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Friday 5 July 2019

D' MUNCH KITCHEN 豬多飽 Petalz Residences Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur

Whetting Pork Lovers' Appetite With Home-Style Dishes

Attention All Pork Lovers! If you enjoyed pork dishes cooked in any style, then you are in for a treat with the pork-licious menu by D' MUNCH KITCHEN 豬多飽 at Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur.

Good makan places around the Klang Valley are sometimes accidental discoveries for foodies like us. Read on for more yummy food story from Auntie Lilly...

G-05 Petalz Residences 
Residency Rimbunan
No. 2 Jalan 1/132A
Off Jalan Klang Lama
Kampung Pasir
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 - 683 0699
Opening Hours
Tues - Sat (5pm to 2am)
Sun (12:30pm to 9:30pm)
CLOSED On Monday  
FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/dmunchkitchen

With a pork-loving family in tow, Auntie Lilly decided to check out this newly opened month old eatery, d' Munch Kitchen located in Petalz Residences, along the Old Klang Road for dinner that night. 

 from while offering an array of porky home-style recipes from mains, noodles, rice and soups dishes together with herbal teas to alcoholic beverages, they are all out to whet your appetite.

Dinner at d' Munch Kitchen was absolutely amazing, just like a gastronomy journey for me back to the authentic taste of home. I was overwhelmed with the wonderful memories of my late mom, my mother-in-law and even my aunt's cooking when dining there.

Dishes served here is cooked with passion and love, very home-style bringing back memories of all those comforts and hearty food that we grew up eating.
The decor of the restaurant is one of the simple and straight forward with no frills setup but what excites me is the way the dishes are cooked using pork meat in so many styles as you read this blog post. Oh yes, the restaurant has a two storey set-up, so if you are looking for privacy or a bigger table for groups, do walk up to the mezzanine floor for more space. 

The noteworthy dishes to try has to be the PORK CURRY, VINEGAR PORK LEG, PEANUT PORK and MUI CHOY PORK SLICED. Reasonably priced from RM 8/dish onwards.  

Shot Taken From The Mezzanine Floor

We tried several dishes to go with rice at one go, but I shall sum them up in the order of my top favourites based on personal preference and taste. Here goes: 

  d' Pork Curry 
RM 18

The Pork Curry was such a memorable dish and I had to say that this is one of the best-tasting pork curries I ever tasted. You see, there are not many restaurants that serve pork curry as mostly are inclined to serving the crowd favourite of chicken curry.

Using only fresh herbs and spices such as galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger and shallots just to mention a few, the pork curry is stewed to perfection with the rich curry sauce penetrating fully into the tender pork with potatoes. 

We ordered seconds for this yummy dish alone as both of my hubby and son just cannot stop themselves from slurping or mopping up the delicious curry gravy with their multiple bowls of rice and mantao.  

d' Vinegar Pork Leg 
RM 15

The Vinegar Pork Leg was my personal favourite, in fact. This hearty pork dish reminds me of my late aunt's cooking. It's a must-eat dish specially prepared for new mothers during their confinement and I remembered my aunt would get busy buying the sweet vinegar, sour vinegar and premium Bentong old ginger with the lean pork just for me. 
Many eateries do serve this but most of them were not up to the mark, lacking in the richness in the black thick broth with the balance flavours of sourness and sweet within the dish. Some are too watery - could be stingy with not using the right kind of premium black vinegar.

Well, d' Munch Kitchen's pork vinegar dish hits all the right spots and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish to the last drop of the sauce. Serving portion for all the dishes is good for sharing for 2 to 3 persons. 

d' Peanut Pork 
RM 23

Moving on next, another winner in its own right ~ Peanut Pork. Oink-oink, to all the pork lovers out there - come check out the pork cooked with peanuts. 

The combination of it all was nothing less than addictive with a fair portion of pork belly braised over long hours with the soft peanuts. 

You'll enjoy the melt-in-the-mouth equal layering of fat and lean pork belly soaking in the flavourful sauce with the big peanuts. Again, this is a unique dish and is not available in many restaurants and dishes like these are only cooked at home as family dishes.

d' Mui Choy Pork Sliced 
RM 8

Any Mui Choy Chee Yok lovers here? Wow, this is one of the dishes I love most eating it from my mom's kitchen and also one of the dishes I failed miserably to master it to the taste of my late mom's cooking.

Served Piping Hot In Claypot

Here's one of the nostalgic Hakka dish I craved and missed most. Simply memorable family favourites cooked by my late mom. This is a traditional dish you can find in most Hakka families dinner table. 

Both sweet and salty preserved vegetable or also known as 'Mui Choy' is braised with pork slices and ginger till soft. Maybe an easy dish to prepare with simple ingredients but it's takes years of experience with love and passion to get the taste right! 

If you are looking for a soup dish, then you might want to try their Pork Innard Soup. 

d' Pork Innard Soup 
RM 16

Featuring a sourish preserved vegetable soup base, the 'Ham choy' is cooked with a combination of mixtures of fork-tender pork belly with skin, pig intestines and chewy pig tongue.      

d' Munch Braised 
RM 15

If the soup dish does not appeal to you, then get your fix of the pig 'spare parts' from this Braised Pork dish. 

Mixtures of pork belly with skin and pig intestines braised in dark thick sauce with boiled egg and tofu to soak up the flavours.  

d' Munch Vege 
RM 8

d' Hong Kong Choy Sum
RM 8

Apart from the pork dishes, you can also have some greens to go with the dishes. 

Choose the daily available vegetables of the day or better still, opt for the crunchy Hong Kong Choy Sum. 

d' Braised Pork Rice 
RM 8

There are also some dishes perfect for the single diner or for those looking for a pocket-friendly, quick and simple but tasty pork meal to fill the tummy. Diners can check out this Braised Pork Rice for RM 8 only.

Simply a hearty yummy dish with warm white rice served topped generously with braised minced pork with lots of pork lard (Chee Yar Char), Hong Kong Choy Sum and sunny side up. Fan of fragrant sinfully delicious pork lard will love this!
 d' Porky Noodle 
RM 10.90

Noodles lovers can try the Porky Noodle ~ Flavourful pork broth is served with your choice of noodles (Mee Hoon, Mee, Koay Teow or Mee Sua (add RM 1). 

The broth was made tastier and flavourful with the additional fresh pork slices, meatballs and internal organs of the pig, also not forgetting the crispy pork lards floating on the bowl!    

Golden Mantao
RM 5 For 6 pcs

These soft and fluffy buns are great dishes to eat with all the above mentioned dishes. Summer Mantao (4pcs) RM 5 is the non-fried version of the buns while Golden Mantao is the deep-fried side dishes.

Oh yes, don't miss out the ON-GOING PROMOTION  FROM 9th - 31st July 2019 NOW with ADD-ON RM 2 for your favourite Golden Mantao with every purchase of their d' PORK CURRY or d' PORK RENDANG!

Overall, d' Munch Kitchen proves itself a good to go eatery for its variety of home-style dishes to suit everyone varies taste buds. Prices are reasonable considering they used premium ingredients to all their pork dishes. They are opened till 2am to feed those hungry 'ghosts' from Tuesday to Saturday.  

Truly an authentic fare at affordable prices, tasty right down to the last bite for me and my family that night. I'll be coming back for my pork curry, pork vinegar, peanut pork and maybe mui choy pork again. 

Herbal Tea Of The Day - RM 1.50 Per Bowl

Do drop by at d' Munch Kitchen 豬多飽 if you are around the area, I'm sure you will not be disappointed dining at this family-friendly restaurant serving flavours reminiscent of home-cooked goodness! Yummy! 

Location Of  D' MUNCH KITCHEN Petalz Residences

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