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Sunday, 22 November 2015

A 2015 Christmas And New Year Celebration Buffet @Utara Coffee House Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel

Marvellous Dishes For 
Christmas & New Year Celebration
Utara Coffee House  
Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel 

Celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year with exciting and lavish buffet spread of traditional and innovative festive dishes at Utara Coffee House at the Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel. Let's experience the magic of Christmas together with your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues over scrumptious meal in a beautifully decorated venue at Utara Coffee House, helmed by Executive Chef Chew Teik Chye.

Executive Chef Chew Teik Chye

Executive Chef Chew Teik Chye is pulling out all the stops this Christmas and New Year with a seasonal menu of European and French flavours in Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel. It would not be Christmas without a roast on the menu and at Utara Coffee House, diners can expect choice cuts of meat to be roasted to perfection such as Whole Lamb Leg with Garlic Sauce, Baked Capon Chicken and Roast Beef Tapenade with Champignon just to name a few.

Sumptuous Festive Buffets Awaits Diners

Artistically  Decorated Classic Yule Log Cake

Fruit Mince Pies

For this year's celebration, Executive Chef Chew has selected some appetisers, soup and 7 mains dishes as the signature or specials for the festive buffet. Let's start off the Christmas food review as I shall be highlighting each individual dishes as follows:

Salmon Coulibiac

Poached salmon marinated with olive oil, wrapped in Danish pastry.

Tiger Prawn Ceviche with Avocado

Plump and fresh-tasting poached prawns served with mixed of avocado and onions in lemon juice. 

Dubarry Soup with Cheese Batonette

Not to confuse - the name Dubarry simply means cauliflower in French. Loved the rich and smooth texture of the cauliflower soup, extremely nutritious made with essence of broccoli, potato, leek and parmesan cheese all throw in, resulting in an absolutely delicious soul-soothing soup!

Baked Capon with Bread Almond Roulade

The traditional serving of turkey is replaced with this juicy and large capon chicken. With a minimum weight of at least 2 to 3kg, the chicken is stuff with mirepoix;  a combination of chopped carrots, leek, celery and onions which are use later to add flavour and aroma for cooking of the flavourful giblet sauce. Do check out the giblet sauce, taste really good with the juicy chicken.

Roast Duck Ripieni with Calvados

Deboned roast duck meat, chopped coarsely and roll up with cut apples marinated with calvados, an apple brandy.

Smoked Chicken With Cranberry De Glace

Smoked Chicken by Chef Chew is a jewel as it's delight to the tastebuds. Well-marinated and smoked
to perfection using special hickory saw dust. Chef told us that it's a tedious process having to slow-cooked it for 2 hours.
Apple Sauce  

Swedish Crab Pudding

A very rich and cheesy dish, sure winner to those who love a creamy and salty dish of cheese and fresh shredded crab meat. Crab meat cooked in bechamel sauce with loads of parmesan cheese added and topping with mozzarella cheese before baking. 

See The Rich & Thick Sauce with Crab Meat & Melted Cheese

Roast Beef Tapenade with Champignon

Festive celebration would not be complete without the roast. So Chef Chew presented the diners with a special dish of Roast Beef Tapenade with Champignon. The beef is served with tapenade of finely chopped black olive, mushroom and olive oil as toppings. 

Louisiana Pumpkin Rice

A healthy rice dish; rice and chopped pumpkin are steamed in the whole pumpkin till cooked. A mix of nuts such as pistachio, almond, walnut and melon seeds are added for the extra crunch and to enhance the flavours. 

Pumpkin Of Goodness

Whole Lamb Leg with Garlic Sauce

Lovely lamb dish, juicy and tender without any gamey smell. Well-marinated with fresh herbs of rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano. With the Mousseline accompaniment of 4 sides of mashed carrots, mashed potatoes, mashed pumpkin and mashed sweet potatoes, everything goes wonderfully well with one and another.

Yuletide Desserts

Ending our delicious meal with some Lemon Meringue Pie, Yule Log Cake, Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Icing, Christmas Pudding and Glass Dessert Tiramisu.

Array Of Festive Desserts To Melt Your Heart 

My family and I had a wonderful time savouring the mouth-watering spread of Christmas and New Year offerings from Armada Petaling Jaya. Make your bookings now to treat your loved ones and friends to a great Christmas celebration and have some great bonding time with them in this wonderful time of the year! 

Celebrate at Utara Coffee House and save the hassle of preparing your own Christmas feast!

Christmas and New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner
24th December & 31st December 2015
(inclusive of party packs/ live music performance)
RM 80.00 + per adult
RM 60.00 + senior citizen
RM 40.00 + per child

Christmas and New Year's Day Hi-Tea Buffet
25th December 2015& 1st January 2016
(inclusive of party packs/ live music performance on 25th Dec 2015 only)
RM 70.00 + per adult
RM 50.00 + senior citizen
RM 35.00 + per child

Utara Coffee House
Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel 
Lot 6 Lorong Utara C
Section 52 
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7954 6888 Ext 4557  

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