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Friday, 6 November 2015

China Private Kitchens Hunan Cuisine @Pertama Residency Taman Kobena 3rd Mile Jalan Cheras Kuala Lumpur


A food-tasting session of a new menu is a bit like a wedding - something old, something new, something borrowed - but there is definitely something hot and fiery about the new dishes which Chef Ren has whipped up. 

In fact, I was pretty excited when invited to food-tasting session at a newly opened 4 months old Chinese restaurant by my fellow foodie blogger friend, Pooi Yee to taste some special Hunan dishes. Tucked away in Pertama Residency which is located in Taman Kobena, 3rd mile Jalan Cheras is a hidden gastronomic gem called China Private Kitchens.

Owned by experienced Chef Ren who helmed the kitchen with assistance from 2 other chefs from China, China Private Kitchens has an impressive menu to choose from and  the dishes do not fail to impress. This ambitious Chinese chef still owns 3 others restaurants back in his homeland in Changsha, Hunan in China.

Young Chef Ren From Jiangsha Hunan

According to Chef Ren, he would like to take his diners on an exquisite culinary journey with flavours of his homeland to all Malaysian. Ambitious Chef Ren aims to serve only the freshest of the fresh, using premium ingredients introducing some of his best dishes and taste from home. Passionate Chef Ren also hope to have a family-oriented restaurant with reasonable pricing to offer to his patrons.

Eye-Catching Beautiful Chinese 'Mountain & Water' Art
China Private Kitchens is a no-frills and typical-looking Chinese restaurant complete with red table clothes draping from wooden rectangular and round tables. Good thing, they ditched the plastic chairs in exchange for nice and comfortable sofa seated wooden dining chairs. Anyhow, you can be assured of spacious setting and comfortable dining experience when eating here with your family and friends! 

Let's get started on our Hunan gastronomical journey with some of Chef's personal recommendations of his authentic, aromatic and chillies-hot-fiery dishes to whet our appetite.

Seaweed Salad
RM 5

Prior to the main food tasting, we are treated to some healthy appetiser like this seaweed salad. Sourish and sweet and spicy, all-three-in-one flavour, it's a good snack to open up our taste buds right before the mains serving. 
Sizzling Hot
Sliced Beef With Chillies on Hot Plate
RM 36

If you have to ask me, I will say that Sizzling Sliced Beef With Chillies on Hot Plate is one of the dishes I have ever eaten. Simply amazing and aromatic with smell of freshly cooked sizzling hot fresh chillies, fine beef shreds are cooked with lots of fresh young coriander leaves, onions and of course, not forgetting the fiery dose of red fresh chillies for the extra kick.

The beef is tender and juicy, full of wok-hei with each slices soaking up the flavourful sauce. This dish make an outstanding arrival with visual effect; sizzling sounds together with the smoke and all, suffocating us with the pungent yet fragrant smell of  chillies beef served on super hot plate and the whole restaurant smell of this beefy goodness. Most diners are choking when it arrive on our table... so beware and order with caution. Highly recommended spicy delight!

Homestyle Fried Pork with Green Chillies
RM 22

A noteworthy dish is the  Homestyle Stir Fried Pork with Green Chillies. Chef Ren shares with us that it's a home-style dish, where every mother would whips up this comfort food for family in the Hunan province. Drawing his inspiration from his mom's cooking, Chef Ren serves us his simple and uncomplicated dish which might be suitable to be eaten with rice. 

Hunan Farm Chicken
RM 36

Hunan Farm Chicken, an authentic Hunan chicken dish, is a favourite of the regulars here. Stressing on using only the premium ingredients, Chef Ren uses only village-bred chicken (kampung chicken aka "Malai Kai"), whole chicken with fresh ingredients such as red fesh chillies, ginger, garlic and scallions. 
Braised Pork Fore Leg
RM 28

The Braised Pork Fore Leg is a luscious example of Chef Ren's tireless dedication. Lovingly braised for three solid hours over low fire with ginger, garlic, chilli and a host of spices such as star anise - the tender pork is pre-fried again with dried chillies and topped with chopped scallions before serving.
Pork lovers will melt with the lovely sight of these juicy chunks of spicy pork luxuriating in a rich, inky-brown gravy. So remember to top up double bowl of rice to go with this awesome dish!

Steamed Fish Head With Pickled Chilli
RM 68

The people of Hunan are famous for their steamed river fish. Fresh-water fish carp is steamed with a mix of minced ginger, garlic and imported Hunan's green chillies. This hot, sour, and salty concoction is used as a relish for steamed fish head dishes. Chef Ren explains that the Hunanese prefer the sharp punch of vinegar-pickled chillies with salt to flavour one of their most popular steamed fish dishes.    
The Steamed Fish Head with Pickled Chilli is a definite favourite at the table. Uncomplicated in its execution, the flavours are intense: so it's easy to see why, as this seemingly uncomplicated dish is a hothouse of flavours.  

Claypot Bullfrog With Hunan Chilli
RM 48

Other synonymous Hunan dishes are the Bullfrog With Hunan Chilli In Claypot and Tilapia In Soup. The one dish that isn't for the faint-hearted is the  Claypot Bullfrog With Hunan Chilli In Claypot. It looks very appealing and quite colourful with the red, green and yellow vinegar-pickled chillies used. But the spiciness actually numbs your tongue but at the same time, it is quite addictive with spicy combination of the tender bullfrog meat, mixed chillies and sweet-tasting soup.  

Tilapia In Broth
RM 68

Next is a classic, home-style fish dish with tilapia cooked in broth. A soothing and mild broth with hints of garlic and chilles, quite similar to the earlier bullfrog dish. With all its nutrients preserved in its milky yellow soup, the fish broth is best enjoyed with bowl of warm white rice.

Stir Fried Bejing Cabbage
RM 18

Stir Fried Lotus Root
RM 22

Fried Yee Mee with Prawn
RM 15

Last but not least, we sampled the Fried Yee Mee with Prawn. The noodles has a nice springy bite and the shrimps, scallions, red chillies and 'kampung' egg add in extra flavours. Full of wok-hei and not oily, Chef Ren certainly living up to his expertise in noodles preparation.

Deep Fried Pumpkin Bun
RM 12 for 6 pcs

For dessert, Deep Fried Pumpkin Bun may not look like much. But, the subtle sweetness from the pumpkin did not disappoint. It's light, almost fluffy in texture is extremely tasty and chewy on the inside with a very thin crispy skin. These delightful-looking golden pumpkin puff can be quite addictive.

China Private Kitchens under the helm of owner cum Chef Ren offers a window into part of Chinese cuisine with only a few players in the Klang Valley. With his adventurous and exciting Hunan's vibrant flavours of traditional Hunan cuisine, he has managed to entice diners with a mixture of classic and home-style meals. Do check out this authentic Hunan restaurant and be prepared to be entice by their variety of tasty dishes!

For spending up to RM 100 (excluding drinks), diners shall be entitled to RM 20 Cash Voucher to be use on next visit!

China Private Kitchens
Pertama Residency
Jalan 3/92B Taman Kobena
56000 Cheras
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016 - 617 7981 / 014 - 357 0085
Opening Hours: 12 PM - 10 PM (daily)
Parking ~  FREE on the 2nd floor but get the cashier to 'validate' your bill before leaving.  

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  1. I like Hunan food, the last time when I work in Guangzhou I always eat hunan hot pot fish and lamb. They have many spicy food and appetizers.

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    Merah hitam..iloike.. hehehe

  4. the food looks good but i think it will be too spicy for a non-spicy lover.. however, i will introduce this to my friends who love eating spicy food. :)

  5. I already can feel the spiciness through your food photos Auntie Lilly ;)

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  8. so many delicious dishes. I would like the chilli beef, and stir fried pork please. :)

  9. Nice. love it when restaurants have beautiful ambiance along with discounts/vouchers :D feel like my dad would be a big fan of the chili beef.

  10. Love the food here aunt lily. Full of wok hei. Surely be back

  11. Love the food here aunt lily. Full of wok hei. Surely be back


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