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Friday, 13 November 2015

Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe Haraju Cube Desserts Buns & Bread @IKON Connaught Taman Connaught Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe
Japanese-Inspired Pastries
Famous Haraju-Cube

Craving for gourmet pastries but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket? Or how about the taste of chantilly cream on Haraju-Cube to capture you into a dreamy dessert world of your own? If the answer is 'yes', then head over to a little cafe called Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe located along Jalan Cheras at IKON Connaught, a brand new and iconic landmark for leisure, entertainment, dining and business in Taman Connaught, Cheras.

At Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe, they take their bread seriously. Using only the finest ingredients with Japanese wheat flour to bake fresh daily all their bread, buns and pastries, Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe promises patrons nothing but only the freshest. healthy and delicious selections to with whet your appetite.

Their breads are superior because of natural fermentation for more than 18 hours; without the use of yeast. The specially imported wheat flour from Japan contains no preservative, artificial colouring nor softener. Using the good quality premium wheat flour results in smoother and softer texture which are quite prominent in all their offerings.

Their pastries and buns are Japanese-inspired such as Japanese Curry Onigiri and the Cranberry Cheese or even Caramelised Apple Bun, said Chef Isaac, adding that the pastries and buns are made fresh daily from scratch at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe's kitchen every day. 

 Mandatory Pose With Photogenic Haraju-Cube ~ Mar Berry

During my tasting at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe, I am impress with their signature creations of Haru Toasts. Beautiful and artistically decorated delicious-looking Haraju-Cube made from house made crispy Haru Toast, chantilly pastry cream, ice cream, nuts and fruits such as mixed nuts and berries and drizzles of chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce and gula melaka sauce just to mention a few.
Mary Berry
RM 18.50

Mary Berry, one of their best-selling Haru Toast is one such pretty creations by Chef Isaac. An insta-worthy dessert of all time, Mary Berry features freshly-baked Haru toast topped with generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberry slices, chantilly cream plus some sweet mixed berries and raspberry sauce.

Pictureworthy & Instagramable ~ Mary Berry

The Haru Toast ~ Mary Berry is one of the most photogenic dessert toast I had ever seen. Picture worthy and probably the most instagramable dessert. Price wise is really a steal, considering the amount of effort and ingredients that goes into this sweet pretty strawberry dessert. 

Go Banana
RM 15.50

Another winner on its own, Go Banana is one of Haru Toast's signature dessert toast to check out. Japanese Haru toast crowned with their prized chantilly cream, generous scoop of vanilla ice cream,   banana slices, tiny cute mash-mellows and drizzling of creamy chocolate sauce.

Highly recommended toast dessert for chocolate lovers. Money-worth for every penny spent, considering the premium ingredients used and generous portion that can feed 2 to 3 persons for this mouthwatering Haraju-Cube dessert.   

Bread-licious Spread of Haru's Pastries, Bread & Buns

We also tried some of Haru's bakery items featuring some buns that are solely exclusive available in their outlet. With Master Chef Peter Hwan and Chef Eric helming the kitchen cum bakery, we are treated to some of the tastiest variety of freshly baked pastries, buns, soft breads and desserts.

I shall list mine in the order of my Top 3 winning treats that I really enjoy eating at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe which I find them to be absolutely special and unique in many ways!

Japanese Curry Onigiri 
RM 3.40

This Japanese-inspired ingredients sweet and savoury bun, comes topped with bonito flakes, mayonnaise and seaweed to complete the whole picture. 

Caramelized Apple Bun 
RM 3.40

I like this apple bun for its size plus the fragrant smell of freshly baked caramelized sugar, raisins and apple filling in the sweet bun. 

Spring Lady 
RM 3.80

Pretty flavourful sweet and savoury soft bun, comes with loads with spring onions, cheese, mayonnaise and ham.

Mini Pizza 

RM 5.90

Butter Croissant 
RM 3.80

Fruity Red Bean Banana
RM 2.80

Mexico Cheese Bun

Chestnut Bun 
RM 3.80

Cranberry Cheese Bun 
RM 3.60

Beyond all the bread, buns and pastries, diners can also try out their dishes from Haru's mains menu such as the Haru Omelette Brekkie, Squid Ink pasta, Wafu Mentai spaghetti, White Angel Seafood Alfredo and Katsu curry dishes. 
Katsu Curry Mixed 
Heavy Duty Pack 
RM 28

A dish that family or a group of friends will enjoy is the Heavy Duty Pack. An  ideal platter for sharing with chicken, fish, sausage, shrimp, boil egg to eat with 3 bowls of Japanese steamed calrose rice. Taste great as it's still crispy and not soft even after the 'camera-eats' session.

Breadcrumbs coated chicken thigh meat is a good choice too especially eaten with the house made Japanese curry sauce. Real value for money as servings portion is generous and its good for sharing among 3 to 4 persons! 

Haru Omelette Brekkie 
RM 13.80

Egg-lovers must also try Haru Omelette Brekkie. This is a cheesy affair with omelette cooked with not one but three types of cheeses, namely mozzarella, cheddar and emmental cheese and wrap around fresh shittake mushroom. 

The rich and creamy brekkie provide a completely different experience with the creaminess from the three types of cheeses, light and fluffy egg omelette and chewy texture from the fresh mushrooms. Simple and hearty yet satisfying meal to please your palate.  

Besides the breakfast and Katsu offerings, you can also try out their pasta menu of 7 different flavours and cooking style. Pasta dishes are just average as I do not favour the too firm texture of the spaghetti, not al-dente probably its slightly under cook in this case.
Wafu Mentai Spaghetti 
RM 14.80

Haru's selection of spaghetti with in house wafu and Japanese mentai dressing cooked with shrimps. 

Carbonara Spaghetti
RM 14.80

Next their Carbonara Spaghetti comes with generous portion of chicken ham , dark olive, creamy cheese top with raw egg to complete the dish.

Aglio Olio Pasta
RM 13.80

Simple pasta dish of spaghetti cook with chicken ham and lots of extra virgin olive oil.

 Strawberries Smoothies
RM 7.90

Chocolate Funky Milkshake
RM 8.80

Let me end this post with a memorable picture taken with my pretty blogger daughter, Clarrisha Hong who is a lifestyle blogger at clarrishahong.blogspot.my. I always enjoy my time at food-tasting sessions with my family together. Great bonding time with them as we spend quality together as a family over good food and great company.

For me, Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe is a great place to be with its delicious and affordable gourmet buns and pastries, best enjoy with a nice cup of latte, cappuccino or English tea with your beloved family or friends. Price pretty decent, won't burn a hole in your pocket for sure  and that you can be assured of.

My family and my good old friends are truly in awe over the Haruju-Cube, lovely pastries plus buns offerings. Do drop by to chill, be mesmerized by famous Haraju-Cube, Mary Berry and have a nice weekend dining at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe!


"Enjoy the little things in your life, one day you'll look back & realize they were the big things"

Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe
G-08, IKON Connaught,
Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught

56000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 9108 0622

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