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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Pudu Dessert Tong Shui Stall At Jalan Brunei Kuala Lumpur

Pudu Dessert Tong Shui Stall 
Jalan Brunei Kuala Lumpur 

Pudu Dessert Tong Shui Stall Jalan Brunei

Hi Everyone! I'm back again sharing some street eats for my foodies' readers. This is a famous midnight supper haunt for hungry foodies to get their midnight's snack. 

Pudu in Kuala Lumpur located in the heart of the city has lots to offer in terms of delicious and affordable traditional food hawker and shops such as Huen Kee Claypot Chicken Rice, Phoon Kee Fish Ball Noodles, Pudu Wet Market Late Night Curry Mee & Wantan Noodles and Jalan Seladang Pork & Chicken Porridge among others.

Click on these links for  Huen Kee Claypot Chicken Rice & Phoon Kee Fish Ball Noodles for my full dining experience!

Midnight Supper of Typical Chinese Tong Shui at Pudu!  

Pudu Dessert Tong Shui Stall - This is an option of savoury and sweet of local Chinese desserts to delight you in. It has been the local's favourite since it started 30 years ago. This Tong Sui stall is located along Jalan Brunei in Pudu area, just behind the Caltex petrol station. 

Open daily from 7:30 pm till 12 midnight and closes on Monday. It's easy to locate this stall as it just right in front of a garment and souvenirs shop with a big yellow signage. 

We were at Jalan Brunei Tong Shui Stall at around 9pm and the customers come in droves. You can either eat by the roadside stalls but many were seemingly doing the takeaways as there were limited seats by the stall. 

These are some of the snacks or Chinese desserts available at the Jalan Brunei Tong Shui Stall in Pudu. 

TOP PICK - Nasi Lemak Bungkus 
RM 1.40

This is my favourite at the stall. The nasi lemak bungkus is good and tasty with a good portion of rice and sambal too. For RM 1.40, wrapped in banana leaf nasi lemak bungkus, this a MUST-TRY. 

Glutinous Rice Dumplings 

Radish Cakes 

Savoury Yam Cakes

 Deep-Fried Popiah


Assorted Sweet & Savoury Snacks 

You take your picks of assorted sweet and savoury snacks of Malay/Nyonya kuih-miuh or Chinese steamed glutinous rice or Lor Mai Fan to satisfy your cravings. 

 More Snacks

 Chinese Cruller or Cakoi/Yau Char Kwai 

These deep-fried items are nice to eat together with your tong shui dessert - red beans, green beans and herbal egg tea (Kai Tan Cha) among others. 

Their red bean sweet soup is so-so and just okay for me. It didn't make the mark for me as I find it too watery and not rich nor thick enough for my taste. Their beans are still not soft yet and in between, I can taste and bite into the red bean skin which has not soften yet.

But their 'Kai Tan Cha' - Herbal Tea Egg Soup (RM 2.50) get top marks for me as it's strong and fragrant with the herbs seeps into the soup and the egg too. Try it yourself and leave your verdict or comments below. 

Pudu Dessert Tong Shui Stall 
Jalan Brunei 
55100 Kuala Lumpur 
Opening Hours
7:30pm to Midnight
Closed Monday

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