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Monday, 21 September 2020



Welcome to Hong Kong with Auntie Lilly! This is in fact, my long overdue post about my last trip to Hong Kong visiting my youngest daughter Dr Clarrisha in September 2019 last year. 

With my foodie daughter, Carmen has everything planned from A to Z, it was indeed a memorable and fun-filled foodie adventure, seeking out and exploring Hong Kong's best food for a wide array of tasty treats in this holidays of ours.

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Kwan Kee Restaurant
Shop 1 Wo Yick Mansion
263 Queen's Road West
西營盤 Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2803 7209

First Stop At Sai Ying Pun MTR Station

Sept 15, 2019 - Day 1 in Hong Kong ~ Touch down and had a yummy dinner with friends at Kwan Kee Restaurant in Sai Ying Pun. Kwan Kee Claypot Rice 坤記煲仔小菜 at Queen's Road West, Sai Ying Pun is a famous restaurant famed for their 'Po Chai Fan' which literally means Claypot Rice in Cantonese. 

Famed Po Chai Fan Claypot Rice

Everyone comes to Kwan Kee for their signature charcoal-cooked Claypot rice 'Po Chai Fan' where you will be spoilt-for-choice with a wide variety of rice dishes steamed with Chinese sausage, seafood, chicken, beef or pork in a mini clay pot. 

Although reservation was made we still need to queue for a table, I guess it's a norm here to queue for food. Otherwise, you can come here at those non-peak hours after 9:30pm, so you need not queue. Its gets crowded on the weekends, so be prepared to wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes for the dishes to arrive. 

Spare Ribs Claypot Rice

We ordered 4 pots of steaming hot clay pot of Spare ribs Claypot Rice, Chicken Wings Claypot Rice, Pork Claypot Rice and Chicken With Eel Claypot Rice. 

Chicken Wings Claypot Rice

The Pork Claypot rice comes with a poached egg adding to the enjoyments of the meal while the rest of the other clay pots come with their signature Hong Kong Choy Sum. 

Pork Claypot Rice

The texture of the rice was absolutely perfect and heavenly to eat especially when mixed with the sweet soy sauce provided on the side. Remember to scrape the bottom for those charred bits, that's the best part of clay pot rice to savour those scorched rice!

Super Piping Hot If Only You Can Smell The Fragrant Claypot Rice In This Video!

If you ask me to share which is the best ones to try - I really can't decide as each of this clay pot rice is unique and special on its own. Take your preference for your favourite choice of meat and I'm sure you will enjoy it to the max!

Chicken With Eel Claypot Rice

Apart from the crowd favourites, we also tried the Deep-fried Oysters (Hor Chien), Salt & Pepper Tofu (Chiu Yim Tau foo), Typhoon Shelter Prawns and Hotpot Pork Bone Soup. These are the recommended dishes by our Hong Kong friends dining with us that night.  

Deep-fried Oysters (Hor Chien)
The Deep-fried Oysters or Hor Chien was good to taste, crispy and flavourful but deeply sinful as it was deep-fried to perfection and not pan-fried like Malaysian style!

Salt & Pepper Tofu (Chiu Yim Tau Foo)

It was love at first bite for these amazing Salt & Pepper Tofu (Chiu Yim Tau Foo) dish. Bursting with flavours with a crispy outside and a soft silky smooth tofu on the inside. An addictive dish that you can eat on its own, recommended trying if you're tofu lovers! 

Typhoon Shelter Prawns 

An iconic culinary heritage dish ~ Typhoon Shelter Prawns is a winner on its own that will surely appeal to prawn lovers. Featuring deep-fried fresh prawns in a signature golden breadcrumb coating tossed in aromatic shrimp oil, served with fried garlic, fried shrimp and chilli.

Hotpot Pork Bone Soup

Last but not least, you must try their Hotpot Pork Bone Soup or 'Chee Kuat Tong'. This aromatic creamy white pork bone broth comes with a plethora of fresh ingredients such as radish, corn, scallions, beancurd stick and black fungus among others. You can order more fresh meat and vegetables to add-on to this super delicious hot pot. Best dish to eat for cold days as it's truly soul-soothing, hearty and tummy warmimg too. 

Piping Hot Pork Bone Soup 

Well, that's all from my 1st Pit stop eating at Kwan Kee Claypot Rice restaurant. We had a satisfying dining experience here - dishes were hearty and comforting to eat. Dining at Kwan Kee gave a taste of the authentic Cantonese charm of the old-style restaurant setting. 
Instagram Pier in Kennedy Town

Stay tuned to my coming blog posts as I shall be posting all the amazing places I had tried and tested throughout my entire food tripping in Hong Kong from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island with my two lovely daughters!


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