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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Three Brothers Restaurant For Fresh Seafood Flavours At Section U5 Subang Bestari Shah Alam

Dishes As Fresh As It Can Get
Subang Bestari Three Brothers Restaurant For Fresh Seafood Flavours At Section U5 Subang Bestari Shah Alam
Hidden Treasure Of Subang Bestari

Frontage Of Three Brothers Restaurant
Frontage Of Three Brothers Restaurant

My gastronomic adventures this time has brought my foodie hubby, Uncle Hong and I all the way to a Chinese restaurant in Subang Bestari located in Shah Alam. Hidden in the Seksyen U5 of Bandar Pinggiran Subang is a gem of a restaurant called Three Brothers Restaurant that serves simple yet luxurious Chinese cuisine with an emphasis on super fresh, premium and high-quality seafood. 

 Fresh Ocean Trout
 Fresh Ocean Trout

The owner, Chef Shawn Lee said that they have been around for more than 8 years serving a wide array of Chinese speciality dishes to the locals and regular patrons staying or working around the vicinity. Recently it underwent some refurbishment to spruce up the interior of the restaurant to offer a comfortable and spacious dining experience for its diners.

Fresh Oyster from Australia
Fresh Oyster from Australia

From the word go, you know that your meal in Three Brothers Restaurant will be a satisfying one thanks to the innovative cooking skills Chef cum owner Shawn Lee puts in curating new and exciting flavours into all his signature dishes especially his seafood cuisine. He places utmost importance in serving his diners the freshest of the fresh with top quality ingredients going into his dishes. 

As Fresh As It Can Get

Each dish here is prepared with pride, having the right amount of seasoning and condiments, so as not to drown the dish in artificial flavours. He gets his daily catch such from Fresh Ocean trout, Giant Garoupa to fresh Australian oyster, just to name a few and these top picks are usually taken up immediately by its loyal customers once he sends out his 'Official Whatsapp' messages to them. 

We were treated to a lip-smacking dining experience that will make you want to return for more that day. The menu for the day features some 18 dishes which I shall share with my foodies as follows...

象拔蚌海味炖鸡  Double Boil Chicken Soup With Geoduck RM 88
Double Boil Chicken Soup With Geoduck
RM 88

Chicken soup, one of the most well-known nutritious Chinese soup is also served here but on a grander scale with Geoduck, Dry Scallops,Shellfish and the premium Brazilian Mushroom. The Double Boil Chicken Soup With Geoduck has a long list of ingredient going into it which includes the Kampung Chicken, fresh Geoduck, Brazil Mushroom, Dry Scallop, Shellfish and numerous Chinese soup herbs.

Top Seller In The Menu
Top Seller In The Menu

Chef Shawn double-boiled the premium soup for long hours to extract out the full flavours and nutrients of all the ingredients. This beauty is going for a song at only RM88, a very reasonable price and real value-for-money with efforts and premium ingredients used to prepared this highly nutritious and flavoursome soup. Must-Try and highly recommended to try if you are dining here with your family for the extra dose of goodness! 👍👍👍

Peppered Pig Stomach Soup
Peppered Pig Stomach Soup

Peppered Pig Stomach Soup
Next on the soup list is the Peppered Pig Stomach Soup. A generous portion of spare pork ribs and chicken feet goes into boiling of the pepper soup to sweeten up the soup. Tastewise is just average as I expected a stronger and more fragrant pepper soup for my personal preference. 

Nevertheless, Chef Shawn assured us that he's getting a better grade of pepper and awaiting shipment for his new peppery concoction to further enhance the flavour, ie with a kick!

 Fresh Oyster from Australia
 Fresh Oysters from Australia
RM 12 Per Piece

Oyster-licious Offerings
Oyster-licious Offerings 

冰镇生蚝 Succulent & Tender Fresh Oyster from Australia
 Succulent & Tender Fresh Oyster from Australia

Another speciality here is their Succulent & Tender Fresh Oyster from Australia. If you are lucky, you'll get to taste their newly arrived fresh stock of oysters air-flown from Australia. Real oysters lovers will eat them as fresh from the shell; with a dash of Tabasco sauce and a squeeze of lemon for the extra flavour. Today stock is in medium size and it's selling for RM 12 per piece. My hubby loves his oysters and was raving that it's superb in taste and freshness in the briny flavour.    
Oyster Steamed With Garlic Sauce

If you're not a fan of raw oysters, no worries as you can order 2 differents style of Oysters dish to try on their menu. Choose from Oyster Steamed With Garlic Sauce or Oyster Steamed With XO Sauce to suit your taste and liking.

XO 酱蒸生蚝  Oyster Steamed With XO Sauce
XO 酱蒸生蚝 
Oyster Steamed With XO Sauce

XO 酱蒸生蚝  Oyster Steamed With XO Sauce
I also discovered a new appreciation for oysters (something I have never liked thanks to a heavy fishy scent). But it tasted so good when cooked with XO sauce; fresh and succulent due to the light hand at cooking and a generous doling of the premium XO sauce that whets the appetite!

Thumbs up to these delicious well-cooked oysters in XO sauce.  

咖喱鱼头煲 Curry Fish Head
Curry Fish Head 
RM 40

Moving on to spicier selection and another Best Seller from Three Brothers Restaurant is their Curry dishes. Red Snapper was used for this dish but diners can have the option of choosing their favourite fish head to goes into this curry dish.

Chunky Fish Meat

Chef Shawn gave his curry dish a healthy dose of using Carnation evaporated milk instead of the coconut milk (santan). A good dish to be eaten with warm white rice as the gravy tastes wonderfully delicious with the right amount of fresh herbs and spices. Served about 5 to 6 pax.

咖喱海鲜煲  Curry Seafood Pot
Curry Seafood Pot
Seasonal Pricing

 咖喱海鲜煲  Curry Seafood Pot
Our mouth-watering pot of seafood-licious curry ~ Seafood Curry consists of a plethora of ocean fresh delights such as Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Clams served with an array of ladies fingers, brinjals, and my favourite Tau Foo Pok. 😋😋😋

招牌广西蒸鱼  Ginger Onion Steamed Fish
Ginger Onion Steamed Fish
Seasonal Pricing

Not to be missed is their Steamed Fish. We were offered 2 different types of topping sauces. The first was the special Kong Sai Steamed which uses a combination concoction of the famous Bentong ginger, young ginger, coriander, garlic, and shallot.

Great combination with the right portion of ginger used which is not too overpowering nor too spicy to taste especially when Bentong ginger is used. The Tiger Garoupa Tail was used for this dish and just perfect with the fresh white and flaky meat which I enjoyed the most.   

Soya Sauce Steamed Fish
Soya Sauce Steamed Fish
Seasonal Pricing

Soya Sauce Steamed Fish
If you don't fancy ginger with steamed fish, choose the Soya Sauce Steamed Tiger Garoupa Fish which is also a good option to taste the natural sweetness of the fresh fish. It's an appetising dish thanks to the freshness of the fish; well-prepared with a housemade concoction of premium soya sauce and garlic oil.

白切走地鸡  Poached Village Chicken RM 38 (Half Chicken)
Poached Village Chicken
RM 38 (Half Chicken)

白切走地鸡 Poached Village Chicken
Another speciality from Chef Shawn, Poached Village Chicken is no ordinary chicken. He gets his supplies from a famous chicken farm in Ijok, which breed these tasty and tender chickens according to his requirements. The simple yet appetising poached village chicken is significantly tastier as it possesses leaner, firmer meat with an unusual shade of yellow.

茶叶薰鸡 Chinese Smoked Chicken
Chinese Smoked Chicken
RM 38

茶叶薰鸡 Chinese Smoked Chicken
To heightened the tasting experience, Chef Shawn serves another version of his famed Ijok's farm chicken in the tea-smoked style - Chinese Smoked Chicken. It has a very mild smoky tea aroma and taste on the skin. I didn't taste much difference from the meat except the skin been given a smoky and tan treatment on a poached chicken prior to serving.

Fresh Cut From The Air-Flown In King Salmon or  Fresh Ocean Trout
Fresh Cut From The Air-Flown In King Salmon or  Fresh Ocean Trout

Deep Reddish Orangey Hue Of King Salmon
Deep Reddish Orangey Hue Of King Salmon 

Succulent Freshness Of Salmon Sashimi
Succulent Freshness Of Salmon Sashimi

Sashimi lovers are truly in for a treat when dining at Three Brothers Restaurant. The Fresh Air Flown Ocean Trout, or more commonly known as King Salmon sashimi-grade has arrives that morning (less than 24 hours).

 Freshly Grated Wasabi
 Freshly Grated Wasabi

I was surprised to find that this restaurant serves fresh wasabi as many Japanese eateries usually would not go through the extra effort to grate and serve them for diners. It's been awhile since I last tasted some really fresh wasabi. My first time was at this fine Japanese restaurant ~ Yuzen Japanese Restaurant that is located at Damansara Perdana helmed and owned by Chef Machi who makes and serves fresh wasabi to his discerning diners. You can view my post: HERE

Best Eaten With This Duo Of Fresh Wasabi & Japanese Soya Sauce
Best Eaten With This Duo Of Fresh Wasabi & Japanese Soya Sauce

Chef Shawn added that the wasabi root don't come cheap and it's considered a premium for most Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. A quick check from the web, a wasabi farm selling 60grams for US$35 from www.thewasabistore.com.

Succulent Freshness Of Salmon Sashimi
Since it is was so fresh, it would be a crime not to serve them Sashimi style. Best eaten with the freshly made Wasabi and premium Japanese sashimi soya sauce! 😚😚😚

Fillet For Cooked Salmon

蜜汁三文鱼  Pan Fried Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce
Pan Fried Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce

Pan Fried Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce
The cooked King Salmon are served in 2 styles - Teriyaki Sauce and plain Pan Fried. Our Pan Fried Salmon With Teriyaki Sauce arrives deep-fried and beautifully presented, complete with crackling skin and edible skin. I prefer my salmon to be lightly pan-fried but nevertheless, the savoury and flavoursome teriyaki sauce get the thumbs up from me.

香煎三文鱼  Pan Fried Salmon
Pan Fried Salmon

香煎三文鱼  Pan Fried Salmon
If you prefer the simple style without the Teriyaki sauce, choose their Pan Fried with Salt and Pepper. For many, this is one of the best ways to savour the fresh and flaky sweet-tasting meat of King Salmon.  

培根三文鱼卷 Salmon Bacon Roll
Salmon Bacon Roll

培根三文鱼卷 Salmon Bacon Roll
Fret not if you are craving for some bacon-licious pork, Chef Shawn has curated a new twist to serving his prized catch of the day. I was pretty impressed with this new dish laid on my table ~ Salmon Bacon Roll. Good choice of meat used as the salty and chewy bacon gives a different taste and texture to the dish and complemented the chunky salmon within. I believe this is also a good dish to go with cold beers!

Salmon Cheese Roll

Moving on is the Salmon Cheese Roll. It may at first glance be overlooked as a simple deep-fried fare. However, like the assuming chef with more than 14 years of experience under his belt, it is unexpectedly flavourful. Chef Shawn revealed, "It is all in the rich taste of cheese wrapped with the salmon, battered and deep-fried to a perfect golden brown crispy".   

番茄烤肋骨 Grilled Pork Ribs With Herb
Grilled Pork Ribs With Herb
RM 48

Pork lovers fret not, here is one finger-licking good dish to check out. Juicy and fork-tender pork ribs are boiled in a tomato, celery, potatoes, carrot and herbs concoction until tender. Lightly coat with a savoury tomato and plum sauce to enhance the flavour. Pretty reasonable to pay RM48 for 2 juicy slabs of ribs! 

招牌鱼子炒蟹松  Signature Scramble Egg With Crab Meat
Signature Scramble Egg With Crab Meat
RM 68
Serving Portion 10 Pax

招牌鱼子炒蟹松  Signature Scramble Egg With Crab Meat
Last on the menu but a very unique dish exclusive to Three Brothers Restaurant. According to Chef Shawn, this egg and crab meat dish used to be a popular dish way back in the 80's with the Chinese chefs. Due to the tedious preparation and cooking method, you are very lucky if you still get to taste this in any regular Chinese restaurants nowadays.  

Addictive Dish To Eat
Addictive Dish To Eat

Only special Kampung eggs are used for the dish, beaten and stir-fried in a hot wok with oil till crisp and fragrant but not burnt. A generous portion of shredded crabmeat, pine nuts and chestnuts shreds are tossed in last for the final act. Topped with some Tobiko and Benito flakes; the dish is ready to be eaten with crunchy and fresh lettuce in wraps. Good attempt for this Japanese infused dish, if you like eggs, you will find this dish both addictive and good to eat.

Passionate & Full Of Drive Talented Chef Shawn With His Prize Catch
Passionate & Full Of Drive Talented Chef Shawn
With His 6kg Prize Catch 

Well, that's wraps up ... my full write-up of my scrumptious dining experience at Three Brothers Restaurant. I'm pretty impressed with some of Chef Shawn dishes. His seafood creations are simply amazing and it's a sin not to eat their steamed fish, curry dishes and  the signature Scramble Egg With Crab Meat too. Oh yes, do try the Double Boil Chicken Soup With Geoduck for some heart-warming soup indulgence.

I can see his drive and passion in cooking and creating new dishes to excite and please his diners appetite. Do come by this humble and assuming restaurant, be ready to be surprised and discover some of his latest creations to satisfy your cravings for good-tasting dishes.

Three Brothers Restaurant 
No: 23-G Jalan Bulan CA/U5
Bandar Pinggiran Subang 
Seksyen U5
40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 012 - 315 2053 / 012 - 315 2953

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