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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

CEO BBQ Premium Seafood Barbecue @Jalan Kepong Kuala Lumpur

Premium Seafood Barbecue 
For Fresh Seafood Flavours

Here's an interesting story on my recent trip up to north part of Kuala Lumpur, all the way to Kepong in search of some tasty and live crustacean to feed my seafood loving family. This makan place, CEO BBQ is located along Jalan Kepong, just next to hypermarket Aeon Big, right behind  the Happy City Food Court and beside Happy City Steamboat.
You see, my daughter and I are pretty excited to see a live brown french crab at CEO BBQ that day. Pity that little crab as it's going to be on our dinner table, fresh and succulent after being charcoal grill to perfection, best eaten with minimal seasoning. 
Crab-loving daughter, Clarrisha Hong, Me & Mr Crabby  

More Candid Shots with Mr Crabby 

French Brown Crab (Market Price)
(Pre-Order 1 Day in Advance) 

I was told by Yeoh, owner cum chef of CEO BBQ that keeping the french crab alive is not an easy task. This live huge crab must be kept at the cool temperature of between 8 to 11 Celsius, too low or too high it might die too. To savour this live french crab, you may need to pre-order it 1 one day in advance to savour the fresh live crabs.

Grilled to Perfection with Charcoal 

One of the best method to savour fresh crab is to put it straight onto the griller, use charcoal for the smoky flavour rather than the gas. Grilling it without any seasoning let you taste the fresh ocean delights, the sweet briny flavour and delicate texture of the French Brown Crab.  

Flaming of the French Brown Crab In Action!

Video of The Flaming Brown French Crab

Impressive display where Yeoh, our BBQ chef pour a generous slug into the dish - set them alight - flambe them for a minute or so for the final act! 

 Still Flaming the Crab-licious Grilled Crab

An Epicurean Delight

The huge grill crab comes served with 2 types of in-house made dipping sauces to go with the grilled crab meat, but I would recommend you guys to eat the crab as it is, in order to savour the natural flavour.  

Robust Crab Roe

Robust crab is full of meat which is so condensed, tasty with the best part being the crab's roe. Cooked in simple grill-style but the result is a succulent and fresh tasting fine white crab meat. Crustacean lovers, you seriously do not want to miss this super crab dish!

Next, we check out the giant freshwater prawn minutes before going onto the griller. Dining at CEO BBQ you can be assured of having fresh and solid big size giant prawns to satisfy your appetite.

Checking Out The Delicious Harvest From The Ocean

Foot-Long Giant Freshwater Prawn Ready For Grilling

Fresh Wild Tigers Prawns & Giant Freshwater Prawn Platter

Well, here you go an amazing platter of the perfect combo of  freshly grilled prawns and Giant Freshwater Prawn, insanely good, flamed licked to perfection. Master BBQ chef Yeoh is an expert cook behind the stove, churning out mouthwatering grilled dishes to please all the senses. The giant prawn is sold at market price while the large prawns with sizes of 6" to 9" are sold at RM 55 for a set of 4.

Grilled Giant Freshwater Prawn (Market Price)
Large Prawns ( RM 55 for 4 )

You see, Yeoh some how managed to grill enough to be flavourful without tasting the carbon. Grilling seal in the rich taste of your seafood, it also offers a better texture while the firm and succulent seafood enhances the overall experience. 

Shellfish Delight Platter

For a complete seafood dining experience, do check out CEO's shellfish offering of  an assortment of oysters in sea salt, large scallop with cheddar and mayonnaise sauce, giant scallop on chilli cheese sauce, and mussels platters. All are priced according to market price. 

Large Scallop with Cheddar & Mayonnaise Sauce

 Oysters in Sea Salt


Moving on to our next sizzling temptation is the  BBQ Squid,  BBQ Pork Ribs and BBQ Smoked Duck. This platter is a sinful indulgence with big size squid having a bouncy and chewy texture, while the pork ribs meat is thick and tender but yet a little firm, the pieces of fairly lean pork ribs are almost smoky in flavours.

BBQ Squid 
RM 20

BBQ Pork Ribs
RM 35

I especially enjoy the house made BBQ Char Siew sauce added on prior to grilling. As you can see, the pork ribs has a wonderful roasted texture with charred edges from the charcoal grilling. Serve topped with dry herbs for the added flavour and flamed licked to perfection. 

BBQ Smoked Duck
RM 20

Bacon Enoki 

RM 5 per skewer

New Zealand Lamb Platter

If you want to include more red meat into your seafood platter, you can opt for the BBQ Lamb Cutlets and BBQ Lamb Chops to whet your appetite. These finger licking lamb chops is juicy without the gamey smell which I dislike eating most presence in mutton sometimes if not well-cooked. 

 Tender & Juicy Close Shot of the New Zealand Lamb Platter 
Lamb Chops 
(2 sets on Platter)
RM 20 for 1 set

Lamb Cutlets
RM 28 for 3 pcs 

Hitting high points is the melt-in-the-mouth tender and delectable with its natural juices lamb chops. I like mine without any dipping sauce although they are serve with house made special mint sauce and BBQ sauce to accompany this meat platter. 

Yeoh, the boss behind CEO BBQ
A seafood lovers himself especially grilled food, Yeoh's interest starting when he always have BBQ parties at his own house; with him of course as the Chief cook behind the grill. He enjoys serving his customers with his mouth-watering premium seafood and meats platter while they dine and be treated like a big boss just like the CEO!    

Thumbs up for the wonderful dining experience savouring prized catch and premium seafood with warm and charming Chef Yeoh serving us like a CEO! 

Do check out this place, drive the distance and take a trip down to Kepong and I guaranteed you'll have a unique grilling experience, well-fed with delicious scrumptious servings of grilled seafood delicacies at CEO BBQ. A treat for seafood lovers with impressive variety of delicacies with the tasty crustacean!

No 3 & 5 Block E
Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2
Taman Usahawan
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 010 - 7711 579

Business Hours: Monday to Sunday (Daily) 5pm to 3am 

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