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Saturday, 21 November 2015

GOSSIP TIME 吹水時間 Restaurant Steam Boat @Paramount Garden Petaling Jaya

Flavourful Soup For A Super Steamboat

In any steamboat, the soup and fresh ingredients are the most important thing that make up a wholesome meal. Gossip Time Restaurant in Paramount Garden completely nailed it with its own special pork bone coupled with several homemade recipes, boil over 10 hours of super soup. 

The restaurant offers 2 flavours with pork bone soup and spicy soup as the base for the steamboat at no charge. The steamboat set for one person is RM 24.90, minimum 2 paxs per order. You can have a choice of both ying yang soup or just one type of soup for the whole pot.

Steamboat Set For 2 paxs
RM 24.90 per pax

They cooked the entire pork bone with ingredient such as green radishes for 10 hours. The time taken makes for flavourful base, and the soup only gets tastier as the ingredients for the steamboat are boiled in it. 

As for the spicy soup, the spiciness is too strong for me to stomach. Nevertheless, it's a good welcome change from the others places that offer the tom yum soup all the time. Oh, remember to check out chef Heow's home made chilli sauce he concocted just for the steamboat dipping sauce..

The seafood is fresh especially the prawns, fish and scallops, and go well with the clear soup.

Other steamboat items such as chicken, pork, fishballs are also available in the platter.

Generous serving of fresh abalone mushroom. enoki mushroom. crabmeat, foo chok and special Fu Zhou  meatball are unique in taste.

Fresh Scallops

Noodles, Egg & Tofu

Gossip Time offer customers a choice to choose from yellow noodles or fried noodles (Yee Meen) together with the eggs and tofu. Also not forgetting that they are absolutely generous with unlimited free refills of vegetables - up to 3 types for their steamboat diners.

A Melting Pots of Flavours

Steamboat Menu

Value-For-Money Lunch Set
As RM 9.90 to RM 13.90
Orange Yakult (RM 5.90), Premium Ipoh White Coffee RM 4.90, Honey Lemon RM 4.90, Ice MILO Godzilla RM 7.90 & Green Apple Yakult RM 5.90
( From Top Left Clock-Wise )

You can wash down your meal with their signature refreshing fruit Yakult drink with a favourite of mine is the Orange Yakult.

5 Jalan 20/14
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7872 9030


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