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Thursday, 19 November 2015

4Get Hot Pot Restaurant Premium Seafood Steamboat @Jalan Kepong Kuala Lumpur

4Get Hot Pot Restaurant 
Steamed Up Over Hotpot
Main Entrance

Behind the modest facade of 4Get Hot Pot Restaurant lies a hidden gem of a hotpot restaurant that serves up quality and premium steamboat by night. The restaurant located along Jalan Kepong, is the brainchild of Max, whose favourite food is steamboat or hotpot. 4Get Hot Pot is just next to hypermarket Aeon Big, right behind the Happy City Food Court and beside Happy City Steamboat. 

Max chose a funny name for his restaurant because he wanted something or some words everyone can remember; ie a quirky name called 4Get, which an opposite of "remember" in order for people to remember his restaurant name, how unusual.   

Szechuan Spicy & Tom Yum Broth  

Max introduced his house-made broth as well as meat and seafood platters as the perfect accompanied. "The essence of any good steamboat comes from the type of broth selected," added Max, a passionate guy only interested in serving excellent choices of quality and premium food items to his diners.

Choices are plenty with a total of 8 choices ranging from an assortment of broths such as Asam Laksa, Pork Bone Bakt Kut Teh, Porridge, Spicy Szechuan, Herbal, White Curry to Clear and Tom Yum.

Premium Steamboat Set with Lobster
RM 49.90 per pax 

At 4get Hotpot, diners are given the choice of 6 different set menus -  Giant Lobster Set (RM 259/set), Giant Lobster Set (RM 49.90/pax), River Prawn Set (RM 25.90/pax), Giant River Prawn Set (RM 36.90/pax), Abalone Set (RM 41.90/pax) and the Classic Set (RM 18.90/pax). 

The platter above consists of the serving for 2 pax of the Giant Lobster Set (RM 49.90/pax) which includes seafood, meatballs, tofu, vegetables and many more. Other steamboat items, including choice sliced the meat of 3 different thickness from slim, medium to 3 layered pork, Chit Chit Pork and house-made dumplings are acceptable and more importantly, it tasted fresh although they all felt like supplements to the table's main stars despite making up the bulk of the menu.   

Special Chit-Chit Pork
RM 8.90

Here's something you must try as it can never be found in any other steamboat restaurant. Creative Max comes up with this finely minced pork wrap in triangle-shaped plastic, ready for diners to squeeze out into a long noodle-like roll pork meat. Appealing to many and very tasty too!

In-House Made Dumplings
RM 7.90 Small/ RM 13.90 Big

In order to create the home-cooked food taste, Max rope in his wonderful mom to prepare these special dumplings (Sui Kau), which is totally different from the regular ones we consume.

The plump-looking dumplings are made from many ingredients besides the minced pork meat with minced carrots. spring onions and even cloud ear fungus (Mok Yu) added to the extra crunch and texture. Please note that they are freshly made upon order so you can be assured some really good and fresh tasting sui kau for your steamboat dinner. 

Special Noodles For Asam Laksa

If you are having the asam laksa broth, please remember to order the special noodles which tastes like lai-fun (asam laksa thick noodles). Smooth and slurp-worthy noodles that does not goes soft after soaking for long in the broth. This noodles definitely go with young and old alike for its silky texture.    

Szechuan Spicy Broth (Ma Lat)
RM 15 for Half Pot / RM 30 for Full Pot

Asam Laksa Broth
RM 7 (Half Pot) & RM 14 (Full Pot)

Everyone loves 4Get's signature asam laksa broth as Max got all the ingredients right to come out with such a flavourful and robust asam laksa soup. The densely infused fragrant broth is made from a blend of traditional and local spices, using only Pangkor ikan kembung for its extra sweetness it brings to the broth.

Tom Yam Broth
No Charge

Clear Broth
No Charge

Do not underestimate this house made clear broth as it boiled for many hours with premium green radish to enhance the flavours.

Direction to 4Get Hot Pot

No 3 & 5 Block E
Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2
Taman Usahawan
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 010 - 7711 579

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday (Daily) 5pm to 3am

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  1. Nice to meet you that day Aunty Lily!

    1. Oh, I am happy too to have an opportunity to meet you in person. Lucky day I bumped into you during my food-tasting session :-)

  2. Fancy having some ASAM LAKSA Broth for your steamboat with some extra fresh giant lobster, giant prawn & even abalone to tempt your tastebuds. Unique and original, good broth for to check out!

  3. A quirky name for a hot pot restaurant, the owner,Max wants us to remember his shop name for its delicious & fresh seafood steamboat offerings! READ MORE at >

  4. Last week, my family & I found a hidden gem up north at Kepong, a hot pot restaurant serving top-notch, premium quality seafood such as fresh giant lobster, giant prawn & even abalone to tempt your tastebuds.


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