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Thursday 12 October 2017

Whittaker’s Chocolate ~ World-Class Chocolate Made In New Zealand

Whittaker's Indulgence Tour
 World-Class Chocolate Made In New Zealand  

This post of mine is dedicated to all Chocolate Lovers out there!

If you love chocolates, I have a special treat for you! Whittaker’s Chocolate – world-class chocolate made in New Zealand, the country’s Most Trusted Brand and a favourite among chocolate lovers, has expanded into the Asian market, with its chocolate now widely available in China, North Asia, and South-East Asia.

Last Saturday, I was over-the-moon when invited by Whittaker's Chocolate for an Indulgent Chocolate Tour with the media followed by an exclusive meet and greet session with one of the founding family members, Matt Whittaker, right here in Malaysia. 

💖💖A Day Well Spent at Whittaker's Indulgence Tour With Bloggers 💖💖

My hubby, Uncle Hong and I spent our weekends over at Jaya Grocer in The Starling Mall over a fun and enjoyable familiarisation session with Whittaker’s chocolates. There was the Whittaker's Chocolate Hunt session, followed by 'Blind Date' ~ Taste & Guess The Correct Chocolate's Flavour to Cooking Demo by Chef Faizah and Chocolate Muffin Decoration session.

With Mr Matt Whittaker, 4th Generation Of Whittaker's Chocolate Family

Selfies With The Guy Who Bring Whittaker's Chocolate To Malaysia

It's an honour getting to meet in person, Mr Matt Whittaker, who's the 4th generation of Whittaker himself since the founding of the company by his great-grandfather, J.H. Whittaker.  

For the past six years in a row, Whittaker’s has been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand in the Reader’s Digest Annual Awards

Whittaker’s was established over 120 years ago by J.H. Whittaker and is now directed by third-generation Whittakers, brothers Andrew and Brian. The next generation of Whittakers, brother and sister Matt and Holly, work in the business as Head of International Markets and Marketing Manager respectively.

Whittaker’s chocolate is all made at its one factory in Porirua, New Zealand, and is the only major chocolate manufacturer in New Zealand that ensures quality by controlling the whole manufacturing process – from beans to bar. Each step in the chocolate-making process, from receiving the cocoa bean in its raw form to the final wrapped product, is done at Whittaker’s factory. 

Mr Matt Whittaker,  4th Generation Of Whittaker's Chocolate Family

“Our core focus on producing quality, world-class chocolate is why we think we have been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand for six years in a row,” says Matt Whittaker. 

Rows & Rows Of Yummy Whittaker's Chocolate Dessert

Whittaker's Chocolate Breakfast

Our Whittaker's Indulgence Tour begins with Whittaker's Chocolate Breakfast treats of yummy-licious pastries with recipes made with Whittaker's Chocolate, of course!

Check Out My Breakfast Treat Of Whittaker's Chocolate

Top Selling Whittaker’s Chocolate
Almond Gold

Whittaker’s core range is Halal Certified and features a variety of flavours available in 200g Blocks, 50g Slabs, 50g Chunks and Mini Slabs. Their top-selling product is the Almond Gold, but other favourites include 5-Roll Refined Creamy Milk Block, 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana, Dark Almond and Dark Peppermint. You can find out more of their range of flavours HERE

 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana

Whittaker’s Pips - Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Great For Baking

Whittaker’s has premium chocolate range, the Artisan Collection. This range is in 100g sizes and features unique flavour combinations which have been created using the finest ingredients from New Zealand. They are dedicated to making the best, delicious, rich chocolate with a range of flavours for everyone to enjoy.

The company is known for its high level of engagement with Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers on social media, which enables Whittaker’s to share its passion for chocolate and stay connected with what consumers think. Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers Facebook page currently has about 100,000 followers in Malaysia and Singapore. 

“Social media is a great way of genuinely connecting with Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers, and we highly value the feedback we receive on what we do,” says Matt Whittaker.

Like & Follow Whittaker's Chocolate on this www.facebook.com/whittakersmy

Following a number of years of major growth in New Zealand, Whittaker’s has increased their export markets to include not only Asia but also Australia, North America, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands.

“We’re proud to be an exporter of premium New Zealand produce, and to be expanding our community of Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers around the world,” says Matt Whittaker. 

Whittaker’s is widely distributed in West Malaysia in both domestic and duty-free channels with year on year growth.

New Product Launch Updates In Malaysia:
  • Limited Edition L&P Sharebag 180g (Oct 2017) 
  • Limited Edition Dark Orange Sharebag 180g (Oct 2017) 
  • Coconut - Block 200g and Sharebag 180g (Nov 2017)
  • Limited Edition Artisan Hawke’s Bay Black Doris Plum and Roasted Almonds 100g (Dec 2017) 
  • Limited Edition Artisan Single Origin Samoan Cacao 100g (Dec 2017) 
L&P (Lemon & Paeroa)
  • White Chocolate 28% cocoa
  • L&P is the iconic national beverage since 1904. A fizzy drink that combines carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa with lemon juice.
  • Including popping candy
Dark Orange 50% Cocoa
  • Dark Chocolate 50% cocoa
  • Infused with a high quality Brazilian orange oil
Coconut Block & Coconut Sharebag 33% Cocoa
  • With delicious, toasted coconut flakes (18%)
  • Combined with creamy milk chocolate
  • Successful Limited Edition in 2016, now a regular SKU

Hawke’s Bay Black Doris Plum and Almond Slices 50% cocoa
  • Freeze Dried Plum, fruit is of medium size, with purple-black skin and dark red sweet, juicy flesh. 
  • Black Doris is known for its unique Texture and colour and depth of flavour. 
  • Sourced from two local growers. Hawke’s Bay is on the first coast to see the sun every morning.

Single Origin Samoan Cocoa 64% cocoa
  • A robust, full-flavour, earthy and rich sweet chocolate
  • Created using only Trinitario Cocoa beans from the perfect growing climate of Northwestern Savaii in Samoa

 'Blind Date' ~ Taste & Guess The Correct Chocolate's Flavour

We were treated to endless treats of  Whittaker’s Chocolate in the tasting session of  'Blind Date' ~ Taste & Guess The Correct Chocolate's Flavour. There were a total of 6 flavours of delicious chocolate to taste and guess the flavours. 


First time eating all 6 types of chocolate at one go ..... and having to guess the taste and flavours isn't as easy as you think! Nevertheless, my top pick is always the Almond Gold as I enjoyed the bits and pieces of nutty texture you get while the creamy chocolate melt-in-the-mouth. 

Happy me to the lovely treats of not one but six flavours to choose from!

 Cooking Demo  By Chef Faizah With Whittaker’s Chocolate 

At the Whittaker's Indulgence Tour, Chef Faizah adeptly demonstrated how to make chocolate ganache for any dessert. Below is the step-by-step cooking method to making the perfect ganache with Whittaaker's Dark Ghana Pips.

Ganache is simple and easy with 3 ingredients such as butter, cream and the chocolate pips itself. The trick to making a smooth glossy ganache is stir in slowly the hot cream for the chocolate pips to melt completely.

Voila! Chef Faizah's Chocolate Dessert For The Day

Chocolate Muffin Decoration Session
My Extravagant Delightful Chocolate Muffin

Next session seeing us having an awesome time decorating our very own chocolate muffin with a variety of topping like ganache, chocolate cream, raspberry, almond chips, marshmallows and cocoa powder. Mine was kind of overloaded with 9 raspberries altogether with almond chips and marshmallows.

Nice Decorating Our Own Muffin

Posing With Pretty Mommy Blogger Syafiera Yamin Who Blogs At www.syafierayamin.com

😃😃😃 Happy Smiling Faces Of Chocolate Lovers 😃😃😃

 Thumbs Up To The PR Team For This Another Successful Event

Oh yes, before I end my post here... I have some good news to share!

Whittaker’s will be partnering with Ben’s Independent Grocer, Ikano Power Centre to Give Away Complimentary Mini Whittaker’s Chocolate Slab with every coffee purchased from now till 15th October, and is on a first come first serve basis.

So hurry folks, go and grab yourself a cuppa for this special promotion and taste some of the finest chocolate from Whittaker now! 

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