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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

OUTDARK SS15 Subang Jaya ~ Famous Korean Fusion Restaurant From Busan

Famous Korean Fusion Restaurant From Busan
Had Landed In Malaysia 
OUTDARK SS15 Subang Jaya 
The Famous Korean Fusion Restaurant From Busan

OUTDARK, the famous Korean fusion restaurant in Busan has finally arrived on our shores a few months back. This is their 47th flagship outlet in Malaysia, apart from their 36 branches in Korea and 2 more outlets in Hong Kong. Located at the treasure trove of eateries in SS15 Subang Jaya, OUTDARK, a Korean fusion restaurant is all out to capture the hearts and appetite Korean food lovers! 

Come & FollowMeToEat At OUTDARK

The decor and settings are so KOREAN with the 'love locks' on the fence. OUTDARK has a cosy and relaxing ambience with dim lighting. Food photography was quite challenging for us but nevertheless, we brought out our LED light for the better shot.

Check These Love Locks

The Story Of OUTDARK to Malaysia In Their Menu

Watch The Video Of The Wide Selection of Korean Cuisine at OUTDARK

One need not travel far to Busan for their scrumptious Korean fare such as PojangMacha, Galbi, DDeok-Boki, Jijim and Kal-Guksu among others are all being offered in OUTDARK Malaysia. For an authentic dining experience in OUTDARK, their must-try has to be their Cheese Kingdom and fried chicken. 

OUTDARK is definitely a great place for Malaysians to hang out together with great food. If you're looking for a cool new place with a friendly vibe, OUTDARK is an up-and-coming spot for great food and get-together sessions!

The Ultimate Cheese Kingdom
2 to 3 pax
RM 88

One of the most popular dishes favoured by its diners is the Cheese Kingdom which displays a cast iron platter of fried chicken perfectly seasoned with Korean chilli sauce and tons of cheese, ready to be melted under the heat, deliciously wrapped with cheese for an amazing bite.

Live Cooking Demo For The Cheese Kingdom

Best Eaten While It's Warm 

Their waiter will perform a live-cooking session at the dining table with the 'cheese-pulling' and wrap each piece of the flavourful chicken with the melted Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese. Absolutely heavenly, perfectly matched with their special Korean chicken stew in the rich cheesy and milky taste!
Sinful-licious Chicken In Cheese  
Cheese Kingdom is served alongside with assorted side dishes such as chewy rice cake Ddeok-bokki, pineapple, sweet corn, seaweed rice and not forgetting the kimchi too.   

Chewy Rice Cake -  Ddeok-bokki
  Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese
Grilled Pineapple Slice

Seafood Halmae Ddoek-Bokki
RM 67

If you prefer seafood to chicken, you might like to try the Seafood Halmae Ddoek-Bokki. A mixed seafood dish of clams, squids and prawns served with the Korean red chilli pepper paste sauce and vegetables on the cast iron platter. There's the chewy rice cake, ddeok-bokki that goes well with the sauce with sides of cheese, sweet corn, mash potatoes, kimchi and seaweed rice. 

More Cheese Pleaseeee

Seafood Halmae Ddoek-Bokki comes with loads of mixed vegetables


If you have watched Korean dramas, you know that the fast meal they enjoy is fried chicken or any meal glazed with sweet and spicy sauce with beer. You can indulge in this at Outdark, too! 

OutDark Fried Chicken originated from Busan and made famous all over Korea, delighting chicken lovers in the country. This super delish flavoursome Korean Style Boneless Chicken is fried to perfection to a golden brown with premium oil, served with radish and four different kinds of Outdark's house-made Korean's dipping sauce to enhance the taste.

There is 4 option to choose from the Fried Chicken Menu; take your pick of Original Fried, Korea favourite Sweet & Sour sauce, Sweet & Spicy sauce, Honey Garlic sauce and Super Spicy sauce. This dish is meant for sharing, not only because of its rich flavour and crunchy texture but also because of its generous portion!  

Outdark's Housemade Korean's Dipping Sauce

Dam Yang Beef Dbeok Galbi
RM 69

Apart from the fried chicken, you can choose some beef dishes such as Dam Yang Beef Dbeok Galbi. For the price of RM 69, you get three chunky pieces of tender and juicy ground beef patties grilled with honey and garlic Korean sauce. Served with seaweed rice, cheese and mixed vegetables, this makes an all-in-one ~ Well-balanced meal the complete meal of carbs, protein and vegetables. 

Chef Choi's Hot Pot 
RM 65
Chef Choi's Hot Pot,  a hearty and comforting hot pot dish of congee, cooked with fresh mushroom, mixed seafood, seasoned beef strips and loads of vegetables.  

Watch as the waiter prepares our congee on the stove

Oppa Fish Cake Soup
RM 42

If you can stomach more, try Korean's cart bar or commonly known as 'Pojangmacha' by the Koreans. Oppa Fish Cake Soup is a popular favourite among the locals which are easily available on the streets to satisfy hunger at the night market.   

Be ready to savour a steaming hot pot of assorted Korean fishcakes, mushrooms, scallions, radish, and a boiled egg among others. 

Haeundae Kimchi Jijim
RM 25

Good news for vegan! Try the Haeundae Kimchi Jijim, a flour batter pancake with a combination of kimchi, shredded green/red capsicum and onions. 

Outdark Special Drink ~ Subak Soju
2 to 4 pax
RM 45

The Mixing Of Subak Soju

Wash down the lip-smacking dishes with this refreshing housemade concoction of Subak Sujo, a creation of fresh watermelon juice with Soju and Sprite. Don't worry about getting drunk as the alcoholic level is diluted by the watermelon juice and Sprite. 

2 to 4 Pax
RM 37

Traditionally, the Makgeoli is one of Korea's oldest liquor which is basically the unfiltered rice wine with a slightly sweet alcoholic beverage native to Korea. It has about 6-8% alcohol by volume and famous among the younger generations now.

Outdark introduces the new taste of Makgeoli with a mix of fresh fruit juices and Makgeoli, making it an interesting drink to try. Choose from the fresh Makgeoli, Apple Mango Makgeoli, Citron Makgeoli and Honey Makgeoli.

No 104 Jalan SS 15/4
47500 Subang Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours
5pm to 1am
Tel: 03-5886 1948

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