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Wednesday 19 June 2019


DAY 2 in LONDON, found us eager to check out BOROUGH MARKET, one of the most famous places to visit in London, especially if you are a foodie. Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market in Southwark, London, England. 

It is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London with the present buildings were built in the 1850s with a market on the site dating back the 12th century. 

Entrance Of Borough Market

My host highly recommended we must try one of London's Best Salt Beef Sandwich in this renowned market in London, popular for artisan prepared food and fresh organic produce. It was really good as the salt beef sandwich was bursting with flavours with the brine marination served together with mixed rye bread.

The salt sandwich is tender, moist and downright delicious with salted beef, served on mixed rye bread with gherkins and red cabbage. Great classic sandwich topped with special mustard for the extra kick. Highly recommended a MUST TRY food cause one bite and you are definitely hooked! 😋😋😋. For FULL REVIEW Click: HERE

Get Your Meat Here At Northfield Farm 

Fruits Market Stalls 

This is their 'Pasar Pagi' or morning market for the locals and definitely one of the places to visit when in London. For me, I loved to visit and explore the places where the locals shop and eat all the time. So, the wet market is one of those places I usually like to check out and will be included in my tour itinerary.

Beware of pickpockets though, but luckily it was not crowded that day. I saw policemen caught some pickpockets at the Borough Market that morning. Being tourists are vulnerable especially in crowded places, so just be very careful and hang on to your belongings!

I had an enjoyable and eye-opening experience exploring this amazing Borough Market and was especially excited when presented with such a wide range of fresh produce that's unique to the country I came from. Following are some of the photos I managed to snap at whatever that catches eyes that morning.
At the back of my mind at that time, I wished I can do a one-round of shopping to choose and pick all my favourite vegetables, fresh herbs, fruits, mushrooms, fresh seafood, cheese and all those freshly baked bread too!

Sadly, that's simply not possible as I'm on vacation and not staying in London for long and I shall be leaving for Barcelona in a few days time. The best I can do is to buy the juiciest strawberries and black raspberries and munch on it while walking around the market!    

Colourful Tomatoes

Porcini Mushrooms, Black Trumpets Mushrooms, Morel Mushrooms

Surprised and totally delighted to see such a wide variety of fresh mushrooms for sale in one of the stalls at Borough Market. I asked the young chap how many varieties does he have and guess what, he replied to me saying that he just simply doesn't know as there were too many selections and that he never really count them. 

Premium White Asparagus For Sale

Fresh Herbs Plants For Sale 

Beetroots Comes With Roots & Leaves

 Famous Borough Market Pork Pie

 Spoilt For Choice With All Kinds Of Bread For Sale

The Biggest Pan Of Bomba Paella

 Nice Getting To Malaysian Curry In London Market

Tasting my homeland - Malaysian Curry in London. I have to say it was really good with the rich flavours of all the spices and herbs to make a good curry. They really didn't skimp on the ingredients to cook up such good-tasting curry!

 Hand Gathered Mussels For Seafood Lovers!



Glorious World Of Chocolates To Delight Your Palate


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