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Friday, 20 November 2015

Gossip Time Restaurant ~ Noodles & Rice House @Paramount Garden Petaling Jaya

Good Time
 For Great Food
Gossip Time is a new eatery that just open up around 3 month ago located at Taman Paramount, an old area of Petaling Jaya. Those who are frequent visitors to Cameron Highlands would have dine at Gossip Corner, a restaurant famous in the highlands for their wantan noodles and giant burger challenge. It's chef cum owner, Mr Kavin Heow decided to branch out to Klang Valley and spread his wings to this part of the town in Paramount Garden. Petaling Jaya.

Snapshots of Gossip Pork Burger/Chicken Burger King Challengers

Armed with an assortment of home-style Malaysian favourite cuisines, Gossip Time offers a wide selection of rice, noodles and western dishes for young and old alike to savour. Read on as I will speak more of it and why it's worth paying Gossip Time a visit for.

Steeping into this eatery made me feel at home as it has a simple and laidback setting which resembles the old-style cafe. Gossip Time's set up is clean, comfortable with no fancy décor of any sort, but only aims to serve an extensive variety of good-tasting food at an affordable price.

One of the 'perks' while dining here is that Gossip Time offers free WIFI at its outlet. I find this very rare as many outlets of the similar set up does not offer this kind of service. WIFI connectivity are usually found at posh or higher end restaurants or cafes. 

Unique World Map

Special Curry Chicken Rice Set
RM 8.90

Gossip Time's best-selling dish is their Curry Chicken. An all-time Malaysian favourite food, Chef Heow nailed it perfectly right with his personal recipe. Rich, creamy and absolutely fragrant with the mix of fresh herbs, spices used and having fresh milk (instead of coconut milk) for the curry, each spoon of the delicious gravy is heaven.        

Serving portion for single set is generous with 3 to 4 pieces of chicken and potatoes to go with white rice, papadom, cucumber and tomatoes slice and even a tasty bowl soup of the day. The curry tasted home-cooked and rich in flavours, Chef Heow is seriously not boasting when he claims that he serves one of the best curry chicken in Petaling Jaya. Highly recommended if you are a curry lovers, just remember to "flood" your rice with the curry ya!

Mushroom Chicken Rice Set
RM 8.90

If the spicy dish does not appeals to you, Gossip Time also serves a popular dish, Mushroom Chicken to go with your rice and similar sides as per the rice set. Chef sum owner Heow who helms the kitchen himself is the creator of various recipes here including this chicken dish. Using dry shittake mushroom to enhance the flavours, the rich sauce is simply appetising wit the soft potatoes soaking up the flavour within. 

Satay Sauce Chicken Chop Rice 
RM 14.50

Moving on, satay sauce lovers will be in for a treat with Gossip Time, fusion Satay Sauce Chicken Chop Rice. Great combination of tender and juicy chicken thigh meat topped with savoury satay sauce served with rice, sunny side up with sides of  crispy papadom and tomato and cucumber slice. 

Good choice if you are looking for something different to try, rather than having the usual black pepper or brown sauce for your chicken chop dish.

Besides rice dishes, Gossip Time speciality is their hand made wantan noodles. Chef shares with us that his noodles are not run-of-the-mill type but are made by his Master or Sifu who is in his 70's now with more than 40 years of noodles making experience. At Gossip Time, they take their noodles seriously.  Fresh batches are made every 2 to 3 days and it does not contain any boric acid, preservative nor artificial colouring.

Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee - Dry 
RM 8.90 Small, RM 9.90 Big

A good bowl of wantan noodles must comes with 3 main criteria ie; the noodles itself, the soup and the wantan. Gossip Time wins all for getting the top marks for their premium serving of one of the best wantan noodles in town. Chef has kept its philosophy that they want their food to be fresh and original, nothing less and nothing more to please your palate. Emphasises on the quality and taste of its food can be clearly seen in the noodles dishes he serves here.  
Boasting of having specially house made noodles which are springy and firm to taste; a rich pork bone soup, a delicious stock boiled for 10 hours for more natural goodness and extra big size plump minced pork wantan with a full-size prawn inside. 

For the dry version, the springy noodles are topped generously minced pork sauce, chopped scallions and 3 very big size wantans. I also notice that their serving portion are much more than the regular wantan noodles I used to eat, as his small bowl is equal to a 1.5 of the usual servings. Truly a hearty and delicious meal that will definitely put hearts at ease savouring Gossip Time signature noodles dishes. 
Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee - Soup
RM 8.90 Small, RM 9.90 Big

The soup variant is equally as tasty together with the ever so flavoured rich creamy pork bone soup, topped with 3 big wantans, minced pork and vegetable over a generous bowl of wantan noodles. It's enough to make you salivate. A tip, order the big version, I'm sure it good for sharing between 2 to 3 paxs.

Authentic Tasty House Made Wantan Noodles

Special Spicy Noodle King 
RM 9.90 Small / RM10.90 Big

Next for a spicier variant, you can try their Special Spicy Noodle King. Those wanting a fiery kick to your taste buds are highly recommended to taste this spicy dish. Thrilling and extreme spicy hot with the house made sauce made from Chef's secret recipe of 7 ingredients to concoct the hot sauce. Just remember to inform the waiter to go slow on the chillies oil as I find it quite oily at the end of the meal, that's all.     

Curry Chicken Soup Wantan Mee 
RM 8.90/ RM 9.90

You can have their Curry Chicken Soup Wantan Mee too, same the earlier version which comes with generous portion of curry chicken, potatoes, tofu puff and not forgetting the big size wantan to satisfy your cravings. 

Gossip Pork Burger/Chicken Burger King
RM 24.90

Gossip Time offers its patrons a gigantic burger experience with its signature pork or chicken burger; the diameter of 8" and in height of around 7" almost as tall as the ketchup bottle. Sandwiched between two big buns sprinkle with crisp sesame seeds is a mouth-watering pan fried pork or chicken fillet topped with mayonnaise and heaps of lettuce, slices of tomatoes, zucchini, onions, pineapple and an omelette to complete the burger meal.

I love the fact that the fillet itself is generously-sized and well-flavoured. Seriously a burger-lover's delight, this big burger can be shared between 2 to 3 persons with serving of fries and curry sauce to eat with the thick bun. 

Otherwise, Gossip Burger King is for those with serious hunger pangs and currently there's a challenge for the faster eater to be the next record breaker. Current champion clocked in 5 mins 21 sec and if you think you can beat the record, finish it faster than the record time, you will be rewarded the entire burger for free.

Great fun and challenge for fans of burgers, rope in your family and friends for an exciting fastest burger eating contest at Gossip Time. Contact Mr. Kavin Heow for more details. Who's know you might be the next champion here!

Ribena Ice with Longan 
RM 6.90

 Orange Yakult (RM 5.90), Premium Ipoh White Coffee RM 4.90, Honey Lemon RM 4.90, Ice MILO Godzilla RM 7.90 & Green Apple Yakult RM 5.90
( From Top Left Clock-Wise )    

Some of the drinks to look out for are the Orange Yakult, Green Apple Yakult and Premium Ipoh White Coffee. My My daughter, Clarrisha and I enjoyed the Orange Yakult very much. So much so that we decided to order and have a second glass of this simple yet nutritious drink for ourselves.

Dishes Menu

Drinks Menu

Set Lunch Menu

Do take advantage of Gossip Time's Lunch Menu promotion, pretty affordable with prices as low as RM 9.90 to RM 13.90. Each Set Lunch comes with mains of rice dish and complimentary soup, drink and even fruit to complete the whole lunch meal.

Mandatory Pose With Famous Gossip Pork Burger

Auntie Lilly in Deep Thoughts On How To Eat The Big Burger

5 Jalan 20/14
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7872 9030


Do check out their offerings of steamboat meal at GossipTime Steamboat here! 

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