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Friday, 23 October 2015

Premium Dim Sum Restaurant @Bandar Mahkota Cheras Selangor

Traditional Chinese Fare
 Gets The Modern Treatment At

Dim sum tops the list in my favourite food to eat. I just simply love eating these delightful bite-sized little morsels of different flavours, sizes and shapes, bringing so much satisfaction to me while savouring them. 

Life is like a bamboo container of dim sum. You never know what your're gonna get. Well prepared dim sum evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth that radiates throughout your body as you savour the savoury and sweet morsels. 

Eating dim sum brought warm and beautiful memories for me. Its reminds me of my dear old late dad, my 'Papa'. He would wakes me up early on every Sunday morning, clean me up and get ready for a father and daughter "Yam Cha" time at nearby Chinese dim sum restaurant in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

I was merely 5 years old at that time, so eating my favourite dim sum, the Yee Mai, a tasty bouncy fish ball will keep me smiling  the whole day. Now, I know why they called it "Dim Sum" as it literally means "touching the heart" and this denotes the amount of effort put  into making these bite-sized delights, as well as the happiness they can bring to those savouring them.  

If you are living in the vicinity of Cheras, you'll be delighted to know that there's a new dim sum restaurant that really good-tasting called Premium Dim Sum. Tucked away behind rows of shop houses located at Jalan Temenggung 29/9,  Bandar Mahkota Cheras, this cool-brand new eatery sports a bright and cheerful outlook, completely purged of the stuffy ambiance of its more traditional counterparts.

Spacious and Comfortable Dining

Premium Dim Sum is a pretty sleek, modern contemporary restaurant ensconced in brick, leather and marble. Owned by Chef Micheal Chai and his business partner Jimmy, both created Premium Dim Sum with a touch of the modern concept with marble table tops and black leather chairs, complete contrast to the traditional, banquet-hall type restaurants or grubby coffeshops packed with boisterous diners and noisy crowds.

Private Dining Room

Premium Dim Sum also boast of having a private dining room that seats 10 to 12 diners comfortably without any additional room charge or minimum spending. But prior bookings need to be made to avoid disappointment.

Outdoor Alfresco Dining 

Dim Sum Sifu At Work - Chef Yu

Dining at Premium Dim Sum offers chance to savour appetising creations of top chef from old-school cooks, Executive Chef Yu who can dish out traditional dim sum that are almost "extinct' because many restaurants have stopped serving these items since they are too tedious to make.  

So when you have someone like a dim sum Sifu, Chef Yu who has been honing his dim sum-making skills for 30 years at a once pretty famous place called Teochew Restaurant (an old style Chinese restaurant in Klang Valley back in the 1980's), you can expect five-star quality dim sum at an affordable price.

Open Kitchen Concept

Chef Yu brought along a team of dim sum cooks from the kitchen to his 'live' cooking stations at the open kitchen at Premium Dim Sum. Chefs are stationed at the open kitchen to prepare mouthwatering freshly steamed dim sum upon request.

One Happy Smiling Dim Sum Chef At Work

At Premium Dim Sum, the dim sum here are prepared fresh daily using only quality and premium ingredients. As the dishes are only cook or steam upon ordering, diners need to allow at least 10 to 15 minutes of waiting time before it can be served. 

A Picture Of Palate-Melting Creations Of Dim Sum Sifu, Chef Yu   

Variety is one of dim sum's most pleasing qualities and if you are a fan, Premium Dim Sum could be your choice. The modern restaurant offers a smorgasbord of steamed, baked and fried barrage of quality, good portion and delicious dim sum from their menu. Apart from dim sum, the restaurant's menu, boasting about 50 items, also includes porridge, noodles dishes as well as desserts.

Signature Dish
 Chives Dumplings with XO Sauce
RM 5

The Signature XO Sauce Dumplings is a must-try as it can hardly be found anywhere else. A juicy kick of prawns and pork wrapped in translucent skin, bursting with XO sauce flavoured toppings of the tiny morsels with deep-fried dried small ikan bilis (anchovies), dried shrimp and shallots for extra flavour. 

Yee Mai
Fish Balls
RM 5

Another must-eat, the staple Yee Mai (fish paste balls) wins all for its firm and bouncy texture. The fish paste tasted pretty fresh and delectable, especially good as it's comes in a very good serving portion of two big fish balls almost like the size of 2 ping pong balls. 

Har Gao King
Prawn Dumplings
RM 5.50

Other highlights include the restaurant's Har Gao, its translucent skin bursting with pink prawns, bouncy and fresh. I can taste the natural sweetness coming from the fresh prawns used in this dim sum.  

Xiao Long Bao
RM 6.50

The special Shanghai Xiao Long Bao meets the requirements of having spoonfuls of soup and juicy minced meat wrapped in a thin skin. Remember you must eat this fast while it's still fresh and hot but don't burn your tongue though. 

Steamed Bean Curd 
RM 5

Simple but tasty dim sum of fish paste is served wrapped in bean curd sheets. It has a bouncy texture beneath the bean curd skin, lurked a springy and chewy fish paste which it definitely taste delectable.

Bacon Roll Dumpling
RM 5

Thai Style Beancurd
RM 5

Siew Mai King
Prawn & Pork Dumpling
RM 5.50

Teow Chew Siew Mai
Prawn & Pork Dumpling
RM 5

Country Style Prawn Dumpling
RM 5.50
Delectable Spread of Premium DimSum's Fried Items

As we dig in, more plates and bamboo baskets land on the table. Some are simply wonderful, like the special Ham Tsui Kok, Salad Prawn dumplings and the ever-popular, Wu Kok (Yam dumpling).

Ham Tsui Kok
Fried Sticky Rice
RM 5.50

A close runner-up in my book for favourite dim sum was the unassuming, pretty plain-looking "Ham Tsui Kok", made of glutinous rice stuffed with meat filling. Taste-wise, this particular item made quite an impression as it got my tastebuds wonderfully happy. Chef Yu used a combination of glutinous rice flour and premium wheat flour imported from Germany to make the balls. I enjoyed the  chewy texture it gave with every tasty bite.   
Salad Prawn Dumplings 
RM 6

Wu Kok 
Fried Yam Pastry
RM 5.50

Deep Fried Sesame Balls
RM 5

Fried Beancurd Rolls
RM 6

Fried Spring Rolls
RM 5

Pan Fried Radish Cake
RM 6

Steamed Malay Soft Cake
Ma-Lai Ko
RM 5

A traditional end to the dim sum meal is the Malay Soft Cake, more commonly known as "Ma-lai Ko". This light-as-air cake has a deeply delicious flavour of caramelised brown sugar that gives depth to its fluffiness. Well, this one of my 'must-eat-again' food when I do come back to this place. 

3 Buns In Bamboo Basket

Creamy Custard Buns
RM 5

A beautiful marriage of sweet and salty; the Salted Egg Creamy Custard Bun is another gem here. The bun is soft and fluffy while the sweet-savoury golden custard and salted egg-yolk filling is smooth and intense. The cute custard bun sure hits all the right spots for anyone that try it!

Red Bean Buns
Tau Sau Pau
RM 4.50

Mini Lotus Buns
Lynn Yung Pau
RM 4.50

BBQ Pork Buns
 Char Siew Pau
RM 5.50

XO Fried Radish Cakes
RM 6.50

A crowd favourite among the diners is the XO Fried Radish Cakes. Full-flavoured with fragrant XO sauce, it's a satisfying savoury dish made with housemade radish cake well-fried with lots of chives, bean sprouts, eggs and chunky pieces of the radish cake. Full of wok-hei, very addictive but sinful dish to eat!   

Rice and noodles fans can embrace the Oysters Century Egg Porridge, Steamed Chee Cheong Fun with Prawns and Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf.

Oysters Century Egg Porridge
RM 5.50

Porridge or congee are great comfort food for many as it warms the tummy and soothe the soul. The Oysters Century Egg Porridge is a treat on it own for its super smooth and tasty texture. 

Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf 
RM 5.50

Shrimp Rice Roll 
RM  6

BBQ Pork Rice Roll
RM 6

While indulging in the array of nonetheless appetising dim sum dishes, all this should be accompanied with some traditional Chinese teas like Pu'er, King's Tea (Cha Wong), Jasmine, Ti Guanyi or Tork Su Heong.  

But then again, yumcha was not originally about eating. Tea and conversation both played a huge role in dim sum and for that, owners of Premium Dim Sum understands the current trend of the younger generations that enjoys a soothing cup of flower and fruit tea to go with their dim sum. 

Great Selections of Flower Teas 
Blueberry Fruit Tea, Pink Rose & Jasmine Tea, Pink Rose & Jasmine Tea
(from left to right)

Flower and fruits teas, perfect drink of relaxation  with subtle dash of aromas and plenty of refreshing notes. 

3 Type Of Chrysanthemum Flower Tea
RM 8 For 2 Pax

Pink Rose & Jasmine Tea
RM 8 For 2 Pax

Overall, Premium Dim Sum fits the bill of serving real premium and decent quality dishes, with more hits than misses. Despite its modern settings, the restaurant never ventures out of its comfort zone, sticking instead to a tried-and-tested set of standard dim sum menu. Since they're made to order under the direction of dim sum Sifu whose decades-long experience at a well-known Teochew Dim Sum Restaurant has earned him much credentials and respect. 

Dishes are reasonably priced starting at RM 5 onwards, in a sense that you are paying for nice food and great ambiance. Do try this place and be surprise with more than  50 types of dim sum served for breakfast to supper from 7am to 11pm. Besides dim sum, this restaurant also serves noodles dishes at night to cater for the dinner crowd together with their dim sum selections.

While dim sum may not be your go-to food when hunger pangs kick in, the new menu at Premium Dim Sum would be something you should indulge in if you are in the area. Bon-Appetite!

富憬点心 Premium Dim Sum
No. 2 & 2A Jalan Temenggung 29/9
Bandar Mahkota Cheras
43200 Selangor.
Tel: 03 - 9011 4265

FaceBook: PremiumDimSum 

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