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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tori Doki Japanese Yakitori Restaurant @Desa Sri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur

Japanese "Yakitori" Restaurant

Thanks for the wonderful invitation from OpenRice Malaysia, I recently went to Tori Doki at Desa Sri Hartamas to sample their yakitori dishes, featuring a wide array of yakitori delicacies from each parts of the chicken. 

Chef Joe
The Chef behind Tori Doki 

Under the tutelage of Chef Joe who has more than three decades of culinary experience in Japanese cuisine, I was pretty impressed with his unique Japanese-inspired dishes sharing the culinary spotlight in Tori Doki menu. Check out the menu : HERE

Dining here let you soaked in and enjoyed the atmosphere of Izakaya-style Japanese dining. Tori Doki's open-kitchen concept lets diners an opportunity to watch how their tasty yakitori are being prepared. An open kitchen that spans side-way along the restaurant, so you can treat yourself to the live visual performance of chefs in motion everyday.

On the other hand, cosy and private dining space are also available for diners that choose not to dine on the high bench facing the open kitchen. Choose between the 4 seater dining table or the traditional tatami seating at the end of the restaurant.

Snapshot of diners mostly office workers chilling out at Tori Doki over great-tasting grilled skewered delights and washed down with their wide range of Japanese beers or popular Soju.

Tori Doki is unique as they allow regular diners to keep their unfinished spirits bottles in the restaurant for a later consumption. The concept is wise as it gains loyalty from its diners. They say that if you leave something behind, it means you'll eventually come back. Located next to the open kitchen, each bottle is is labelled with the patron's name for prominent visibility. 

Ever-Popular Chicken in Skewer getting the char grilled and smoked effects in the open-kitchen.

 All-Time-Favourite Tsukune 

 Shittake, Gingko Nuts & Leeks On Grills

Yakitori Selections of Negima, Toridoki & Tsukune
(left to right)

RM 11 Per Skewer

Tsukune is a must have in the usual Japanese yakitori fare. Solid Japanese chicken meatball are lightly seasoned and threaded onto skewers, grilled and finished with a sweet and salty tare sauce. The brushing of tare sauce gives the meatballs a glistening sweet and salty glaze. 

Tori Doki's Tsukune is my Top Pick out of the three that was served that night. Chef Joe uses ohba, Japanese basil leaf to flavour the meatballs. Loved the texture as you can bite into the mixture of minced chicken breast, thigh meat and some soft chicken bones all bind up into a flavourful meatball. Recommended for its deliciousness to the max!

RM 5 Per Skewer

Next, another good eat is the Negima, chicken thigh and Japanese leek in skewer. Simple and unpretentious with a mix between the juicy, tender chicken thigh and mild onion-like taste of the crunchy leek.

RM 8

Toridoki is an excellent choice for those who love chunky pieces of chicken thigh and breast wrapped in skin. True carnivore will find it heavenly when chewing on these juicy pure flavour of the chicken in skewer. Please note that Tori Doki's skewers are extra big and generous in portion, great value for money.

Apart from yaktori, diners can choose to have other delights such as Tori Maruyaki, Teba Age, Yaki Onigiri, Nagaimo, Dashimaki Tamago and many more from their vast menu.

Maruyaki Grilled Whole Chicken
RM 45

According to Chef Joe, the whole chicken weighing around 800 to 900 gm is marinated overnight using simple and healthy ingredients such as Japanese sesame oil and pure bamboo salt. Roasting preserves the moisture and flavour treating us to a wholesome meal of a big fat juicy chicken.

six burners roaster imported from Japanese is used to grill the chicken to perfection. The special glass for the oven maintained and control the heat to give the chicken a total-baked effect for an hour or so.     

Maruyaki Grilled Whole Chicken is crisp on the outside, moist in the inside. Served with accompaniment of 3 sauces of ponzu, tare and sea salt. We savour the crispy and savoury skin, with a tender and juicy interior that is oozing with flavour. It was suffice to say that both bones are lick clean that night. We enjoyed the chicken dish very much that night.

 Courteous waitress helps with the carving of the juicy grilled chicken

  Teba Age
RM 10

 Others sizzling delights include the Teba Age, the sweet and spicy deep fried chicken wings with sesame seed.

Dashimaki Tamago
RM 14

Listen up all egg-lovers, this is a MUST-EAT dish at Tori Doki. One of the best tamago I ever tasted ! Japanese omelette freshly made with perfection by rolling together multiple and for this instance, it's countless layers of cooked egg omelette. It's thick yet soft and fluffy, absolutely heavenly but take your time to savour the tamago, don't down it on one go. Make each bite worth the while as it melts in your mouth.          

I only have good words for Tori Doki, in Japan it's often said that you can judge the quality of a restaurant by the quality of their dashimaki tamago. Although it's a simple rolled omelette that makes for a great benchmark because it’s not only ubiquitous, it takes an enormous amount of skill and experience to produce a good roll. Thumbs up for that to Chef Joe and his team of young chefs!

 Konsai Salad
RM 18

For light bite, dishes such as the appetising Konsai Salad features a refreshing mixed of roasted roots vegetables such as the pumpkin, lotus root, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrot, tomato and potato with mayo french dressing.   

Freshly grated cheddar cheese is added to the salad upon serving.

 Nagaimo Garlic Butter 
RM 12

Other ala carte delights worth checking out is this special Nagaimo Garlic Butter. Japanese yam (wai san) coated in batter and deep fried before tossing it with garlic and butter for the final act.

 Cheese Yaki Onigiri
RM 12

If you like grilled rice ball, you should try out this carbs dish of Camembert cheese with grilled rice ball. Smoky and crisp on the outside but oozing with the creamy cheese from the inside, goes really well with the flavourful bonito flakes.

Houjicha Pudding 
RM 10

Ideal dessert to end your meal, tickle your sweet-tooth with the Houjicha Pudding. Very light and sweet, perfect for a light ending to our satisfying meal. Godsend for dessert lovers, serve you a bowl of this and be guaranteed to fall in love.

Fragrant with the aroma of the premium green tea flavour of Houjicha, smooth and silky with the melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Mr Kota, one of the partner of Tori Doki told me that its one of their best selling dessert and a sold out everyday!

Complimentary Starter of  Potato Salad

Diners are served with their starter of the day with this tasty Potato salad made from mashed potato with carrots and top with purple cabbage shreds.

TORI DOKI  Japanese Yakitori Restaurant
No 40, Jalan 24/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 - 937 3754 / 03 - 6206 4676
Website: TORI DOKI

Business Hours:
Daily 5:30pm - 12am
(11:00pm food last order)
(11:30pm drinks last order)

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