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Sunday, 14 July 2019


Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Kunyit & Durian Cendol Among Delights That Draw Customers  
The best recipes are sometimes not found in a cookbook or a video but passed down from one generation to another. For Joyce Chong, one of the best-sellers at her cafe, KakatooGo is a recipe passed down by her great grandmother to her.   

Positioning itself incongruously amid a slew of casual fast-food joints, cafes and predominantly Western-inspired eateries is KakatooGo, a welcome local addition to Chinatown located along Jalan Sultan and adjacent to the famous Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. 

243, Jalan Sultan
50000 Kuala Lumpur
(Next To The 5th Element Hotel)
Tel: 03 2022 1102
Opening Hours: 8am-9pm (Daily)

KakatooGo, a halal-certified F&B outlet is one of the latest cafes that serve authentic Nyonya Kampung cuisine strategically located right in the heart of the city. The cafe pays homage to the family's Peranakan roots with a genuine treasure trove of heirloom recipes. 

This compact cafe is a great pit-stop for your traditional Malaysian and Nyonya food. KakatooGo offers an extensive menu of noodles, rice, finger bites, Nyonya kuih and beverages at affordable prices.  

You can enjoy a range of mouth-watering dishes at this casual cafe, from flavourful Kampung Nasi Kerabu to colourful desserts. There's plenty to salivate over at KakatooGo, so I would heartily recommend that you skip a meal or two to accommodate as much food as possible when you are here.

Oh yes, bring a friend or two, so you guys can order more food to go on sharing basis. This is also a good place to play tourist - bring your Mat Salleh's friends to savour some spicy Curry Kapitan Chicken or Kampung Nasi Kerabu while delighting their tastebuds with the Durian cendol!

To begin with, start with something light like homemade Nyonya Acar, Kerabu Mango, Nyonya  Fruits Rojak and  Sotong with Kangkong

Nyonya Acar
RM 6.90

If you like something sweet, spicy and sour, then this light and refreshing Nyonya Acar is just the perfect pick-me-up dish to try in KakatooGo.

Made from a plethora of vegetables such as cabbage, long beans, chilli, cucumber and carrots among others, this dish requires lots of hard work and the secret lies with a good homemade chilli paste. I have high expectation every time when tasting any vegetable acar.

This is because my late aunt, Fei Yee (Fat Aunty) used to make awesome acar and she sells them at the morning market in Happy Garden. I find theirs a bit on the dry side as I like mine spicier with more sauce soaking in the ingredients. Anyhow, do give this a try if you have not tasted acar before!

Kerabu Mango 
RM 6.90

If you're after something light and energising, try the Kerabu Mango at RM 6.90 for a small portion. 

An invigorating salad filled with young mango, onions, chillies, toasted sesame seeds and roasted peanuts that bursting with sour-spicy flavours upon the first bite. Loved it!  

Nyonya Fruits Rojak
RM 9.90
RM 13.90 (With Sotong)

Nyonya Fruits Rojak is made up of fruits like pineapple, turnip, cucumber, raw mango and crunchy fried keropok tossed in a house-made shrimp paste, toasted sesame seeds and roasted peanuts.

The thick black sauce has a unique flavour and it tastes quite different from the regular ones we tried from the regular fruit rojak at pasar malam or street hawkers. 

Sotong with Kangkong
RM 13.90

Sotong with Kangkong is a popular street food you can find in town. The dish is simple and easy to make with blanched brown cuttlefish and kangkung but the secret lies in the sauce.

It hits all the right spot with its housemade sauce that goes well with the crunchy kangkung and firm brown sotong.  

If you're looking for some crispy bites, do try out the Cucur Udang or the Pai Tee. Both are great appetizers to start your meal before the mains at KakatooGo.

Cucur Udang 
RM3.50/ per piece

Pai Tee
RM 6.90/ 4 pcs

Kampung Nasi Kerabu
RM 17

A must-have item at KakatooGo is their Kampung Nasi Kerabu. This fragrant and full of texture delicious dish is a visually appealing rice dish served with a variety of aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables, condiments and choice of protein. 

Perhaps the most striking feature of this dish is the blue rice, naturally coloured with butterfly pea flower or 'Bunga Telang' in Malay. 

Most Striking Feature ~ Blue rice 
Butterfly pea flower or 'Bunga Telang' Rice

At KakatooGo, their Nyonya Nasi Kerabu comes with blue rice,  deep-fried spiced chicken drum stick, herbs salad, salted egg, acar, grated coconut (serunding kelapa) and fish crackers, topped with thick sweet and spicy coconut sauce.

Baba Fried Chicken
Juicy & Tender Deep-Fried Spiced Chicken Drum Stick

Quite an elaborate dish, rich in taste with wonderful coconut flavour and fresh herbs. The key to a great nasi kerabu is the sum of all things, you need to fold in everything, break the keropok and mix it all up, sauce, salad and all. Enjoy ya!

Nasi Kunyit With Curry Kapitan Chicken
RM 9.50

Another noteworthy dish to try and also my hubby's personal favourite is their Nasi Kunyit With Curry Kapitan Chicken. 

Featuring chunky pieces of chicken with soft potatoes swimming in a rich gravy laced with coconut milk served with nasi kunyit.

The rich, creamy curry chicken will have you instantly addicted and you just can't stop plunging into this creamy delight over and over again to eat with your turmeric glutinous rice.
Moving on to the noodles dishes, there are signature Nyonya Curry Noodles, Asam Laksa and Curry Chee Cheong Fun.  

Nyonya Curry Noodles
RM 7.50

The Nyonya Curry Noodles comes topped with fish balls, fish paste Fu chok, long beans and bean sprouts. 

The laksa broth is good - creamy and rich infused with fresh herbs and spices, mint leaves and plump yellow noodles that soak in all the goodness of the broth.   

I enjoyed the special fishballs used as it was extra firm with a good texture to it along with the thick fish paste Fu chok which was a delight to eat! 

Curry Chee Cheong Fun
RM 5.50

The Curry Chee Cheong Fun is a hit too with us that day.

This is a simple and yet delicious rice noodles serves with a wonderfully delicious concoction of housemade curry sauce with sweet sauce enhanced with the rich-tasting shrimp paste sauce (Har Ko sauce). 

A comfort food quality that you ought to try when dining there for the first time. The smooth rice noodles mixed together with the sauces proves to be an incredible marriage of flavours and textures with the topping of fragrant fried shallot and sesame seeds!  

Asam Laksa
RM 7.50

Recommended Beverages To Try

Signature Durian Cendol
RM 12.50

Make sure to leave room for desserts. Durian lovers must try the Signature Durian Cendol. This is a dreamy dessert made-in-heaven for all durian and cendol lovers.

Beverages Menu

KakatooGo has also come up with their version of bubble milk tea such as the Cendol Pearl Milk ~ Cendol Blueloudol featuring colourful triple layers of milk, pearl and butterfly pea topped with a dollop of cendol.

Cendol Pearl Milk ~ Cendol Blueloudol 
RM 12.50

There are also the Fizzy Butterfly Pea drinks of Lychee Crush and Passion Fizzy which will definitely appeal to those who enjoy soda drinks. 

Lychee Crush
RM 9.50

Passion Fizzy
RM 9.50

Good Morning or Afternoon Tea Set Meal
RM 5.90 Onwards

Diners can also check out their pocket-friendly set meals of 'Good Morning or Afternoon Tea' offerings. From as low as RM 5.90 onwards, choose from 8 variations of set meals with food and drink to fill your tummy.


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