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Saturday, 27 July 2019

SIGNATURE MARKET Celebrates A Brand New Phase With New Redesign Launch Party At Majapahit at Marc Residence, KLCC

Happy Me At The Brand New Phase Of Signature Market Party 

I was delighted to be at Signature Market's Celebration Party for their 'Brand New Phase' Launch event recently. ​Signature Market (SM) showcased their brand new phase for the first time by a grand launching here in the Majapahit at Marc Residence, KLCC in Kuala Lumpur.     

The Signature Market, the 1st online marketplace in Malaysia for all your natural and organic products. Great place to shop online for all your heart-healthy snacks, carrying more than 200 items to date. Thanks, Signature Market for having me over to celebrate the BRAND NEW PHASE OF SIGNATURE MARKET!  

With the attendance of local influencers and media in the event, we were introduced to the unique packaging design with a minimalistic design along with vintage tones. 

At Majapahit, we were treated to a scrumptious luncheon with buffet treats of the menu prepared with products from Signature Market too.     

 Can you spot the ingredients from Signature Market?

Sandwich Peanut Butter With Cranberries

Sticky Rice Roll With Cashew Nurs & Fish Flakes

 Corn Fritters Mix With Tri-Colour Quinoa

 Sticky Mango Rice Topped With Almond Slice

Signature Market is proud to introduce their 3 new packagings for their Omega-3 Trail Mix in Green, Low Crab Mix in Black and Healthy Nut Mix in Brown respectively. They are on point progressing forward which also means taking their packaging to the next new level with the trendy premium design!


So What's New In Signature Market?

HACCP & GMP Certified
Signature Market strives to produce quality products consistently as ever. Now the company is proud to say that they are HACCP and GMP certified. HACCP, also known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. 

Signature Market | HACCP & GMP Certified Video

Examples of hazards assessed by a HACCP system include bacteria, viruses, insects, natural toxins, pesticides, drug residues, decomposition, parasites, allergens, unapproved food and colour additives, chemical contaminants from equipment and building maintenance, radioactive compounds, glass, wood, stone, bone, plastic and metal fragments and objects. 

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards so that it does not harm the consumer. This also shows that the Signature Market is committed to giving only the best for the consumer. 

Higher End Equipment
Besides, Signature Market already invested in better and industry-standard ovens. This is where the professional Unox brand ovens come into play. With the Unox ovens, Signature Market continues to find new ways to improve the flavour and quality of their products thus they utilize slow baking in order to retain the flavour and also its nutrition value in all of their ingredients, giving the consumer consistent quality snacks.

Improved Logistics System
The company has always been concerned of their delivery system and this time there will be a more systematic approach which comprises of utilizing the latest SKU ID tagging system to manage the flow of goods making the delivery process to the consumers’ doorstep faster and more efficient. 

New Redesign
Signature Market came up with a new unique packaging design. The new unique packaging is based on a minimalistic design along with vintage tones. This brand new packaging will go along with all of our products. 

Founder Of Signature Market
John Cheng & Edwin Wang
(Left & Right)

The reason for the new packaging design is to enter a new phase within the company and to show their loyal customers on how far they’ve come and how they want to shake up the scene. With their own unique and delicious taste, Signature Market hopes this will captivate consumers out there in the near future in order to for the redesign to be successful. 

What better way to match the new packaging than a brand new website! With an easier to navigate interface, users can expect a swift and immersive experience browsing for their favourite products. 

Well, for more news and information on Signature Market, log on to WEBSITE www.signaturemarket.co or ​FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/signaturemarket​ or call 03-2386 6020​ or follow us on Instagram ​www.instagram.com/signaturemarket

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