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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

YUK! BEBEK Authentic Indonesian Food Delivery Services Direct To Your Doorsteps

Authentic Indonesian Food 
Delivery Services Direct To Your Doorsteps

Hi, guys! Today Auntie Lilly would like to share with you a food-delivery service I chanced upon Facebook during one of 'Cari Makan Adventures'. Calling themselves ~ YUK! BEBEK is a fun and catchy name to say and remember, I believe they are one of the first and new food delivery services that specialise in Indonesian cuisine.

YUK! BEBEK Indonesian Food Delivery Services Direct To Your Doorsteps
 YUK! BEBEK Indonesian Food Delivery Services Direct To Your Doorsteps

I'm basically a full-time homemaker and if I'm not out for a food-tasting session, I do lots of cooking at home to feed my family some real good, tasty and nutritious home cooked meal. But there are times during my lazy days and there's no one to feed at home, I do look forward to some home delivery food services around in town. 

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25 Years Of Authentic Indonesia Recipe -  YUK! BEBEK
25 Years Of Authentic Indonesia Recipe -  YUK! BEBEK

To start off with I ordered the Ayam Goreng Bandung from YUK! BEBEK. Service was efficient and my lunch arrived promptly at my doorsteps, still warm, smelling fragrant and tasty-looking! Being a chicken lover, I foremost must try out their Ayam Goreng Bandung from the Set Menu. 

Choose from their 4 mouth-watering authentic Indonesian Set Meals as follows: 

1. Yuk! Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken)  RM 14.50
2. Yuk! Bebek Goreng Empuk (Signature Fried Duck)        RM 15.60
3. Yuk! Pecel Lele Lamongan (Lamongan Fried Catfish)    RM 12.90
4. Yuk! Udang Asam Jawa (Jawa Tamarind Prawn)            RM 17.00

You can view the full description of the dishes from the Yuk! Bebek Website: whattoeat.com.my/yuk-bebek  or www.foodpanda.my

 Yuk! Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken)  RM 14.50
 Yuk! Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken) 
RM 14.50

All meal sets are served with Indonesian Nasi Uduk, Fresh Cucumber, Fried Tauhu, Hard-Boiled Egg, Sayur Asam Soup, Emping Melinjo and orange as dessert, completed with their Signature Sambal Ijo and Sambal Kecap Spesial, with free Teh Botol Sosro (250ml) for each pack. 

Well-Marinated Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken)
Well-Marinated Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken)

Sinfully delicious, the Ayam Goreng Bandung (Bandung Fried Chicken) was well-marinated as I can taste the juicy and flavourful meat beneath the crispy skin. The Indonesian-style of cooking fried chicken is usually long and tedious with their chicken being seasoned first prior to slow-cooking it with their special blend of Bandung herbs and spices for 2 hours, before being deep fried in an optimal temperature to a golden brown perfection resulting in an authentic Bandung flavour. 

The Complete Set Meal With Sides Of Sambals, Soup & Dessert
Indonesian Nasi Uduk
Indonesian Nasi Uduk

Signature Sambal Ijo, Sambal Kecap Spesial With  Sayur Asam Soup
Signature Sambal Ijo, Sambal Kecap Spesial With  Sayur Asam Soup

YUK! BEBEK Signature Sambal Ijo
YUK! BEBEK Signature Sambal Ijo
YUK! BEBEK Signature Sambal Ijo

YUK! BEBEK ~ Signature Sambal Ijo is their in-house specially concocted signature green chillies sambal - spicy and addictive it goes well with the rice and chicken too. 

YUK! BEBEK Signature Sambal Ijo
YUK! BEBEK Sambal Kecap Spesial 

Apart from that, another sauce - Sambal Kecap Spesial is also a flavoursome housemade sauce from YUK! BEBEK, Less spicy and sweet to taste, it's good to eat as a dipping sauce for the Emping Melinjo (Indonesian Keropok/Crackers).    

YUK! BEBEK Sup Sayur Asam
YUK! BEBEK Sup Sayur Asam

YUK! BEBEK Sup Sayur Asam is the Indonesia-style vegetable soup cooked in tamarind. I'm not too fond of the soup, maybe due to the sourish taste of the soup. I like mine rich and savoury with chicken, ikan bilis or pork bones flavoured soup based.     

Emping Melinjo & Orange For Dessert
Emping Melinjo & Orange For Dessert

YUK! BEBEK Sides Snack Of Emping Melinjo
YUK! BEBEK Sides Snack Of Emping Melinjo

Emping Melinjo Indonesian chips is a bite size snack kripik cracker, made of melinjo or belinjo nuts. These bitterish taste traditional crackers appeal to my palate. It's plain in taste, neither sweet or salty unlike our kerepok lekor but has a slightly bitter taste and goes really with the rice, giving it a different taste and texture. 

Well, if you are bored with the local or western dishes, do give them a try. Choose from the duck, chicken, fish and prawn Set Meal. Indonesian cuisines don't stray too far from our local palate, I'm sure you'll enjoy their special Bebek Goreng Empuk - Signature Fried Duck or the Ayam Goreng Bandung - Bandung Fried Chicken. 

Apart from that, I do hope they will come out with a new Vegan Set Meal to cater to vegetarian or some customers that may be looking for a meatless day diet or so.    

Place Your Order Here:
or contact: 012-420 2437 for a minimum order of 5.


Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm

Contact Number: +6012-420 2437

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