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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Ramadhan Buffet 2018 The Venue Shah Alam ~ Tradisi Malaysia 2018

Affordable Traditional Iftar Delights
Ramadhan Buffet 2018 The Venue  Shah Alam ~ Tradisi Malaysia 2018

The Venue Shah Alam offers the best dining deal in town with its latest Ramadhan Buffet from as low as RM 58 Nett per pax for their EARLY BIRD promotion now. Themed 'Tradisi Malaysia 2018', The Venue Shah Alam boasts an array of traditional iftar delights for every member of the family.

The Venue Shah Alam
No 15 Jalan 15/22
Tiong Nam Park
Seksyen 15 
Shah Alam Selangor
Tel: 019 - 8585 825 or 019 - 8585 375

Located strategically at Tiong Nam Park, Seksyen 15 in Shah Alam, Selangor, they are also a very popular wedding event hall in Shah Alam. Offering a spacious and comfortable event hall with a seating capacity that caters to 250 pax and more in the Event Hall while their exclusive Grand Ballroom can accommodate 400 pax at any one time. 

Having said that, The Venue Shah Alam has to be one of the most ideal places to host your weddings, celebrations as well as annual dinners and corporate functions of any sort. 

In conjunction with the 2018 Ramadhan celebration; The Venue Shah Alam brought in popular celebrity Chef Nabil Md Salleh of the Menu Alam Cooking Show at  TV Al Hijrah to helm the kitchen, preparing a spectacular spread of scrumptious traditional Malaysian cuisine to entice your palate.

 Chef Nabil Md Salleh of the Menu Alam Cooking Show at  TV Al Hijrah

Mouth-Watering  Special Nasi Syamin From Johor

With Chef Nabil overseeing the entire Ramadhan promotion this year, be ready to be amazed at the different and unique dishes curated such as the Ayam Semor from its Javanese recipe to the Nasi Syamin from Johor. Sparked by the love of traditional Malaysian cuisines, Chef Nabil has come up with 5 Rotating Menu to satisfy the cravings of diners during the Ramadhan month. 

Food Stations 

The dining concept at The Venue Shah Alam is slightly different from many restaurants and hotels in town. Food is served on multi-layered trays in several food stations placed around the buffet, thus, helping to ease the queue on the waiting time for diners to get their food. With several food stations, now diners can conveniently walk around freely from one food station to another to check out the dishes instead of having to queue on the usual long buffet line. 

A preview of the Ramadhan spread, featuring a lavish menu with selections of dishes:
  • Beef & Chicken Dishes - 4 Types
  • Seafood & Vegetables Dishes - 3 Types
  • Kerabu & Sambal Dishes - 3 Types
  • Ulam-Ulaman - 4 Types 
  • Noodles - 2 Types
  • Dessert - 3 Types
  • Keropok (Crackers) & Drinks - 4 Types  

Chef Nabil Posing With His Yummy Ayam Goreng Kampung Berempah with Serunding Kelapa

During the preview, we were treated to 4 different variety of chicken dishes which includes the popular Ayam Goreng Kampung Berempah with Serunding Kelapa, Ayam Masak Assam Pedas, Ayam Masak Semur and Ayam Masak Cabai from Kedah. 

 Ayam Goreng Kampung Berempah with Serunding Kelapa

Ayam Masak Assam Pedas

My Favourite Of The Day
Ayam Masak Semur, A Javanese Recipe

Ayam Masak Cabai from Kedah

Chef Nabil has also created some of the best authentic Kelantanese dishes like Beef Kuzi; which uses the finest herbs and spices that will entice your appetite. Other speciality meat dishes include the Daging Masak Hitam, Daging Mask Kerutup (Terengganu) and Daging Masak Lemak Cili Padi, originated from Negeri Sembilan.

Daging Masak Hitam

Daging Masak Kerutup (Terengganu) 

Daging Masak Lemak Cili Padi, originated from Negeri Sembilan

Fresh seafood lovers, on the other hand, should try the spicy and fresh Lala Goreng Pedas and famous Ikan Tiga Rasa.

Ikan Tiga Rasa

 Lala Goreng Pedas

Apart from the seafood and meat dishes, diners can choose from healthy stir-fry vegetable dishes such as Sayur Campur, Taugeh Goreng, Terung Sambal, Peria Goreng as well as Sayur Air Petola and Dalca Sayur. 

Sayur Campur or Mixed Vegetables 

To complement the savoury dishes were Kerabu Mangga and Kerabu Taugeh as well as raw ulam-ulaman, keropok ikan, keropok udang, keropok lekor which were simply refreshing and delicious with the housemade sambal belacan.

  Kerabu Mangga 

 Kerabu Taugeh

Assorted Crispy Keropok or Crackers

Those who enjoy a good bowl of noodles will enjoy the 2 daily choices available on each menu. We had Mee Kari and Bihun Sup Utara that comes with 3 choices of noodles to choose from.

Mee Kari & Bihun Sup Utara

My Mee Kari Loaded With Toppings 

 Toppings Of Fish Cakes, Fish Balls, Vegetables, Taugeh, Fried Shallots & Lime

Sup Kari 

Mee Kari Soup 

Mee Hoon, Kuey Teow, Yellow Noodles & Vegetable To Pick From

The dessert corner was filled with some delightful Bubur Pengat Pisang and Bubur Cendol including traditional Malay kuih to end your meal on a sweet note.  

Must-Have - Sweet Dates

 Bubur Pengat Pisang

Bubur Cendol  

Malay Kuih

Assorted Fresh Fruits

This delectable 'Tradisi Malaysia' Buffet Ramadhan spread is available from 18 May to 12 June 2018 and affordably priced at RM68 Nett (adult), RN40 Nett (children Between 4 to 12 years old) and Senior citizen at RM60 Nett.

EARLY BIRD Promotion Of RM 58 Nett/Pax

To get EARLY BIRD Promotion, you can pre-purchase the buffet voucher from now till 10th May to enjoy the special prices of RM58 Nett (adult), RM35 Nett (children Between 4 to 12 years old) and Senior citizen at RM50 Nett.

For reservation and enquiries on this Ramadhan Buffet 2018; you can call 019 - 8585 825 or 019 - 8585 375 or thevenueshahalam@gmail.com

Lovely Settings At The Venue Shah Alam

Location Map To The Venue Shah Alam

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