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Monday 7 September 2020

Caught4You Fresh Seafood Online Home Delivery

Fresh Seafood Online Home Delivery 
Hello! Wat's Cooking Today? Auntie Lilly's running out of fresh seafood, so how ah? No worries as I can order my fresh seafood delivery online from CAUGHT4YOU nowadays. You see, I have been getting my seafood supply from CAUGHT4YOU, a fresh seafood online delivery company. Due to the recent COVID19 MCO, I have been trying out a few food deliveries services and seafood is one of them. 

Short Video Of Caught4You 1st Delivery

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Short Video Of Caught4You 2nd Delivery

Flash Freeze Method For Extra Freshness

My hubby and I are both very satisfied with our orders from Caught4You's as we found their supply of seafood to be very fresh, consistent in quality and vacuum pack ready. Now it's very convenient and easy with online ordering and we received my order of fresh seafood delivered right to my doorstep. 

Our seafood arrived in vacuum-sealed, nicely cleaned, gutted and Ready-To-Cook packaging. Caught4You uses the flash freeze method to maintain the greater freshness of the fish. All you need to do is submerge the seafood in normal temperature water to defrost uniformly, It takes about 20-30 mins only.
My ocean-fresh catch from the sea was Brown-Spotted Grouper (Kerapu Minyak), Threadfin (Senangin), White Pomfret (Bawal Putih), Spanish Mackerel (Tenggiri), Prawns (Ming Har), Grouper Slice (Garoupa), Stingray (Ikan Pari), Wolf Herring (Ikan Parang) and Whole White Squid (Sotong Putih).  All these are my favourite fishes and they came in so fresh indeed!

Brown-Spotted Grouper (Kerapu Minyak)

Threadfin (Senangin)

White Pomfret (Bawal Putih)

Spanish Mackerel (Tenggiri)

Grouper Slice (Garoupa)

Stingray (Ikan Pari)

Wolf Herring (Ikan Parang) 

Whole White Squid (Sotong Putih)

Let's get cooking with all these fresh seafood Auntie Lilly received from Caught4You. Being a housewife for more than 30 years, I have planned out my recipes on how to cook these many selections of fishes available.

Steamed White Pomfret With Premium Soya Sauce

Fun Tik Tok Video Of My Steamed White Pomfret

Come and feast your eyes on some of the seafood dishes I had churned out and I have to say that the freshness quality was good indeed.   

 Steamed White Pomfret With Premium Soya Sauce
Ingredients For The Steamed White Pomfret With Premium Soya Sauce

Perfect For Steaming For This Very Fresh White Pomfret

Steamed Brown-Spotted Grouper (Kerapu Minyak) With Premium Soya Sauce
Brown-Spotted Grouper (Kerapu Minyak) For Steaming 

Deep-Fried Wolf Herring (Ikan Parang) 
Deep-Fried Wolf Herring (Ikan Parang) 

Simple Dinner With This Deep-Fried Wolf Herring (Ikan Parang) ordered from Caught4You

Close Shot Of The Ikan Parang Flesh
Flaky White

Eat with care as there're tons of fine bones within the fish but worth the effort as the flesh offers an unbeatable sweetness ~ worth all the effort to pick out the bones and slowly savour the flaky white flesh. Best eaten with hand and with chopped Chilli Padi in light soya sauce. 

May not be a favourite with many, this kind of fish also known as 'Sai Tou Yee' is popular fish for making those bouncy texture fishballs.

Fish Soup Noodles
Fish Soup Noodles

Asam Pedas Ikan Pari
Asam Pedas Ikan Pari

Deep-Fried Spanish Mackerel (Ikan Tenggiri)

Well, that's all of the scrumptious seafood dishes I have cooked for my family. I have chosen to cook each seafood based on the texture and taste to match with the right recipe to enhance its flavour. I hope you are inspired to cook up some really delicious seafood dishes for your family too!

Now you can order the freshest seafood & get them delivered right to your doorstep from the comfort of home. Free delivery for purchases above RM250 above to selected areas in Klang Valley. At Caught4You, their seafood's freshness is guaranteed; delivery to you ocean-fresh with no preservatives.  

Shop Now & To Order, Check Out Their www.facebook.com/caught4you or just WhatsApp Culfishery at 011-1287 3488 or o18-570 3488

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