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Monday, 29 July 2019

DINE INN Malaysia ~ Private Chef's Table With Kuala Lumpur's Best Home Chefs

DINE INN Malaysia 
Private Chef's Table  Taste The Secrets Of  Kuala Lumpur's Best Home Chefs

Bet you have not heard of 'Private Chef's Table' by Dine Inn Malaysia before? Thanks to the wonderful invitation, my foodie hubby and I went to one of Dine Inn Malaysia Private Chef's Table dining session held at  ​Sixceylon Service Apartment in Kuala Lumpur. Truly one-of-a-kind culinary adventure tasting the secrets of Kuala Lumpur's best home chefs! Read On For More...

Lovingly Cooked With Love & Passion Tasty Dishes By Dine Inn Host Amy   

DINE INN Malaysia
Website my.dineinn.com

It was indeed a unique and equally interesting dining experience for both of us. Totally memorable as we get to embark on a gastronomic journey with private chefs showcasing exquisite cuisine from their kitchens with Dine Inn Malaysia.πŸ˜‹

My Chef For The Day With Dine Inn Host Amy 

One For The Album 
Posing With ε‰ιš†ε‘美食猎人 Gourmet Hunter KL The One & Only Anthony Cheah   

That night we not only get to wine and dine savouring deliciously cooked home-style cuisines but get a sneak peek into Chef Amy's private kitchen learning a tip or two watching her preparing our delicious dinner that evening.

Malaysian can now indulge a dining experience that heightens their five senses - sight, sound, taste, smell and touch! All-in-one experience with this innovative dining affair to excite diners via immersive dining as they watch the chef prepare their meals igniting one's sight and sound senses.

As the dishes are served, one's taste and smell senses are stimulated as they savour the meals prepared by Dine Inn's host Chef Amy paired with a glass of red wine for that elegant experience. For many, this was a "home away from home" experience, allowing us to interact and get up close and personal with these amazing home chefs.

Truly a nice little intimate dinner held at Sixceylon Service Apartment at Bukit Ceylon, overlooking beautiful nice view of the city by night! 

A Snippet Of What Dine Inn Malaysia Is All About

What Is A Private Chef's Table?
Private Chef’s Table is a private dining event organized by Dine Inn, held on weekdays from 20 July 2019, 7pm to 9pm. Guests can immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure and taste the secrets of Kuala Lumpur’s best home chefs. 

The culinary lineup for ​Private Chef’s Table is specially curated by Luke Lee (Founder of Dine Inn) presenting guests with an exciting range of exquisite cuisines based on recipes passed down through generations.

Embark on a unique and exciting dining experience with Luke Lee and 5 of Dine Inn’s best home chefs with a myriad of cuisines ranging from Authentic Mexican Flavours to Sri Lankan Lebanese Fusion. 

Where The Venue?
Each dinner will be held at ​Sixceylon Service Apartment 21-03, No.6, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200, Kuala Lumpur, centrally located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It provides a “home away from home” experience, allowing guests to fully immerse in a home environment.

What To Expect?
In addition, the open concept kitchen allows guests to interact and get up close and personal with the home chefs, where guests can look forward to hearing unique stories and even learn a cooking tip or two. 

“The premise of Dine Inn and ​Private Chef’s Table ​is about bringing people together through their love for food. I believe that Malaysia’s culinary gems are hidden from plain sight and in the kitchen of every home.

Nothing beats the sincerity and attention to detail from our home chefs when they lovingly prepare a private dinner for you. I am honoured and proud to have worked with 5 of  Dine Inn’s best home chefs to let you savour home-cooked goodness with a 5-star dining experience.” said Luke Lee, Founder of Dine Inn.

Where To Book?
Ticketing Information:  Exclusive Launch Special  ● Apply promo code ​“PCTMY10” ​to get 10% off  ● Tickets are strictly non-refundable  ● Multiple-use, valid till 31 August 2019

Book now at ​bit.ly/PrivateChefsTableDIMY Location: ​No.6, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200, Kuala Lumpur.  Contacts:enquiries-my@dineinn.com​ or +6010 974 8180

Amy Private Kitchen (Amy) 
Since the tender age of 10 years old, Amy started cooking for her younger siblings, thus showing her strong passion for cooking from a young age. She used to be a hairdresser and enjoys cooking delicious food for her colleagues, receiving many praises in return. A loving mother and wife, Amy prepare healthy yet delicious dishes for her family. In her free time, she would also research on healthy yet easy-to-prepare recipes, ensuring that her family is well-fed despite their busy schedules.

East Meets West at RM 100 per pax 

Let's Check Out My Private Chef’s Table With Dine Inn Host Amy

Drinks Chef’s Special Concoction 
Homemade brew with rose syrup, sprite, and cultured milk 

Appetizer Kimchi Carbonara Charcoal Bamboo Vermicelli with Seafood 
Traditional Kimchi fused with an Italian taste and charcoal bamboo vermicelli served chilled with pan-seared scallops/prawn 

Smoke Bacon Cheese Egg Farm 
Fresh chicken eggs, smoked bacon, cheddar, and bell pepper baked in the oven 

 Main Red Wine Stewed Chicken with Mashed Potato
Slow-cooked chicken with organic mushrooms and carrots in a red wine reduction, served with fluffy mashed potatoes 

Dessert Caramelized Grilled Pineapple 
Refreshing and zesty pineapples full of natural sweetness, glazed with homemade caramel sauce, and toasted to give it a distinctive smokey flavour

All-in-all, it was a pretty amazing experience for us both. We enjoyed the lovingly cooked dishes by host Amy, straight from her live-cooking kitchen to our dining table.

My personal favourite was the Appetizer Kimchi Carbonara Charcoal Bamboo Vermicelli with Seafood. It was a marriage in heaven between East & West cuisines and yet, it was so appealing in taste and flavour. So good that everyone went for a second helping!
As for the Red Wine Stewed Chicken with Mashed Potato, this is pure comfort food quality. Rich in taste with the fork-tender whole chicken thigh braised to perfection with red wine. 

Dessert of Caramelized Grilled Pineapple was a refreshing treat after the heavy meal. It was a burst of sweet and sour flavour upon the first bite and a clever combination of fruits with homemade caramel sauce, perfectly toasted to give it a distinctive smokey flavour!

Location Of Private Chef's Table

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