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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

SPA REVIEW : Award-Winning ELYSYLE SPA @ Wisma Elken Old Klang Road

The Award-Winning Luxurious Spa Experience 

Here I am at the world-class award-winning ELYSYLE SPA taking some time off for a much-needed spa therapy after a stressful week at home. Last two weeks, I have been quite busy with family and blogging commitments, hence it was a nice treat for me and my daughters too checking into ELYSYLE SPA for some mother and daughter pampering and bonding session together.

Lot 1-3, Penthouse 4th Floor
Wisma Elken
Batu 5 Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 7785 1111
WhatsApp: 012 - 365 1236
Website: www.elysylespa.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElysyleSpa

Instagram: www.instagram.com/elysylespa
Business Hours:
Tuesdays - Saturdays: 10.30am to 7.30pm
Sundays: 10.30am to 5.30pm
Closed on Mondays

Nestled strategically in the Klang Valley at the Penthouse of Wisma Elken, ELYSYLE SPA is a world-class fusion spa that combines Eastern and Western elements in its setting, ambience and therapies. Immersed yourself in the spacious tranquil surroundings and let ELYSYLE SPA offers world-class spa facilities set in perfect ambience to soothe, treat and pamper you.

They are dedicated to providing a renewing experience within an exclusive, professional environment which integrates advanced technology with natural sciences and the human touch, whether for personal beauty or modern escape.

With a decade of spa excellence, ELYSYLE SPA offers the most exclusive and relaxing treatments for one to unwind and rejuvenate with their wide range of facilities, treatments and spa products bringing you the ultimate in pampering and relaxing spa experiences at one place.

Stepping into ELYSYLE SPA, you will be greeted with 10,000 square feet of the luxurious Zen-like decor of clean lines with natural wood and stones as part of the setting. Dedicated to providing guests a renewing experience within an exclusive, professional environment which integrates advanced technology with natural sciences and the human touch, whether for personal beauty or modern escape.

Our three-hour pampering sessions started with a nice little refreshment of Chamomile tea and cookies before proceeding for a short consultation session with our therapist. She recommended the Ganbanyoku Stone Spa for 20 minutes before proceeding to SPA facial treatment for my ageing skin. 

Let's Have A Selfies Before Our SPA Session

My daughters, Carmen and Clarrisha opted for the customized 60-minute body massage to help them de-stress and relax to be followed by the Ganbanyoku Stone Spa too.

Spacious & Well-Equipped Dressing/Changing Room

Right after that, we were ushered into changing rooms which were very well-equipped. Many thoughts go into designing these dressing rooms paying attention to the little details of providing skincare products such as make-up remover, face lotion, toner as well as rubber bands for hair, facial cotton, cotton buds. There are even hair products for both men and women with a hairdryer and sterilized combs and brushes!

Elysyle's Skin Care Products 

Sterilized Combs & Brushes

Grooming Products 

Prior to the therapies sessions, we have to remove our makeup from the face. Carmen took a candid shot of mommy sitting happily while trying to clean my face with their make-up remover.   

Lockers In The Dressing Room

Our Yukatas

We changed into their comfortable yukatas and disposable undergarment before keeping our clothes, valuables and handbags into the lockers for safe-keeping.     

ELYSYLE SPA Signature Ganbanyoku Stone Spa 

A signature feature of  ELYSYLE SPA is the Ganbanyoku Stone Spa, renowned for treating anxiety, aches and pain to boost the digestive and immune systems.  ELYSYLE SPA boasts of being the FIRST in SOUTHEAST ASIA to own a state-of-the-art Energizing Stone Spa fully imported from Japan, hence clients can be assured of an authentic and revitalizing spa experience.

There are two energizing stone bathing rooms available which each one for men and women respectively. Patrons can choose from three kinds of beds - one for the physically stressed, another for the emotionally stressed and last but not least for those recovering from illnesses.

You see, the Ganbanyoku Stone Spa uses three of Japan's most popular ore (natural rock) and gemstones to bring about differing yet positive benefits to the body. I was asked to lie on the heated bed of natural rocks in a sauna-like room for 20 minutes to get the benefits.

With hot vapour blowing and circulating in the room, it was like a sauna - warm and steamy, just right to get my body to sweat all the toxins out naturally. Tourmaline is also used in combination with the precious gemstones to stimulates blood circulation, strengthen the body immune system, speed up recovery,  release stress, and increase mental alertness. 

The energy from gemstones is proven to relieve back and shoulder pain, constipation, rheumatism and arthritis, boost the immune system and alleviate allergies. Gemstones also release negative ions and infrared rays that reportedly help to lower stress levels, thus restoring your perfect balance. From inside out.

I wished I could stay longer than the 20-minute session but I did have a restful and steamy session to emerged feeling rather refreshed and energized.

Another drink of zesty lime juice with refreshing jelly right after my Ganbanyoku Stone Spa session was over. This really helps me to cool down and rest for a while before proceeding for a shower. 

Body Massage Session For Carmen & Clarrisha

After a quick shower, I continued with my SPA facial. I can't provide any photos here as the photographer ie my daughter has gone for her body massage session. 

My lavish intensive spa facial treatment begins with a soothing pre-facial body massage and inhalation of essential oil. This really helps me to relax both body and mind getting me ready for the much needed intensive facial later.

This was followed by double cleansing with milk and foam and gentle application of scrub and facial hot steam. Next, it was facial extraction and application of a hydrating ampoule to sooth the skin. My beauty therapist continues with a pressure point facial massage followed by a light facial massage to promote blood circulation and detoxification (lymphatic drainage).

Next, a double soft hydrating mask with aloe vera gel and lavender extracts to hydrate the skin and promote a healthy and radiant complexion. She ended the treatment on an ultra-relaxing note with a relaxing and soothing shoulder and scalp massage.

NEOQI 5-in-1 Water Treatments

Apart from their signature Ganbanyoku Stone Spa, body massages, intensive SPA facial, beauty treatments, ELYSYLE SPA also features NEOQ1 5-in-1, a signature treatment deemed as the FIRST in Malaysia.  

I was told that this is a unique treatment where the remarkable Balneo Capsule incorporates five different water treatments collectively to revitalise the mind, body and soul. They are:
  • Infrared Steam - relax & detoxifies
  • Chromotherapy - restores balance within
  • Vichy Shower - energises
  • Balneotherapy Massage - calms
  • Vibro-Massage - stimulates 
The capsule offers above-water and below water experience - containing a board allowing one to lie on for infrared steam, chromotherapy, Vichy shower and scalp massage. This all-in-one water-based treatments within one single capsule in one session did wonders to relax my whole body, making the entire SPA experience is even more fuss-free where I need not move from room-to-room.  

Our Post Spa Snack 

We ended our pampering session with ELYSYLE post spa snack to fill our hungry tummies. I was happy getting a nice and healthy treat of red bean soup with hot ginger to warm my tummy before bidding goodbye to a memorable spa session helping us to unwind and rejuvenate for ultimate relaxing.

Carmen & Her Mommy

For mommy and daughter, this is definitely one of the best ways to spend some quality time together to relax and de-stress after a hard day's work. What a great way for some soothing pampering giving us the opportunity to spend some uninterrupted time together. 

A Memorable Special Mother-Daughter Spa Day With My Daughters

I would suggest you bring your mom for a Special Mother-Daughter Spa Day at ELYSYLE SPA to surprise her with this soothing pampering package while you both can unwind and enjoy each other company.

ELYSYLE SPA is offering TWO FANTASTIC 1st Trial Packages

1st Trial Retreat SPA Treatment RM 138
2 hours Treatment
  • Aroma Body Massage (60mins)
  • Signature Ganbanyoku Stone Spa
  • Vibro-K Workout (Vibration Stimulator)
  • Welcome Tea & Light Refreshment

1st Trial Oxy Facial + Duo SPA Treatment RM 388
3.5 Hours Treatment
  • Pure Oxy Facial With Eye Treatment
  • Detoxifying Water Therapy
  • Signature Ganbanyoku Stone Spa
  • Welcome Tea & Light Refreshment

These TWO FANTASTIC 1st Trail Packages is available for FOLLOWMETOEATLA readers. To enjoy the promotional packages, just mention 'FOLLOWMETOEATLAwhen you call and make your bookings. Promotion valid until June 2018.

Location Map To  ELYSYLE SPA 

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