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Thursday, 12 October 2017

UMAC HOUSE Banana Leaf Rice Indian Food Petaling Jaya

Banana Leaf Rice Restaurant
UMAC HOUSE Banana Leaf Rice Indian Food Petaling Jaya

Cheap food sharing again from Auntie Lilly! I heard about UMAC House many times over with much excitement from my foodie daughter, Clarrisha Hong but have yet to check this joint. UMAC HOUSE is located right in the heart of Petaling Jaya, along Jalan Universiti - right opposite Universiti Malaya and University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) too.

A Quick Tour Of UMAC House

I really enjoyed my dining experience while savouring my delicious authentic Indian rice. UMAC House is actually a  bungalow located in the old government quarters. Nestled within the busy urban town of Petaling Jaya, along Jalan University, it's lovely restaurant to eat, relax, chill for while or destress while sipping a cup of teh tarik or ice lemon tea.

Adorned with lush greenery around many tall and big trees lending their shades from the heat, you can listen to the sound of the nature especially when the wind blows and you'll heard soft rustling of the leaves on those ancient trees. This place seems to be like a secret hideout for many - not visible from the main road. I saw many UM students dining here for lunch and perhaps only regulars will come by for a bite.  

My Simple But Tasty Meal For RM 10 

UMAC House used to be a banana leaf joint but don't know why they stopped using banana leaves t serve their food. I was offered a stainless steel try with 6 compartments to fill in my dishes instead. This is a self-service place, so you help yourself to the dishes like buffet-style. 

All vegetarian dishes such as long beans, cabbage, spinach, bitter gourd, sawi, tofu, pumpkin and more are charged at RM 1 PER SCOOP. They offered 2 kinds of rice that is the white rice or brown rice at RM 1 PER SERVING too. The 2 pieces of papadom comes with each serving of rice. Plain water and rasam is on the house. 
Mutton Varuval
RM 8

My top mark goes to the Mutton Varuval. You can taste the rich and flavour herbs and spices in the tender chunky pieces of mutton. Do note that it's quite spicy but it's absolutely delicious to scoop up the gravy and eat with more rice.

Chicken Varuval
RM 7

Chicken Varuval is my all-time favourite when dining in any Indian restaurant. UMAC House hits all the right spot with their version of chicken varuval. The spiciness is intense with high notes of spices cooked with the chicken. For RM 7 per serving, I requested for only breast meat for this dish, and have around 7 to 8 pieces of tasty chicken to share with my partner. 
Potatoes & Mixed Vegetable Curry
RM 1

Bitter Gourd
RM 1

Chilli Tofu
RM 1

Brown Rice Comes With 2 Papadoms
RM 1 

This probably one of the most affordable Indian food around in town. Tastewise, it's get top marks from me. 😋😋😋 RM 1 for their rice + papadam + rasam with  vegetarian dishes are charged at RM 1 per scoop too. Get your meat fix of chicken or mutton varuval at RM 7-8 per plate. 👍👍👍 Ikan bulus is at RM 2 while the tenggiri fillet at RM 6-7 depending on size. You get a free flow of gravy, rasam and cold water. 

If you have vegetarian meal of 3 Vege dishes with rice, rasam + papadam, it's cost you RM 4 only. This has to be the best and most value for money Indian rice in PJ area! 

Do come by to this pocket-friendly place if you are craving for some real delicious and authentic Indian rice but do not want to get burn by those banana leaf joints that charges you a bomb each time you dine there! 

*** Impromptu Dining Without My Olympus Camera & All Shots Are Taken With My Xiaomi ***

No. 1 Jalan 12/5 PJS 12
 46200 Petaling Jaya
Open Daily · 11:30 am to 11 pm
Tel 012-952 1822

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