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Friday, 9 September 2016

South Indian Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion At Zest Lifestyle Restaurant Marriott Putrajaya IOI Resort City Sepang

South Indian
Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion
 Zest Lifestyle Restaurant
Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion
 Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion

You can take me out of India but you cannot take India out of me. This is my mantra when it comes to Indian food especially when it comes the Southern Indian-style banana leaf meal, with its lure of free rice and curry top-ups, is the clear favourite when it comes to eating out Indian.
South Indian Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion At Zest Lifestyle Restaurant
 South Indian Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion At Zest Lifestyle Restaurant
19 - 30 September 2016 

I recently have the pleasure of sampling the authentic and delicious South Indian Chettinad cuisine at Zest Lifestyle Restaurant in Marriott Putrajaya Hotel. Banana leaf foodies are no stranger to the  famous Chettinad cuisine. With its liberal use of a variety of spices, their dishes are hot and pungent with fresh ground masalas. So, it's no wonder the southern state's Chettinad region is renowned for its culinary delicacies which rates among India's spiciest and tastiest.    

Authenticity On A Platter With Indian Chef Koteswa Rao 

I was happy to meet friendly Chef Rao again at Marriott Putrajaya as he introduced the hotel's Chettinad Banana Leaf Promotion as part of the Indian food promotion from Sept 19 to Sept 30. Indian Chef Koteswa Rao, who has been cooking for over three decades specializes in South Indian cuisine, said that the Chettinad banana leaf meal prepared by his team were designed to tease the palate and pique the senses. 

To experience authentic original flavours, our meal were served with the fresh banana leaf on a platter. Curries will be served individually by the wait staff - just like in a typical Indian restaurant. Chef Rao added that "The sensory experience begins with the way the dishes are presented. You get to taste the spicy, sour, sweet and salty in the complete platter".

Basic Set Banana Leaf Meal Platter
RM 25nett Per Portion

In the banana leaf meal platter, all the components of the meal are served at the same time, in small stainless steel bowls arranged on the platter. The accompanying vegetarian dishes are served in dainty stainless steel bowls, all neatly arranged on a stainless steel platter and around a steaming mound of rice. 

The promotion includes a selection of add-ons from seafood to poultry dishes and available from RM10nett per ala carte order that easily serves two persons. The array of Chettinad dishes you can choose from comprised of the following ...    

Butter Masala Prawn

Pepper Fried Crab

Chettinad Fried Fish

Tumeric Chettinad Squid

Chicken Masala

Chettinad Lamb Chukka 

Lamb Masala 

Mouth-watering Seafood Selections

 Chettinad Chicken and Lamb Dishes 

For RM 25nett per portion for the Basic Set, you get rice, curry, vegetable and/or lentils, papadom, rasam and payasam. The basic set meal is an ideal option for diners who are vegan, while non-vegan diners can choose to order any selection of their favourite meat dishes from RM 10nett per ala carte dish for sharing and get to sample several curries at one go.
  Happy Eats Tasting Chef Rao Banana Leaf Platter

Well, here you are .... if you fancy good value-for-money, delicious South Indian Chettinad Food, do hop on over to Zest for this sumptuous meal. be ready to be tantalized by this lip-smacking, curry-filled experience !

The Chettinad Banana Leaf promotion is from 19th Sept until 30 Sept 2016 for Lunch & Dinner.

Zest Lifestyle Restaurant
IOI Resort City 
62502 Sepang Utara
Tel: 03 - 8948 8888 Ext 1888

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