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Monday, 22 July 2019

GLAMOGENIC Brand Ambassador Nicholas Teo Launches 1+1 Be Simplify Beauty GLAMOGENIC

GLAMOGENIC Brand Ambassador 
Nicholas Teo Launches
1+1 Be Simplify Beauty GLAMOGENIC
GLAMOGENIC Brand Ambassador Nicholas Teo Launches 1+1 Be Simplify Beauty GLAMOGENIC

GLAMOGENIC, an Australian skincare brand is proud to launch their latest  1+1 Be Simplify Beauty GLAMOGENIC together with their brand ambassador,  Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 in Glasshouse Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur recently. 

WEBSITE glamogenic.com
ONLINE SHOPPING www.gladiz.com

Image Consultant Simon Bindgen, Honorary Chairman Dato Dr Wong Aik Loung, Brand Ambassador Nicholas Teo, Professor AMU Prof Dato' Seri Dr Alex Ong, Brand International Model Ms Tina.
(From left to right)  

GLAMOGENIC is all-new beauty brand from Australia with products created by doctors who have over 30 years of experience in the skincare and beauty treatment sector. 

GLAMOGENIC is a luxurious skincare range that's safe and kind to your skin, the brand sources only the highest quality natural ingredients using only the best broccoli extract to revive the skin. Thus, it is created solely to revive one's skin to be beautiful and radiant in its natural glow, thus to boost self-confidence in oneself.  

Welcoming Glamogenic Brand Ambassador, Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 at the launch of 1+1 Be Simplify Beauty GLAMOGENIC

Glamogenic Brand Ambassador, Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 said, "This is an honour for me working with Glamogenic skincare brand. Although as a guy, I do pay special attention to my skin. By using Glamogenic's Vitalize Soothing Mask regularly, it effectively soothes my sensitive and fatigued skin with the moisturizing effect that totally refreshed my skin in minutes. 

The Brassica Peeling Gel is also one of my favourite product to use for its gentle exfoliating gel effect that's suitable for my skin. I will highly recommend the products to my fans and friends, inspiring everyone to gain beauty and confidence thru Glamogenic!"

Checking Out Some Of Glamogenic Skincare Products 

GLAMOGENIC understand the requirements and the needs of consumers through market analysis, using only the best raw materials for the skin, as well as to protect the skin with its wide range of skincare products.

The ingredients used in Glamogenic skincare products are of the safest, effective and most natural ingredients possible in their formulation. It's the unique indigenous Botanics and nutrients that make their products particularly potent and effective using only the best broccoli extract for its products. 

Glamogenic was established with the belief that no two skin types are created the same, so skincare products should be designed to suit different skin types and consumers should have the opportunity of choosing what goes into, or out of, their skincare products.

Glamogenic wide range of skincare products can be purchased at www.gladiz.com your trusted online shopping platform or visit www.glamogenic.com and Facebook at www.facebook.com/glamogenicofficial for more information. Do check their products with a membership package prices at www.facebook.com/pg/glamogenicofficial/shop

Dr GLAMOGENIC Brassica Peeling Gel 
RM 128.80

GLAMOGENIC Vitalize Soothing Mask
RM 98.80

GLAMOGENIC Dynamic Brightening Mask
RM 98.80

DR GLAMOGENIC Perfection Whitening Spot Serum
RM 88.80

DR GLAMOGENIC Enliven Brightening Cream
RM 188.80

DR GLAMOGENIC Antioxidant Vit C + Serum
RM 288.80

Glamogenic also collaborates with Asia Metropolitan University offering beauty courses which include basic skincare class and advanced beauty courses to students interested in the beauty industry. All student successfully completed the course will be awarded a professional certificate from the university.

To experience Glamogenic skincare products, kindly contact them at 012 - 691 6128 from 10am to 10pm daily.

At present, Glamogenic is also recruiting distributors nationwide and welcome young entrepreneurs to join their team. Product training will be provided as well as special travel incentive and generous bonuses are waiting for you to explore! For more details, please contact: 012 - 708 2198

Try this '1+1 Formula' Now ~ A Package with Brassica Peeling Gel, Vitalize Soothing Mask & Dynamic Brightening Mask for RM 318 only. Info Link: http://bit.ly/2WQXGg1

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