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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Executive Xpress Lunch With A Taste Of North India Promotion At Cafe 5 Pearl International Hotel Jalan Klang Lama Kuala Lumpur

A Taste Of North India
At Cafe 5
 Pearl International Hotel Executive Xpress Lunch With A Taste Of North India Promotion
Executive Xpress Lunch With A Taste Of North India Promotion

Hi foodies! 
Are you looking for a real VALUE-FOR-MONEY plus VALUE LUNCH SET for RM 19.90+ only? Eating well doesn’t mean you have to pay more. Auntie Lilly got you covered for the best cheap meals under RM20 our city has to offer, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at a local hotel in Klang Valley.

Delicious Northern Indian Cuisines
Delicious Northern Indian Cuisines
Now, you and your family and friends can enjoy a chorus of piquant tastes at Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur with their latest promotion of 'A TASTE OF NORTH INDIA' - Semi-Buffet Promotion that takes centre stage at Cafe 5 until the end of September 2016. 

Picture Courtesy From Pearl International Hotel

Helmed by Chef J. Narahari who hails from Delhi, India and his kitchen brigade, the promotion is available for lunch on WEEKDAYS at a MODEST PRICE of ONLY RM19.90+ Per Person. 

Relax & Spacious Setting
Relax, Comfortable & Spacious Setting
Relax, Comfortable & Spacious Setting

Take you pick from their three Main Courses for the 'A Taste Of North India' Promotion as follows:
  • Tender Tandoori Chicken served with Fresh Naan Bread & Condiments
  • Legendary Lamb Briyani served with Rice & Condiments
  • Kingly Kadai Paneer Masala (Cottage Cheese) served with Condiments 
Condiments include delicious Northern-styled Dhall Gravy, Vegetable Raita, special herbs & mint sauce and chutney. 

Tender Tandoori Chicken Set

Highly Recommended Juicy & Flavoursome Tandoori Chicken
Highly Recommended Juicy & Flavoursome Tandoori Chicken
I am a great fan of anything grilled or barbeque as it's healthier and less oily as compared to the deep-fried food items. So, naturally, I would choose to have my favourite super delicious Tandoori Chicken Set as my main course for the day. 

On top of that, this dish was authentically  prepared by pure Indian Chef J.Narahari who hails from Delhi, the capital city of India located in the country's north. Chef Hari uses his secret recipe of fresh herbs and spices to marinate the chicken thigh for more than a day. 

In keeping up with the traditional method of preparing the world famous Indian's version of barbequed chicken, Chef Hari cooks his Tandoori Chicken in the traditional Indian clay oven called the 'Tandoor'. It's the intense heat cooks meat very quickly and seals in the juices, producing the distinctive and succulent results which characterise Tandoori food.  

I have to say that this is one of the best-tasting Tandoori Chicken I ever tasted for a long-long time. Must-try if you are a great fan of this dish, guaranteed satisfaction to the max!  

Legendary Lamb Briyani served with Rice & Condiments
Legendary Lamb Briyani served with Rice & Condiments

Moving on, if you love lamb more than chicken, then this is a great dish to try out. Although, I'm no fan of red meat especially the lamb, but this Northern Legendary Lamb Briyani begs to differ. Both of my dining partners nods their heads in agreement after the first bite of the fork-tender lamb cooked beautifully in spicy and aromatic Briyani sauce bursting with classic Indian flavours. 

Fragrant Long Grain Basmati Rice
Fragrant Long Grain Basmati Rice

Truly a delicious meal from the first to the last bite for this Briyani rice dish, it's clearly evident in every spoon of the lamb Briyani, made from the finest quality long grain Basmati rice and tender lamb.

Kingly Kaadai Panner Masala (Cottage Cheese)
Kingly Kadai Paneer Masala (Cottage Cheese)
Kadai Paneer
Last but not least, the taste of Northern India would not be complete with their famous vegetarian dish, Kadai Paneer. A very famous dish of North in every restaurant menu, Kadai Paneer is always a favourite among the vegan.

Chunks of pan fried cottage cheese, cubes of tangy tomatoes, green capsicum, and onions cooked deliciously together in a spice mixed called Kadai Masala. This dish goes very well with either rice or naan.  

Thin & Crisp Naan

As all the three main courses come with a serving of Briyani rice or Naan, diners are given the option to choose either one of it to eat with their lunch set. For me, both the Naan and Briyani aced on its own right.

The Basmati Rice is fragrant and flavoursome while the Naan is not thick and floury but instead it's crisp and thin, just nice to scoop or mop up the all of the tasty gravy that  comes with the dish. Yummy!

Salad Spread

Before indulging in the main course, remember to tuck into some appetizers, soup, and salads that are readily available on the Semi-Buffet line. The Mango Chutney is a must-try as it complements any of the three main dishes offered for the promotion.

Fresh Appetizers
Fresh Appetizers

 Cakes Indulgence

The Semi Buffet line also offers diners a series of housemade cakes, jellies and fresh seasonal fruits for dessert. 

Fresh Fruit Of The Day
Fresh Fruit Of The Day

Awesome Promotion

Oh yes, currently Pearl International Hotel is running a Special Group Discount of "3+1 DEAL" where every 3 paying guests, the 4th dines for FREE! So for a group of 4 diners, each guest is paying only RM 15.85 per pax. Seriously, this is one of best offer in town with a Semi-Buffet + 1 Main Course at less than RM 16!

Batu 5 Jalan Klang Lama
Taman United
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 7983 1111 Ext 3205
Website: www.pearl.com.my

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