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Monday, 16 October 2017

SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma

Anti-Snoring Throat Spray
SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma
Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma

SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma
I recently found out that snoring affects a lot of people. This is a common problem affecting more men than women. I was surprised to find out that a number of my female friends also are affected by their partners snoring problem.

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The last two years, my husband has developed this snoring problem, initially, the snores were tolerable but it has gotten worse the past few months as the snoring sound is unbearable at times.

He has tried many other methods which include nasal spray, neck brace and so forth, but to no avail. Snoring is also caused by loose tongue and throat muscle making them flabby and block the air passage especially when you are lying down. When air passes through these narrow airways, it will cause the snoring sound. So, the narrower the airway, the louder the sound.

SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma
 SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma

Recently a friend introduces me to use a new product from Ireland named SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray. It is a throat spray that it lubricates the soft tissue of the tongue and throat in order for them to be less flabby and therefore allowing more air to pass through.

SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray is a superior patented formula with main ingredients of natural origin consisting of:
  • Carrageenan
  • Phospholipids
  • Rosa Canina Extract (Rose Hip) 
SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma
Source: snoringdevicesaustralia.com

I recommended my husband to try it out to see whether it will work for him. Each night after the regular brushing of the teeth, he will apply Silence to his throat just before going to bed. According to him, the SILENCE has a citrus mint mandarin flavour with the texture that felt like 'yoghurt' or 'milkshake'. 

SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma

Since the Silence Anti-Snoring Throat Spray comes in a convenient canister; using it is very easy. One has to give it a little shakeup; insert the extended pipe and spray for 3 seconds for each application and swallow it in. Repeat another 2 more times; the same step and goes to bed.

Source: snoringdevicesaustralia.com
SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray By Omega Pharma

I monitored his situation for the next five days and found out that there was some reduction in the snoring sound. I also felt that the gap in between was further. He used to continuous snores with a little gap in between. 

I hope this product can help him to have a better night sleep and myself from the torturing high decibels snoring sound.

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Silence ~ The New Generation Anti-Snoring Spray

SILENCE Anti-Snoring Throat Spray is available from all Carings Pharmacy outlets nationwide for the price of RM 79.90 (50 ml). One bottle provides approximately one mAsiaonth of usage if used according to the instructions.  

For existing users, track your snore record using the Silence Snore Tracker to redeem a FREE BOTTLE of SILENCE by sending it to PFSAsia. Kindly contact Miss Ju May at  012 2368727 during normal working hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) for more information.

You can download the Silence Snore Tracker from this link: HERE 

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