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Monday, 26 December 2016

Digi Prepaid Offers Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1

Digi Prepaid Plan Add-On 
Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1

Have you always wanted to surf your favourite websites and check on social media without worrying whether there will be additional charges for it? Personally, as a blogger, I am constantly on the move and I find it extremely troublesome that I have to fork out additional money, just to get basic data for my social postings. On average, I share about 4 to 5 postings on my social media about the latest scoops on where and what to eat. 

Digi Prepaid Offers Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1
This is why when I recently discovered about the All New Digi Prepaid offer of the Unlimited Daily Passes from just RM1, I was over the moon. It was affordable, reasonable and didn’t burn a hole in my pocket. Guess what, it is even cheaper than your regular pack of nasi lemak for morning breakfast! All you need to do is purchase it through the steps below and they will be valid for up to 24 hours upon activation. 

Digi Prepaid Offers Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1

The passes enable you to stream lite videos @ 512kbps from Digi Video Freedom main partners such as YouTube, Iflix, Tonton and Viu. Now, you can start watching your favourite dramas for such a low price.

Digi Prepaid Offers Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1
You can also socialize, get all the latest updates on Facebook or call your friends through Whatsapp, WeChat & Facebook Messenger with the all new Digi Unlimited Daily Pass. With the daily pass, you can send and share your favourite photos instantly with friends and keep them updated on the spot. 

Digi Prepaid Offers Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1
As a food blogger, I will have to stay in touch with many people to get the latest updates on blogging jobs. It gets really frustrating when I have to constantly search for free Wifi when I'm not at home and the worse part is, some connections are so slow and they might even require your personal information to obtain internet connection! With the daily pass, I am socially connected whenever and wherever.

Digi Prepaid Offers Unlimited Daily Passes From RM1
Besides that, I can catch up on my latest dramas while waiting for other bloggers to arrive during food reviews. As a person who hates wasting time, this daily pass is indeed a lifesaver as I don't need to idle away during the wait.

Get the latest scoop about anything under the Sun while you stay connected wherever you go for only RM1/Day with Digi's New Daily Pass! Your dream of a hassle free lifestyle is only RM 1 away.

For more details and updates, head over to Digi website to learn more about this attractive pass! Click here for more information!

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  1. Check out the all new DIGI Prepaid offer of the Unlimited Daily Passes from As Low As RM1! (y)
    Now, I can stay connected wherever and whenever during my food review sessions without burning a hole in my pocket! For more details, click on the link below:



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