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Friday, 16 October 2015

TEN YEARS RESTAURANT ~ Malaysian Flavours At Its Best @Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Flavours At Its Best
With Tasty Bites Of Malaysia 

Ten Years Restaurant is a recently-opened new outlet that offers a selection of authentic yet affordable local cuisine of famous culinary destinations all over the country. From the well-known Char Kuey Teow of Penang to Tawau's Nasi Kuning, Malaysia's flavours span across the 14 states and cultures, a trove of treasure for all foodies and food critics alike.

Ten Years Restaurant welcome diners to savour the nation's most famous fares with a brand new dining experience of Malaysian top-rated cuisines, all under one roof.  "Ten Years is created with the dream to preserve The Malaysian Food Culture by passing it on to the next generations. From the 60’s leading up to the 90’s, The Malaysian Foods have been evolving with the unique blend of various cultures from one decade to the next, " shares  one of the founders,Victor Bong. 

Ten Years Restaurant operating on a unique business concept, promises authentic flavours by partnering with decades old hawkers or restaurants owners owning signature Malaysian recipes. They gather the best Malaysian street foods preserve under one restaurant for all to enjoy and savour. Check out their full menu: HERE

Ten Years Restaurant looks like a trendy eatery from the outside but once you step in, you are greeted with warm smiles and a beautifully designed space where you can spend hours eating and chatting with your family and friends.

Display Area

It is a spacious and cosy restaurant with vintage set up - very interesting and captivating. The décor of the restaurant is reminiscent of the past eras of the 70's, the 80's and the 90's, filled with memorabilia from the past era.
Pretty fascinating just to walk around and look at the cute ornaments that are now being used for decorative purposes. The dining environment of Ten Years also brought back nostalgia with items we used to see in the olden days, creating a different kind of ambience.

The Ten Years concept features various dining areas for different eras thus offering a perfect venue for a variety of events, ranging from private functions to corporate gatherings. They are open to hosting of birthdays, family gatherings, celebrations, corporate parties, business presentation, team dinners and more. Various services such as in-house projectors, WIFI internet and television are available, doing their best to cater for any special function needs or requirement for a thoroughly special experience. For more details click: HERE

Let me start off with my Favourite Top 3 dishes served from their brand new menu which I enjoyed most in this food-tasting session.  

Nasi Lemak Jalan 223
Origin: Petaling Jaya
RM 18.90

Which Malaysian doesn't love a hearty serving of nasi lemak? Me for once, just simply cannot resist the hot piping coconut milk rice completed with a perfect combination of sweet and spicy sambal, hard-boiled egg and fried anchovies (ikan bilis). Kak Yati's nasi lemak located at Jalan 223 always has a long queue of hungry customers. 

The nasi lemak is wrapped in the old style of banana leaves and newspapers, packed with the usual sliced cucumbers, boiled egg and sambal. Selling up to 1500 packets per day, there's no doubt that Kak Yati's packet Nasi Lemak is one of the best in town!  

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

~ Mouth-Watering Juicy & Tender ~ 
Fried To Perfection Chicken Drumstick 

Thumbs up to Ten Years Restaurant for serving this absolutely delicious perfect set of Kak Yati's Nasi Lemak with the usual condiments of a boiled egg, ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumbers and extra sides of keropok lekur (fish fritters). Indulge in its nasi lemak signature set comprising a whole chicken thigh marinated with special ingredients and freshly fried to crisp golden perfection. The rice is fragrant with the creamy coconut milk and provides a great balance to the chicken and spicy-sweet sambal.

The not-so-spicy sambal was a bit on the sweet side and are readily available for extra top-up upon request. You can also add-on the coconut milk rice for a price if the serving is not enough to satisfy your craving for Malaysian national dish. 

Shun Fa Restaurant Chicken Rice
Origin: Kuala Lumpur
RM 19.90

On its menu are another Malaysians' all-time-favourite Shun Fa Chicken Rice served with a whole chicken thigh roasted to perfection with special Chau Siew sauce, as well as delectable stewed egg and tofu with cucumber and poached vegetables. 

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

Marinated To Perfection
Succulent & Delicious Roast Chicken Thigh from Shun Fa Restaurant

Shun Fa Restaurant, famous for its perfectly poached free-range chicken subtly seasoned and served with fragrant rice. Been successfully making a name for itself since 1975 among the locals, the second generation of the family now runs the restaurant, carrying down their founder's precious recipe.

The rice was just decent, could have been better more fragrant and buttery but the 3 types of sauces namely the ginger sauce, chillie-ginger sauce and the soya sauce were pretty good.

 T & T Prawn Mee 
Jalan Chong Fatt Sze
Origin: Penang
RM 16.90

Great Food Shots by my fellow makan kaki, Jason Liew who blogs at: fattyjason.blogspot.my. So, pictures credits goes to him! 

For a true taste of Penang, you must not miss out on this delightful noodle soup. Being one of the best prawn mee in Penang, which always sold out in the early morning, the stall at Jalan Cheong Fatt Sze has 50 years long of history behind it. A legacy of good food which spans across 2 generations, the recipe is still being faithfully guarded with much success.

Savour the fresh ingredients such as prawns, fish cakes slices, boiled eggs slices and fried shallots soaked in hearty prawn broth boiled for hours with tinges of spices.

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

Nancy Kitchen Nyonya Laksa
Origin: Malacca
RM 19.90

Nancy's Kitchen's best-seller is their Nyonya Laksa,  which has even made it to the top of the list of the must-try food in Melaka. A superb dish with 20 years history over 3 generations, it is bound to enhance your tastebuds with its thick and rich coconut curry alongside fresh prawns, fish balls, fish cake slices, tofu pok, crunchy cucumber and bean sprouts.

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

Nasi Dagang Kak Pah
Origin: Terengganu
RM 18.90
Kak Pah is famous for her quality and authentic Nasi Dagang that is second to none in the whole of Kuala Terengganu. Kak Pah's 20 years old secret recipe sets a breaking record of selling out within 3 hours.

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

Chunky Piece of Ikan Ayer (Tuna)

With its perfectly steamed rice that smells of fragrant coconut, served with a generous portion of Ikan Ayer/ Ikan Tongkol (Tuna) with curry that hits the right notes, together with sides of ladies fingers, fried egg and some keropok lekur (fish fritters), everything was in place for a perfect Terengganu's famous dish!

Kak Tum Nasi Kuning
Origin: Tawau, Sabah
RM 19.90

Tastefully created by her mother, Kak Tum takes pride in selling her mother's specialty, Nasi Kuning. Another legacy dating back to 20 years, now you can relish this undisputed tasty and unique yellow rice paired perfectly with flavourful ayam masak merah together with spicy-sweet sides of anchovies with peanuts (ikan bilis & kacang sira) and a fried egg right here at Ten Years Restaurant!

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE   

TIGER Char Kuey Teow
Origin: Penang
RM 15.90

Char Kuey Teow is a uniquely South-East Asian dish and of all the places to get them, Penang state in Malaysia has a reputation for being among the best. But with Klang Valley being home to many Penangites, surely it is impossible to find a few good char kuey teow hawker stalls.

TIGER Char Kuey Teow, this popular CKT stall has been cooking up a storm since the 60's and remains the favourites of the Penangites and visitors alike due to its ability to maintain the same flavour and taste, even after 2 generations.

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

A Wok Of Art

CKT lovers will be delighted with the significantly huge plump and juicy prawns being nicely plonked on a bed of stir-fried Koay Teow, egg, chives and sprouts. Serving portion was good with all the right ingredients but in my opinion, its still lack the oomph ie the wok-hei delivered by the original cook that been frying these awesomely delicious CKT for many decades. 

Give them a chance and I believe with much practice on the hot wok, Ten Years' chefs would be able to master and deliver a better version of the famous Penang aka TIGER Char Kuey Teow in a short time!

Rojak Kepong Baru
Origin: Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
RM 12.90

Rojak lovers will rejoice over the famous Indian Rojak, better known as Pasembur Rojak originated from Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur while dining at Ten Years Restaurant. The stall’s second generation operator, Abu, is proud of his rojak which has garnered many loyal customers from near and far for more than 30 years.

Check out the Video & Interview: HERE

Apart from the rich and thick peanut sauce exuding a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, it is also well-known for its generous portions of tender Argentina squid and crispy prawn crackers. I found the rojak sauce to be quite thick and too sweet to my liking but on the other hand, some may loves the sweetness and the special thick sauce instead. I like mine to be on the spicy side, rich yet not too sweet with lots of  crushed peanuts! 

Spread Of Malaysian Flavours At Ten Years Restaurant  

Thumbs up to Ten Years' executive Chef Arthur Lim as he is the master now to all of the eight Malaysian famous cuisines. He took pains and sweat to learn from the original cooks for many months; learning from scratch and tweaking the recipes to be as authentic as possible, ensuring that the dishes taste just like that served by the original hawkers. Great respect for passionate Chef Arthur!

Flanked By Chef Executive Chef Arthur Lim (left) & owner, Victor Bong (right)

Posing at The Grand Opening Party of Ten Years Restaurant

Posing with Pretty Daughter of Mine
 Lifestyle Blogger at clarrishahong.blogspot.com

Great Shot with Jaishana Logan, 
Gorgeous Lifestyle Blogger at www.themodelmom.asia  

No 1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
03 - 9054 9688

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