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Sunday, 29 April 2018

DALCA Penang Restaurant by Masakan Warisan At The Strand Kota Damansara

DALCA Penang Restaurant by Masakan Warisan
Penang Gastronomic Journey 
Every region in Malaysia has its speciality when it comes to food. When you hit the northern states, you have the ever famous nasi kandar from Penang. Nasi Dalca, on the other hand, it’s the lesser-known Penang staple that given a well-deserved limelight! 

DALCA Penang Restaurant by Masakan Warisan
25 Ground Floor & 1st Floor
Jalan PJU 5/20
The Strand Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 6150 0551
Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm ( Tuesday – Sunday)

Nasi Dalca

To those uninitiated, Nasi Dalca, also known as Nasi Ganja or Nasi Hujan Panas is a mildly-flavoured rice with various spices eaten or piled with dalca and a variety of curried dishes which originated from Nothern India and gets its name from the way it is prepared. 

DALCA Penang Restaurant by Masakan Warisan @ The Strand Kota Damansara

Now instead of driving 300km to Penang, the authentic heritage Penang's food has come to you at DALCA Penang Restaurant by Masakan Warisan. DALCA Penang brings to you authentic Indian Muslim food with the famous Penang "Nasi Dalca" right here at The Strand, Kota Damansara.      

Penang's Nasi Dalca comes with a wide array of tasty local dishes for you to savour together with a wide array of tasty local dishes with exquisite flavours like Daging Kurma, Kambing Berempah, Kari Ikan, Ayam Kampung Goreng Berempah, Ayam Hitam Manis and it comes with dalca curry as the sides. 

Modern Dining Restaurant

You see, Nasi Dalca is a cuisine originated from Penang Island. From its inception, Nasi Dalca is cooked with spices from India and served with dalca and curry chicken. This serving represents the original dish for nasi dalca since 1948. The owner, Encik Sharani being a great fan of Dalca Penang himself, always long for the fragrant and delicious flavour of Nasi Dalca, thus, the idea of bringing the famous Northern Malaysia dish was brought about.  

The best part of DALCA Penang is that the owner has brought in Head Chef Yaacob Omar, an experienced Nasi Dalca chef, all the way from Penang Island, to work closely with the kitchen's crew, focusing on serving the state's authentic favourites.

Nasi Dalca

I was told that Chef Yaacob Omar places importance on using only imported dry spices from Hyderabad, India to ensure the authenticity and flavours. "The spices from India is different from those available locally in terms of taste and flavour. It's far more aromatic with a stronger flavour that goes well with the local palate", added Chef Yaacob.            

Come let's check out this amazing Nasi Dalca, a long-standing tradition of more than 7 decades and all the lovely dishes that come with it ......

The signature dish, Nasi Dalca, is cooked with dhal and mixed with onions, potatoes and carrots until the dhal flavours are infused into the rice. A wide range of aromatic spices such as star anise, cinnamon and cardamon are cooked together with the rice to create a mild-flavoured and aromatic rice dish.

Nasi Dalca Set Comes With Dalca Curry Vegetable, Spiced Basmati Rice, Papadom, Mixed Vegetables & Sambal Belacan 

Dalca Curry Vegetable

Their Dalca is a wonderfully warming dish made with bone broth and dhal. Cooked with 33 different kinds of spices, this dish gets its full-bodied flavour from the sweetness of the assorted vegetables and the aroma of the herbs and spices. 

When spooned onto a plate and paired with the main, vegetable or egg dishes, all the components will be beautifully combined – a treasure trove of unforgettable flavours and textures. Enjoy the generous portion of the spiced Nasi Dalca, carrots, brinjals and potatoes were fully covered with rich, sweet dhal curry - soaked in the rice and savour every spoonful to your heart's content. 

Signature Dish
Lamb Shank Masakan Warisan

Chef Yaacob's speciality, a must-try dish at DALCA Penang is Lamb Shank. The lamb shank is almost the inarguably the main attraction at DALCA Penang. Premium Australian lamb hind leg, braised to perfection together with aromatic herbs and spices, infused with the sauce and meat until tender for long hours and served with nasi dalca.

Lamb Shank Masakan Warisan
A la Carte RM 28
Set Meal RM 32

Each portion weights around 350 to 450 grams and I would say it's certainly a good price to pay for such a well-cooked dish at RM 28 only for the whole lamb shank or RM 32 together with the set meal. The black silky sauce is addictive and tasted superb; goes really well with the fork-tender lamb and warm white rice!   

Daging Kurma Warisan
A la Carte RM 13
Set Meal RM 19

Next, we tried the Daging Kurma Warisan, features a rich and creamy mildly spiced lamb kurma dish. It was cooked using the tender and meaty lamb leg together with the blend of herbs and spices. Chef uses 30% of the spices from Hyderabad, India to achieve the full-bodied and nourishing gravy which was thickened by creamy coconut milk.

I wished I have some toast or bun to mop up the extremely addictive and flavourful gravy that day!  

Kambing Berempah
A la Carte RM 15
Set Meal RM 22

Indulge in Kambing Berempah, another hearty and full of flavour lamb dish. The sauce was rich and thick and obviously prepared with a great selection of herbs and spices. It smelled fragrant when brought to the table and I mixed the rice with the black gravy and broke off a little chunk of the meaty, dense lamb and took a mouthful. 

Delicious and not gamey at all, the kambing berempah was beautifully creamy and thick, and again goes really well with rice and the sambal belacan for the extra oomph of spiciness!

Kari Ikan Asam Pedas
A la Carte RM 12
Set Meal RM 19

If you are a fish curry fan, then this Kari Ikan Asam Pedas would be a heaven for you. The ikan bawal was fresh and meaty while the asam pedas hits all the right notes with it's thick and rich sauce cooked with the right amount of spices and the perfect level of sourness blended well with the spiciness. 

My daughter, Clarrisha who's a fish lover, thoroughly enjoyed the asam pedas dish with has a delicate balance of sweet, sour and salty making this a  truly lip-smacking dish.

RM 7.90

For dessert, as always in Penang, there's the Cendol and Rojak Fruits. The cendol features a mountain of shaved ice is piled into a bowl, topped off with big and chunky red beans, cendol, sweet corn flavoured with syrupy gula Melaka and creamy coconut milk.

Rojak Buah 
RM 8.90

Apart from the special selections of dishes, the restaurant also serves a variety of local favourites that includes Penang Mee Rebus, Penang Asam Laksa, Fruits Rojak and Cendol too. 

Freshly Orange & Carrot Juice
RM 7.90

For drinks, diners can order a wide array of drinks on the menu like the  Honey lemongrass, Syrup Limau Selasih, Syrup Bandung Soda, Teh Masala, Kopi Warisan and fresh juices among others.
Special Daily Promotion
Set Meal Menu

Overall, DALCA Penang has managed to capture the essence unique heritage cuisine from Penang Island where the taste of Nasi Dalca is enhanced and served with a modern dining experience. Come with a hungry stomach and do come to enjoy the delicious taste of the heritage cuisine, right here at DALCA Penang in town now!

Feast Your Eyes On Lovely Heritage Dishes 

Location Map To DALCA Penang Restaurant by Masakan Warisan

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