right after this Dim Sum's breakfast! Read my about my 2nd Breakkie at Mui Kee Congee at Fa Yuen Street Food Market HERE 


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