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Thursday 13 June 2019

DROP EXCHANGE ~ Authentic North Indian & Persian Cuisine in Solaris Mont Kiara

Taste Of Authentic North Indian & Persian Cuisine 
Have you heard of DROP EXCHANGE? They are the FIRST BAR AND RESTAURANT in town with the stock market concept for ordering drinks!

Being the first Wall-Street-themed bar and restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Drop Exchange offers you the best of both worlds ~ Great-tasting authentic Northern Indian and Persian cuisine together with an array of alcoholic drinks such as whisky, gin, wines, beers and cocktails among others. Pretty amazing, right? Read on for more...

NO 2 Jalan Solaris
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 012 608 9066 / 03-6412 2113
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11am to 2am
Sunday 5pm to 2am

Swanky Place For Spirits! 

DROP EXCHANGE is a concept that is unique to the Indian culture remake. It's only here where ones can trade the prices of their drinks before it goes high. You see,  the 'Drop Drinks' is named after the fluctuation of the stock market. 

You can trade via an app or live at the venue ~ All spirits start at a base price and are governed by the laws of demand and supply. 

Based on the frequency of order and the time periods in which different customers place orders, the demand of a particular spirit, wine or beer grows or declines and the prices go up or down. 

Drop Exchange App 

On top of that, every day, the market crashes as well, so customers can trade their favourite spirits and purchase at rock bottom prices. Trading then begins all over again from this new set base price. That's where it's getting exciting too. To find out more, you can download Drop Exchange App from GOOGLE PLAY or APP STORE.   

Coming back to their good and authentic North Indian and Persian cuisine that's hard to come by, especially outside the city centre, Drop Exchange will satisfy your cravings with their exquisite selections of appetizers, bar bites (new word for food to go with drinks),  mains, lunch specials and desserts too. Click here for FULL MENU 😋

Based on restaurant recommendations, we started off with its signatures must-have Tandoor appetizers of Chicken Tikka and Homemade Cottage Cheese Chargrill. 

Chicken Tikka
RM 30

A personal favourite of mine, the Chicken Tikka was like heaven in my mouth. You see, I have a soft spot for all kind of food that chargrilled.

With the authentic flavour of Punjab recipe, the chef coats the chicken with hung curd, special Indian herbs and spices to be roasted in tandoor to perfection.

No tandoori dish, tikkas or kebabs are complete without this mint chutney on the side. I truly enjoyed the flavourful mint chutney made with thick hung curd and fresh herbs to gives it a creamy and silky texture ~ A lovely dipping sauce that goes well with all of their dishes. Best eaten with the tandoori delicacies!

 Galouti Kebabs
RM 28

Apart from the Chicken Tikka, lamb lovers can opt for Galouti Kebabs. This is toasted minced mutton layered with bread and served with fresh coconut chutney serves on the side as a dipping sauce. 

Homemade Cottage Cheese Chargrill
RM 27

Next, for vegan treats or even non-vegan, the Homemade Cottage Cheese Chargrill would be an excellent choice. 

This popular vegetarian Tandoor dish features super healthy baked cottage cheese that's flavoured just right and marinated well in spices, cool and cream.

Roasted in tandoor, so there should be char lending to that smokiness we love so much. Spicy, juicy, light and slightly smoky, this is a perfect vegetarian alternative to tandoori chicken. 

RM 25

More appetizers from the Indian Bites menu - there's also the Cutlis, a vegetable cutlet coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried to perfect crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

 Best eaten with the fresh coconut chutney serves on the side.

Salli Ma Margi 
RM 25

To experience Persian cuisine, appreciating the wonders of herbs, generous use of secret spices and natural ingredients, this amazing chicken dish from 'Parsi Kitchen' is a good introduction to Middle Eastern fare. 

The Persian Curry Chicken or better known as Salli Ma Margi in the menu is the star dish of the night. I enjoyed every bite of the tender chicken meat with the rich gravy for its unique preparation that fully absorbed the spices in the marinade. 

The hearty dish comes topped with crunchy potato salli (thin potato sticks) and Pav (soft bun) to soak up the delicious curry gravy. You can also order warm steam rice to go with this dish.

 Papeta Par Edu
RM 20

Moving on, there's the hearty vegetarian dish called Papeta Par Edu ~ Featuring a Parsi-style tomato onion masala dish topped beautifully with a baked sunny-side-up egg. 

To best complement this dish, it served with Pav, those soft fluffy buns to soak or mop up the flavoursome aromatic gravy. If you're looking for a more filling meal with some meat, add in RM 5 for chicken.    

 Tandoori Butter Chicken
RM 28

Of course, a trip to a Northern India restaurant is incomplete without Tandoori dishes. Firing up our tastebuds that night was the unforgettable, Tandoori Butter Chicken. Chicken lovers like me, do look forward to more grilled dishes on the table.

Tandoori Butter Chicken is one of the highlights as it was aromatic with a smoky flavour. It was so well-marinated with curd and spices that you can taste it in the freshly grilled tender and juicy meat from the charcoal tandoor. 

It was served to the table looking absolutely gorgeous, charred on sides and drizzled with mint coriander chutney! This is one dish I will come back for more in my next visit. 

Rogan Josh
RM 40

Meat lovers can check out Rogan Josh, a popular aromatic meat dish of Persian or Kashmiri origin. It was brought to Kashmir by the Mughals.

The Kashmiri lamb curry is a deep red spicy mutton dish cooked with spices and yoghurt, loaded with yummy flavours, making this a perfect meal eaten with a warm bowl of steamed Basmati rice or naan. For me, it tastes delicious either way. More rice, please!

Dal Makhani
RM 30

Last but not least, vegetarians will go gaga over this Indian vegan dish of Dal Makhani. A staple in India, Dal Makhani or Buttery Lentils, is a dish originated notably in the Punjab region.

The lentils dish is cooked by simmering butter and cream or yoghurt, over low heat to perfection. It's a nutritious, loaded with plant-based protein dish for those looking for a healthy and filling meal. Portion-wise is generous and good for two pax sharing.

Topping off this filling meal is a table filled with super sweet treats of dessert, each with its own set of flavours to delight in, so keep some room for more in your tummy. 

They range from creamy milk based Gulab Jamun to the traditional Indian homemade ice cream Kulfi and an Indian delicacy, Rabadi in sugar syrup-sweetened milk with cardamom and saffron.

Gulab Jamun
RM 12
Milk solid base South Asian sweet in pistachio cream & nuts

RM 15
Traditional Indian homemade ice cream

RM 22
An Indian delicacy in sugar syrup-sweetened milk with cardamom and saffron

I also wished to highlight that these authentic desserts are delightful treats only for those with a sweet tooth. As I favour savoury dishes rather than sweet stuff, it was really too sweet for my palate even for me to take a second bite into these desserts. 😆 

Drop Exchange has much to offer in terms of good food and awesome drinks - A great place to chill and relax with your friends over a drink or two. Oh yes, there's the LADIES NIGHT every Wednesday, so ladies enjoy free flow cocktails from 7-9pm and a half price after 9pm. Not forgetting wine lovers, Drop Exchange offers RM 10 per glass starting 7pm onwards!

Also, let Auntie Lilly offers you ~ 20% DISCOUNT when dining there. Just remember to quote my Blog name 'FollowMeToEatLa' to get 20% Off Your Bill, Valid till end October 2019! 

Hurry now, make your reservation with them via FB message or call 012-6089066 now! Do check out their latest updates on www.facebook.com/dropexchange 


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