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Sunday 22 April 2018

KOUZU Bangsar Restaurant & Bar ~ Redefining Modern Japanese Cuisine

KOUZU Bangsar 
Redefining Modern Japanese Cuisine
Step off the bustling streets of Bangsar Baru and be transported to KOUZU Bangsar, a modern-day Japanese-style restaurant tastefully designed with a beautifully painted Japanese manga graffiti featuring a geisha, Mount Fuji, koi fish and Sakura flowers. 

KOUZU Bangsar
19, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2201 1592
Opening Hours 
Daily, 12 noon-2:30pm / 5pm-1am
You can never miss this spectacular graffiti wall on the sidewall, hence making it a very instagramable wall to snap a picture or two while dining there. 

Kouzu Bangsar has an extensive list of interesting dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine with a hint of fusion starting from hot and cold Japanese tapas (Japas), salads, soups to Yakitori, to modern Japanese mains of Donburi, Udon, Soba, Sushi and even pizzas.

Click Here For The Full A La Carte Menu

Apart from that, Kouzu Bangsar also serves up a range of value-for-money lunch sets (RM 19) catering specifically for busy professionals with tight schedules, yearning for an impeccable Japanese dining experience. Despite its affordability, these lunch sets still retain Kouzu's three key features of freshness, quality and simplicity.

Lunch Sets (12pm to 2:30pm)

An attractive and affordable lunch menu sets priced at RM 19 that comes with mains, miso soup and fruits.  

Newly opened for more than a month ago, Kouzu Bangsar is their second outlet to be located in the upmarket neighbourhood of Bangsar Baru at Jalan Telawi 3 with the first outlet at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. 

While looking for a place to park along the road could be a hassle, I would suggest you park your car at the nearby Bangsar Village 2 (just a 2 minute walk away) to save time and trouble.

Chef Kaito who has 13 years of Japanese culinary experience helmed the kitchen of Kouzu Bangsar serving diners an impressive modern Japanese to delight your senses. Apart from the food, there is a wide range of alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, Sake, beer, wines and liquor to choose from - perfect for a drink or two with their delicious Japas (small bites). 

High Chair Seatings

Comfortable & Spacious Dining Setting

Private Dining Room Available For More Than 15 Paxs

With Carmen Hong, My Eldest, A Japanese Food Lover

The meal was also a farewell lunch with my eldest daughter, Carmen as she's leaving to work in Singapore as a Finance and Operations Manager in a UK based company. "Better prospects, great opportunity to travel and good money too, Mommy!" --- that's what she told me. She's a huge fan of anything Japanese and this seems like an excellent idea to spend some quality time bonding over beautiful plates of Japanese food. 

Yasai Heritage Salad
RM 17

We started off with their super picture pretty Yasai Heritage Salad. This is an amazing colourful healthy mix of  Ulam, a traditional Malay salad of cosmos candatus (Ulam Raja), point pennywort (Pegaga), point selom (Chinese celery), sakura Ebi, mandarin orange, yuzu, and grated coconut dressed in zesty ponzu vinaigrette.  

We enjoyed the fresh fusion salad as it blended well with the specially selected ulam - although you may taste some bitterness from the cosmos candatus (Ulam Raja) it was soon overcome with the sourness of oranges and ponzu vinaigrette. Good choice for those looking for a unique salad to try!

 Pretty Edible Flowers Adorns The Yasai Heritage Salad

Asari Sakamushi
RM 22

Next on the table was the Clam soup - Asari Sakamushi. Those who enjoy seafood will find satisfaction savouring the dashi soup naturally flavoured with the freshness of the clam and a hint of the fragrant truffle oil that heightened the tasting experience. Go on and munch on the crispy bruschetta in between spoonsful of the comforting soup!

Blue Fin Tuna & Foie Gras
RM 29

One of the hot tapas/Japas worthy of mention has to be their Blue Fin Tuna & Foie Gras. It is herbs seared maguro served with foie gras on a bed of apple chutney and lightly drizzle with unagi sauce.

A wonderful marriage of the east with the west - a winning combination of Blue Fin Tuna and Foie Gras. The maguro was lighted seared leaving it partly cooked on the outside with a raw sashimi-like on the inside. Needless to say, the foie gras was heaven to taste going on well with the rest of the ingredients.  

Avocado Miso Gratin
RM 26

This modern Japanese dining at it's best with one of the best-tasting dishes of the night ~ Avocado Miso Gratin priced at RM 26 only. Looking unassuming but with just one spoon you will be hooked.

I was quite reluctant to try this gooey dish but it was surprisingly delicious, well delivered with rich texture filled with seafood of scallop, shrimp, crab stick & nice little Ebiko with mushroom and nicely flavoured with miso. This dish gives you the comforts of like eating your mom's homecooked meal. I will come back for more!

Kaisen Gyoza (3 pcs)
RM 22
Another hot tapas to try if you love gyoza or Japanese dumplings! Kaisen Gyoza - This is definitely not your usual dumplings, unlike those filled with minced pork or chicken but unique plump gyoza filled with seafood of shrimp and scallop as well as foie gras. 

Kouzu Don
RM 29

If you have room for a hearty main dish, order the comfort food in a bowl ~ Kouzu Don. I was told that this is a favourite main course of the many featuring sliced sirloin steak and foie gras served with runny onsen Tamago, crispy garlic, scallion and deep-fried lotus slice topped with a light drizzle of flavourful truffle teriyaki sauce.   

Serving portion of this dish was generous so I would suggest you shared it with your dining partner. Mixed them up well - the sauce/toppings, the juicy tender beef slices with the soft sticky rice and dig in!

Angel Hair Pasta
RM 22 

Another pleasing to the eye and palate dish you ought to try ~ Angel Hair Pasta. This pasta dish features fine angel hair pasta coated luxuriously with creamy Mentaiko roe, Ebiko, caviar, nori and perilla leaf.  

Salmon Kabuki Roll
RM 18

For the Sushi section, there is four variety of roll sushi to choose from. We opted for Salmon Kabuki Roll and Umami Roll. Chef Kaito's served an impressive selection of impeccably prepared roll sushi.

Salmon Kabuki Roll features torched salmon slice with foie gras, Ebiko, caviar, chives, cucumber, and avocado pulp with a drizzle of wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce. Sushi purists in Japan would probably frown at this deviated concoction, but we were happy campers that day.  

Umami Roll
RM 20

Next, we had Umami Roll ~ an interesting wrap sushi roll with a crispy outer skin. This crispy roll sushi comes with unagi, Tatura cheese and sushi rice wrapped in popiah skin, topped with Ebiko and drizzle of wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce.    

(From Left To Right)
Chicken Wings RM 6
Lamb Rack RM 15
Smoked Duck RM 11
King Mushroom RM 6
Rock Lobster RM 15

Leading us off the heavy food trail for a bit, Chef Kaito has also prepared a selection of Yakitori for us to try. The execution is simple with a dash of sea salt and pepper to enhance the flavours of each skewer.   

Rock Lobster
RM 15

Rock Lobster was my top pick - juicy and fresh and grilled-to-perfection, nicely topped with condiments to enhance the flavours.
Chicken Wings 
RM 6

Grilled chicken wings were good to the last bite. Not too salty and nicely grilled to a perfect crisp with juicy meat inside. There are some yakitori I have tried before at an outlet in TTDI which makes their chicken wings so salty so the patron would buy more beers to drink!

 Ice Cream Selection
Whisky raisin, Rum & Coconut, Strawberry, Yuzu Umeshu Sorbet

To cool down from all that savoury goodness, these four selections of ice cream should do the trick. I loved the Yuzu Umeshu Sorbet! 

KOUZU Bangsar Location Map 

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